Funny Celeb Tweets During 2010 BET Awards

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While we were at home watching the 2010 BET Awards, our favorite celebs were tweeting their observations, some while @ the show.

Miss Info on Queen Latifah’s costume: is Latifah dressed as Andre Leon Talley? 9 minutes ago via TweetDeck

Popular Blogger, Miss Jia on Alicia Keys: If that baby has a Swizz type nose, Alicia will DEFINITELY have to have a c-section. 3 minutes ago via web

Royce, from Basketball Wives on Nicki Minaj: Sidenote: am I lost or does Nicki Minaj NOT hav an album out? Can u win like tht? Hell thts better thn sittin on the bench & gettin a ring!

Kevin Hart on T.I.’s young sweater: Will somebody please run 2 the stage and pull TIP’S sweater down……….holy shit man lmao 2 minutes ago via web

Lil Mo on Diddy’s performance: is diddy doing the usher board march to hello good morning #TC less than 20 seconds ago via web

My gf Nik (who’s not on twitter but still funny) on Chris Brown’s tears: Man up, bitch.

Jermain Dupri on Chris Brown’s performance: @chrisbrown you made me cry my nigga you got that mj shit deep in you great performance 1 minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Mary J. Blige on Chris Brown’s performance: Chris brown made me cry. We all must start with the man in the mirror. He did an Awesome job on the tribute. God is merciful. 1 minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Sherrie Shepherd on Prince’s Side Eye (@ Trey Songz): OMG!!! Was it just me or did Prince look at Trey Songz like “what the hell is going on!!!” 2 minutes ago via web