Foxy (Sorta) Explains the Delayed Lil Kim Diss + Blames the Devil

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Was I the only one wondering what happened to the Lil Kim diss track that Foxy Brown was planning for Christmas eve? Foxy took to twitter to explain exactly what happened and pulled “the Jesus Card.”

Foxy tweeted, “I’d like to personally apologize for the confusion and venue changing of the beautiful ‘Christmas In Brooklyn’ party. Although the confusion fell far beyond my control, my responsibility and concern is to my fans and family; my priority. As I always say…the Devil’s at his busiest when ur about to get busy. Pray for ur girl. Something bigger’s going on. But GOD got me covered in his blood.

(Editor’s Note: I love Jesus. But there’s something that I refer to as, “pulling the Jesus card.” Pulling the Jesus Card is used when a person talks about something totally non-related, then throws in Jesus to attempt to make it more valid. For example, “Girl you know I didn’t take my birth control pills last month, but God got my back.” Or, “F*ck you, you ain’t shit. You’re pathetic. I’m gonna pray for you.” That sorta thing.)