Police Report Shows Nicki Minaj’s Real Age & It Aint 26 + More Dets on Physical Altercation

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This is nothing new…artists have their real age (which they try to hide) and they have their “stage age.” Nicki Minaj’s (real name Onika Tanya Maraj) stage age (which appears on bio’s, wiki, etc.) has her listed as 26 years old. The police report that was filed during the physical altercation that she had with an unnamed man, listed her as born in 1982–making her 28 years old. Not a big deal. Peep the police report below.

Meanwhile, the saga with this incident continues. The Dallas Observer says the story goes a lil something like this:

The story goes something like this: Minaj and a 28-year-old black male by the name of Rex Chevalier Safaree Samuels were involved in an argument at the Hotel Palomar’s pool. Later, they returned to Minaj’s room, where the two were staying together. There, the argument continued, at which point Chevalier Samuels apparently decided to leave, taking with him a suitcase that belonged to Minaj, but that contained personal belongings of his. When Minaj protested, Chevalier Samuels picked up the suitcase and “shoved it across [Minaj’s] chin and lower lip.” Chevalier Samuels then left the scene and did not return. At that point, a hotel employee called the police and fire department at Minaj’s request, and, upon their arrival, Minaj was treated for bleeding on the inside of her lower lip. She declined to file charges against Chevalier Samuels, who has still not been found.

Peep more of this shit show here. I’m kinda over it already.

  • nicki is too pretty to be getting abused by ANYMAN!

    • I know rite girl

    • pagangoddess13


    • Anonymous

      It’s all in who you surround yourself with chyna whyte went though some of the same things nicki is probably dealing with when it comes men especially bein a women in the industry it’s gonna take to things to help nicki and any other women in her position God first strength and start surroUnding herself with more people that appreciate her as a person that she feels comfortable being around for those who don’t believe it works it does

    • Anonymous

      way too awesome

      • Anonymous

        you know nikki minaj is way too awesome

        • Hannah

          NO SHE’S NOT!!!! SHE IS LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • NYOB

            uhhh thats my gurl she is sooooo amazin i freekin love her

          • Anonymous

            Not true

          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

            she is not lame

          • nikki is not lame.NIKKI MINAJ I LOVE U I WILL NEVER EVER EVER 4 GET U <3

            LUV U NIKKI HOPE TO MEET U 1 DAY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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    • i agreee she’s my fav singer

    • anonomys ;)

      No woman deserves to be abused pretty or not

    • Anonymous

      She cant be abused rite too pretty

  • clarica

    It is because she is too pretyy that she is getting abused… Rihanna is too pretty too, see what happened. Sorry but most of the pretty girls go through that. It is a fact…

    • Clarica

      So u dont have 2 worry since u ugly, huh? Dumb 8itch! kill yaself

      • uhum let me clear my throght and say dis i will ehem:STICK U UP UR MOMS SMELIN DIK HOLE MOTHERFUKER!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        so not ture nicki minaj is very pretty

        • Anonymous

          Poor nick I feel sori 4 her

    • Anonymous

      Yeah your right pretty girls do get abused I’m in the popular croud at school and my girls are always treated bad but when they come crying to me I tell em f them girl you don’t need im if he gonna disrespect you so just tell him off and tell him to back down cus you got big time protection

      • meg

        K to all those chicks saying she gunna get hurt cause she’s pretty. They are right. The girl that was saying that she’s in the popular crowd…sorry to say but so was I, but the only attitude I dished out is if was well diserved. Maybe if ur girls stop dishing out the attitude maybe they will stop whining to you. :-) Just saying sweetie. Apparently being in the popular crowd isn’t everything, you get labeled in both good and bad ways. I’m an ex cheerleader. I quit because of the way girls were treating others. One last thing you need to think on how your girls are treating others. If it was my old high school shit like that wouldn’t be toleratd amongst my crowd.

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  • Im_S00_Bklyn

    Damn. I went to high school with Safaree and im shocked that he has become one of those men. If u cant handle ur womans success stay da fuck outta da lime light. Two thumbs down Safaree!!!!!

    • jamie

      safaree is and has always been one of dem dudes he is a straight playa honey.. he is my baby fatha..
      i stay on merrick blvd. and he dont take care of none of his kids he wack as hell i dnt fuck wit him nomore he got a 2 yea old but dnt take care of him he be all on nicki shit .. i heard she pregos wit his 3rd baby. jus this mornin

      • FUcKaBitCHuPbOuTNICKI

        u dont know nun

  • I think that very wrong for him to do such thing like that to her and she is just to pretty to be hit on like that.

  • lilhoundbabii redden

    i still love mhyy cuzoo no matter watt

  • She is bout 38

  • Marissa

    Is everyone on this thread illiterate?

  • pagangoddess13

    Nicki Minaj doesn’t look too pretty without make- up. i dont like her new Roman album.

    • anymous


    • jamie

      HELL yea she is deff a 1 hit wonder in my books .. da bitch can kick rocks, im frm jamaica queens and she did all of us wrong out here she dont hit us up nomore on the otrher hand kim hmu all da time nicki fake as hell as soon as she blew up she let all of us down ,talkin bout queens dis n dat she lyin …

      • FUcKaBitCHuPbOuTNICKI

        bitch yo ass ain’t bout shit…if i was yo dumb ass i would have been trying to worry about me and my son…oops u cant do that cuz u always worrying about NICKI..she str8 hbu?

  • pagangoddess13

    why the fuck they make a whole website on her real age when its only a two year difference? Dumb

    • Anonymous

      SO TRUE

    • Keoshia

      I know why would they make a whole website over Nicki age when it’s only a two year difference?!? I don’t get that!?!

  • mariah

    She is super nice met her in concert vip passes and she prettier in person

  • Nicki minaj is pretty but she got herself into this by messing around wit all these playerss and she acting like a hoee but we all no shes not she wanted to be in this sitcuation so let her be in it

  • NickiMariee

    she is ppretty preety damn stupid to be fucking wit these plyers she that makes her a hoeee 5 star hoee


      and….at least she getting a check what you doing aside from sitting on yo ass and reading this blog??

  • cupcake

    i love nicki minaj

  • jamie

    i dont wana sound like im bashin yall some nicki clit suckerss..das all imma say it wasnt dat serious da bitch wack anyways Kim on the other hand makin a comback so i hope nicki got enuff bread saved up to sit ya goooofy ass down wit cus after kims comback u gon be as you say in the broke lane …and another thing evrybody know wut u used to look like so dont try ta come at kims plastic surgery cus even before she look better den u and even still now she look better den you — All NICKIS BARBIES N KENS OR WUT DA HELL EVER SHE SAY , NICKI IS WACK AS HELL IDK Y U ARE SO HYPE OVER HER ,WHEN SHE CANT SING, NOR DANCE ,,F.O.H KIMBERLY JONES I GOT YA BACK BABY.. #TEAMKIM “WHO EVER GOTTA HATE U CAN EAT ME N KIMS PUSSY …


      u a hatin ass ho #teamNICKI#

  • jamie

    dat b**** is very disrespectful she deserve dat shit straight up ….imma help kim erase dat bitch security numba …,,,callin da police andddddddddd fire dept for what?? not even a whole inch cut on ya face worth stiches bein needed soooo fomf wit dat honey … actin all hard ..i heard she gotta std frm dat dirty nigga


      if she got one that mean yo stupid ass got the shit too…STUPID HO

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    fist off damn…Nicki that is fuckd up and secondly, that’s her business and frankly, i don’t think that all these hating ass ho’s on this post yea jamie and who eva the otha bitch is fuck yall..! I fuck with Nicki the long way and I can care the fuck less what yall ho’s got to say about it because she the one with the racks…not yall and FUCK A LIL KIM ANYWAY…STUPID HO’S ARE SO WACK..!!

    • DD

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        • DD

          YOU ARE PRETTY ASOME I DONT LIKE YOU SONGS I LOVE UM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is very pretty

    • maniayh

      y yall hatin on nicki so wat if she got beat up she ok now but she still pretty

  • afnan

    nice man

  • afnan

    nicki NOT BE A SLUT

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  • LIL C


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  • nicki manaj is really 26 years old and her real name is onika tanya maraj.

    • meeh

      thank u
      4 saying that people is haters these days

  • dayshawn

    you know that thats a lie and they say nicki manaj is gay if the police report is true she aint gay and i dont think they should put her bussiness out there like that

    • Anonymous

      Da fawq is dis shet?wdg is goin on

    • maniayh

      a girl can be gay and if they iz then they lke boy

  • Anonymous

    i luv u nicki but y lie

  • keysha

    nicki minaj is wack. and so is this story. the b*tch is old, and fake. She need to reality tv and stop fckn up the rap game. I thought she said “if i get hit, i’m swingin on a big b*tch” well she got hit and called the police. lol. “she’s a stupid hoe” *in her voice* lmfao

    • you all are ohh so stupid you all shut ur loud gossiping mouths!

      • Anonymous

        U can go suck a dick

  • Keoshia

    Why did u lie u look good for ur age!?!?

  • Keoshia

    Nicki u are awesome and beautiful and I love ur songs I know all of them by hard: This ones for the boys with the booming system top down a.c with the cooloing system when he come up in the club he be blazing up…….. That’s all I was gonna type. You don’t deserve to be abused because u r too pretty of a girl. Duecessss.

  • meeh

    yeah just cuz she 28 years old dont me any thing she still look like she 26. DONT LET these cpeople talk about u like that grow up

  • Keoshia

    Nicki I didn’t even know that u were a December baby.

  • Anonymous

    Why she with him

  • i love her she is omg rock on nicki my brother blake says she has a nig but from sade the 8 year old you rock girl

  • Keoshia

    Is Nicki single or taken

  • Anonymous

    shes not my fav singer but i still like the clean version of her songs

  • niallhoransgirl

    i love u niall horan! whos with ?

  • ok i might be young n a nicki minaj fan but if yall don`t like her y the fuck yall on this web page….dont be a hater all the fuckin time:)

  • that’s so not right

  • I hate liars including if your in the music game your gonna need some hot music to make me not think of this bullshit

  • Jasmine Johnson

    Nicki your so allsome

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