EXCLUSIVE! Is Kandi Burress’ (of RHOA) Boyfriend a “dead-beat-dad?”

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After posting this story about Kandi Burress’ new boo, Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens, I received quite a few anonymous emails clarifying the number of children that Willis has.

Initially, I posted that Willis has two children, because at the time that is all that I could confirm. This blog is simply for entertainment, and although I’m no journalist, I check my sources, which is why I rarely post anything that I’m emailed anonymously.

With that said, a few women are saying the exact same thing about Willis.

Peep TWO emails that I received after the skip, along w/ a pic of him with 4 of his children.

(…The photo above was provided via email and it was taken of Willis in 2007 with his children at a fundraiser. When I tell you those boys look just like him—cue Maury’s voice, “Willis YOU are the father!!!”…I don’t fool with folks’ kids so I had to blur their faces out….It’s a total of 4 children in the photo with name tags …They’re adorable too.)

Picture sidebar::::The paternity suits (noted after the email) are in reference to the 3 older kids that are standing in front of Willis. The daughter that he’s holding, is with his baby mama, Tiffany.

The following email was sent anonymously and all information should be received as alleged. With that said, read and decide for yourself.

from XXXX
to The Jasmine Brand <[email protected]>
date Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 3:16 PM
subject Pic
signed-by .com

“The Jasmine Brand: I read your blog that referenced Ravens player, Willis McGahee, and I just wanted 2 tell u anonymously that Willis has 7 kids, as well as 7 baby mamas. That’s what “a lot of kids is”. He’s flying to Atlanta and won’t come see his own children. He is the true definition of a dead beat father. Media Take Out has their story wrong. He does have a 5 week old baby, but he doesn’t live with that child’s mother. Willis also has a young daughter with his baby mama, Tiffany, that happens to be a lesbian.  While he played for the Buffalo Bills, he also had another daughter.”

After I received this particular anonymous email, I did ask her directly if she was an ex-girlfriend, a woman scorned, or a baby mama. Her response was, “It doesn’t really matter, but I’m not bitter. The truth just needs to be out in the open since he wants to be in the public eye. Everyone else’s blog seems to have their facts mixed up. He should take care of his responsibilities.”

In addition to the email above, a simple search lists all of this man’s business. If you check this link out, it lists that Willis has 3 illegitimate kids in 2 years. If you check out this link, it shares the following:

Jan. 7–Father knows best? A third paternity suit was filed against Willis McGahee, 25, Buffalo Bills running back and former University of Miami Hurricane. Keisha Walls, 27, an elementary school teacher, says McGahee is the father of son Kai Walls, born April 19, 2006.

Chiniqua Smith, 26, also a teacher, says McGahee is the father of Willis McGahee IV, born Jan. 6, 2006. Dorothy Doretha McNeil, 29, sued McGahee in 2005, saying he fathered daughter Bria McGahee, born Jan. 17 of that year. In the cases of Smith and McNeil, McGahee has been declared the biological father and is paying support. “He’s an honorable person,” says McGahee’s attorney, Howard Rudolph.

Media Take Out is reporting dirt on homeboy too. -_- They just got the story kinda a$$ backwards.

Update: The plot thickens. We found a story from 2007 that discusses Willis and his children. The title of the story is Willis McGahee Doesn’t Like Condoms. (…i kid you not…). The story interviews one of Willis’ baby mamas, Keisha Walls, who was married, but had an affair with Willis and got pregnant by Willis (not her husband). MESSY! Goodnight.

UPDATED…the following email was provided anoymously by a woman that has dealth with Willis in the past. All information is alleged and the woman would not identify herself. Again, decide for yourself:

XXXX to me
show details 9:32 AM (30 minutes ago) “Hey I read your blog and commented on it the other day but was a little hesitant to contact you. I met Willis back in 09 and we were kicking it and we been going out and I have done drive bye’s pass his house only to be crushed to see another woman coming out his door after he told me that I was the only one and sadly I wasnt I heard several people say that he was wild but refuse to believe it he always made me feel that I was the only one. I hated when he left for the offseason and went back to miami. During the last football season I started hearing rumors about him having a baby in baltimore and read some information that was on a blog that has women write things about athletes but was later erased then I asked him and he said that it wasnt true. In the back of my mind I never believed him because I just didnt find that to be something that a girl would lie about. I feel hurt because I have been reading his tweets and he clearly is primiscous and I engaged in unprotected sex with him so I feel deceived by him. I heard as recent as last week that he has a baby mother in Baltimore. When he came back this year I text him and he only wants to talk if im going to have sex with him so I see his true colors.  I wish that I could find out who the baby mother is in Baltimore because I just want to know if it is true because I dont want to believe that he’s who the media is portraying him to be becuase with me he is nice and loving. Im so confused I have no idea what to believe after your blog and what Mediatakeout has to say.”