Love Don’t Live Here Anymore…Emily B & Rapper Fabolous Break-Up

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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After months and a season of speculation, rapper Fabolous and his girlfriend/baby momma, Emily B have officially called it quits. Emily B is a celebrity stylist and also starred on the first season of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ Loop 21  has reported that during the pre-recorded reunion show of Love & Hip-Hop, Emily confirmed that she and Fab were no longer in a relationship.  During the reunion she shared with Angie Martinez, “I’m not going to continue to recognize someone who doesn’t recognize me.”

This should come as no surprise–the entire season highlighted an obvious strain between Emily and Fabolous, who would not appear on-screen for the show. None of the cast members or host of the reunion show, Angie Martinez, have spilled any secrets. Although, after the taping, Angie Martinez shared, “Soooooo! I just hosted the love and hip hop reunion show and I literally feel dizzy.” Tune in Monday, May 16 at 8 PM ET/PT to peep the full episode. Peep the full article here.

  • Chelsia

    This was the dumbest show ever lol

    • bitch shut the hell upp you a jealous hoe

  • K.

    : (
    Good for her though

  • TPJ

    Think Mashonda had a big role to play… her only purpose on the show was to get Emily B to join her in her misery. In the pic above it took me a while to recognize her [Mashonda] because her presence added nothing to the show.

  • M.Dot

    I dont think they were ever together, honestly. she is a fabricating baby moms

  • M.Dot

    I dont think they were ever together, honestly. she is a fabricating baby moms

    • Jayy Smooth

      you a hatta!

  • Shanice

    She obviously was okay with it for 8 years…i think reality finally hit her..fab dont want her..she was just a backup…when his “others” didnt follow through he came home to her….DUH if he dont wanna go public there is something WRONG

  • this bitch emily is something else she decided 8 yrs in the relationship she want find to start claiming her..her ass only doin this for tv

    • Fabolous*

      • cj

        stfu she aint no bitch youu r a hater cuz she got him nd you didnt

  • Chrisy

    I cant believe that people are bashing this girl for loving someone and sticking it out and trying to make it work, what did she do other than try to love some one. he should be ashamed stringing her along for eight years and disrespecting his son and mother of his son by sleeping around so openly! he’s a whore and should stay with the groupie sluts cuz she deserves way better than him. hes just a skinny ugly guy who had a couple hits songs and peaked in his early 20’s……has been whore.

    • red snake

      How dum could u be………..

  • lisa garcia

    fab aint shit he should be glad he had a good women by his side claiming his ass at the end of the day all he did was violate his son and when his 15 mins of fame is done he will be alone not even the groupies will want his sorry ass

    • Knight Ryder

      go ahead Lisa from harlem….fab aint shit…groww up and be a man…where they do that at

  • jamina king

    She a red bottom groupie baby mother that’s all both of them are dumb he sleep. With the people of who work for him dumb and dumber take that

  • For some of the comments they seem very juvenile considering 80% of women race is not a factor are just as clueless about what a real relationship is. This woman shouldn’t be called out of her name just because she chose to show the world who she is. I have no doubt that most of the people posting here would love to be in her shoes, dumb, clueless or not. What I hate to see is young beautiful women like Emily giving up a part of their lives for men like this and it doesn’t stand to reason that money is the defining factor due to women are living this lifestyle with men who don’t have the money this rapper has. This just goes to show you that sometimes we are blinded by our own misguided judgments and when the windows are cracked and the doors are opened we can begin to see ourselves for once.

  • Bossy

    Only thing I fault Emily for is staying to long nd loving Fab more then she loves herself… He has been taking her for granted nd i hope she moves on nd not allow him to keep trying to have his cake nd eat it tooo.

  • judith

    Good for Emily don’t call her a bitch she’s not a bitch she’s doing the right thing for her and her family. Fab dosent know what he wants yet one day he well realize that he had a good women by his side nd he well want her back but it well be to late. And only because they where 8 years together that dosent mean she has to stay with him she has to do what she has to do . Let her be . Nd we can’t judge somebody’s life that we don’t know what it is like to live in nd what she gose through eveyday .

  • Kristy

    She will go back as you can see from watching the show. After moving out and started her own thing she was then going out on dates with him and still having sex with him. I wish she could be strong but I can almost say 99% she will be back with him and hurt again by him going out on her as he did 9 years and she will sit there and be hurt again.