Rest In Peace ::: Jonas Bevacqua + Alleged Overdose, Cause of Death

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Sad news has just began to circulate that Jonas Bevacqua has passed. Bevacqua, who hails from southern California, is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of popular street label LRG (Lifted Research Group). LRG’s co-founder (Robert Wright) confirmed Bevacqua’s death on twitter saying, “woke up at 8am to the worst news I’ve heard in my lifetime….my best man.”

Earlier this month, Bevacqua discussed how he helped build the LRG brand and advice for those interested in the business. “There’s a big difference between smart money and regular money. I was lucky enough to have two business-savvy math whiz kids as partners. Know your part – if you’re the creative guy then be the creative guy, if you’re the business guy then be that guy. A lot of times people try to wear all the hats and end up doing nothing at all because they take on too many projects and nothing gets finished. Part of growing is delegating. Keep it fun. If you have to call it work then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t take it so serious, fashion is an expression. It’s an art, it’s a reflection of how you feel, it’s supposed to be fun. We’re not curing cancer, even though that would be nice. Most importantly always stay inspired or else you can get bored very easily. I’m constantly looking for new hobbies and interests to stay inspired.” No additional information about his death has been officially released. According to a few reports (including Animal New York), Bevacqua was found dead in his home, “of an apparent overdose.”