The Story Behind Jay-Z’s Boy, Emory Jones + His Early Prison Departure

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“This is the operator with a collect call from ‘Emory Jones’
To accept the charges, press one now.”

Documents of how Jay-Z assisted with Emory Jones’ release from prison are now circulating the web. Emory Jones, Jay-Z’s close friend and cousin, was released from prison earlier this year. Emory had been locked-up in January 2000, after pleading guilty to a cocaine trafficking charge and was sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison. Allegedly, Emory ran a coke ring in Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Emory Jones

Musically, the world was introduced to Emory on Jay’s song, “Do U Wanna Ride?” After Jay-Z wrote and released Decoded, the world was further introduced to Emory, who Jay had grew up with in Marcy projects.

Apparently, Jay’s input in Emory’s early release assisted. Jay wrote a letter to Judge Benson Legg, explaining that upon Emory’s release, he had a $50k  job offer for Emory Jones to work as an executive assistant at Roc Apparel Group. Check the letter below.

C/O The Smoking Gun

With the help of this letter and a motion filed last August by Emory, the judge granted Jones’ motion and shaved 37 months off his sentence, with a 5 year probation. Full story here.

“See I’m the eyes for Emory, keep him alive
(This is a collect call) So everytime I press five
All he wanna hear is his boy talk fly
Up in the fed, and still holdin his head
So when he hits the streets he gon’ eat through this bread”