Ecstacy, Codeine & Marijuana Found in T.I.’s Car

Here’s a brief update on the arrest few weeks ago of T.I. and Tiny in Los Angeles. Back story here.

In addition to ecstacy being found, L.A. County Sherriff’s deputies also found codeine and marijuana in his possession during the arrest..

“We are very disappointed in Mr. Harris’ recent conduct,” United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said in an e-mail to MTV News on Friday (September 17). “We will make our sentencing recommendation at the revocation hearing.”

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the order, signed by T.I.’s probation officer, lists three possible violations of his bond: possession of ecstasy on Sept. 1, testing positive for opiates on Sept. 2 and associating on Sept. 1 with Cortez Thomas, a convicted felon.

Last week, Tiny was quoted as saying,  “I don’t even no wat meth look like! How bout let’s c what da test say!” (….<===Don’t believe me, click here….)