Queen Latifah’s New Line Offers-Handbags, Jeans & Weave(s)…Yep, Weaves!

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Singer and actress Queen Latifah unveiled her new “Queen Collection” with HSN at The Lion in New York City. At the unveiling, Latifah spoke to journalists about her first lifestyle collection. The collection will include handbags, jeans, scarfs and hair extensions–yep, weave. Wondering why she’s offering weave? Hell, you shouldn’t; weaves are serious money makers in the beauty industry. Latifah explained, “Obviously I wear hair extensions. All my friends do, some less quality than others. I just wanted to bring the great quality of hair I get to the masses. There will be clip-ons, sew-ins, they’ll come in different ways.” Sweet! Source


Latifah explained why HSN is the perfect place for her collection. “They understand what the Queen Collection can be as a brand. They understand that we can sort of marry who we are because we have the same ideals. We respect our consumer — we don’t look at them as dollar signs, but as human beings who care about what they wear. We treat women with respect. I just watched the network, watched them launch other brands, and I’m like, ‘they get it.'” The price range of her collection tops out at $300 and will be available in August.