Judge Orders Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife, Mary Harvey, to “Shut-Up”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Yesterday, in a Texas court, a judge ordered Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, to shut the eff up. Actually, he ordered a gag order on Mary that prevents her from speaking negatively about Steve in the media, including Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter. The two have been battling publicly about their divorce settlement, as well as what took place in their marriage. Also, according to the divorce settlement, it appears as if Mary wasn’t truthful with what she had received. Previously, she reported that she only received $40,000 a month, but according to the divorce settlement, she was paid $40,000 a month until March 2009 and then given a lump sum of $1.5 million, as well as three homes. The gag order stays into affect until March 10th. Source