J.Hudson Goes Ape Sh*t On Twitter Fan, “You look a mess!” + Reminds Folk She’s from Chi-Town

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It’s no secret Jennifer Hudson has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks fabulous! Of course, anyone that’s doing something right has some “haters.” And over the weekend, Ms. Hudson had to remind a few people on twitter that she is from Chicago. Ha!

Peep her tweets:

To explain her twitter behavior, Hudson responded on the “Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot Show”:

“I don’t know why, but somewhere along this weight loss people forgot that I am from Chicago…I feel as though, don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face….I don’t know, somewhere along the lines, people think they can talk to celebrities any kind of way…we are people, too. Just the same as you want your respect we want ours.”

Do we think she was overreacting or is she completely justified in her responses?

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