J.Hudson Goes Ape Sh*t On Twitter Fan, “You look a mess!” + Reminds Folk She’s from Chi-Town

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It’s no secret Jennifer Hudson has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks fabulous! Of course, anyone that’s doing something right has some “haters.” And over the weekend, Ms. Hudson had to remind a few people on twitter that she is from Chicago. Ha!

Peep her tweets:

To explain her twitter behavior, Hudson responded on the “Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot Show”:

“I don’t know why, but somewhere along this weight loss people forgot that I am from Chicago…I feel as though, don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say to my face….I don’t know, somewhere along the lines, people think they can talk to celebrities any kind of way…we are people, too. Just the same as you want your respect we want ours.”

Do we think she was overreacting or is she completely justified in her responses?

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  • Its mimi

    People are always making comments about her losing weight, and it’s annoying i’m sure, you would be surprised how many people actually tweet these celebs with negative comments, and I’m sure she had a right to go off. She lost her weight the right way, and she is happy in whatever size she is rocking. So i don’t get why people feel entitled to make comments on her.

    • I agree with its mimi yall need to stop. because yall still whising you could ever look that good. at least shes not anarexic

  • Netta B

    Here’s the thing…she does look EXTRA small. I get it, she lost weight and she does look great – incredible actually! And I’ve been a fan since American Idol when she was thick city brick with it AND I’m proud of her weight loss however she lost it: Weight Watchers, fasting, gastric surgery, extreme exercise/dieting – whatever. I just feel like as a celebrity, mentor, and idol you should hold yourself to a higher standard and rise above all the negative comments. For every one person saying she’s too thin, there are four fans saying she looks great. And of course the press is going to speculate – that is what the press does! They speculate and inquire. And in this case its warranted. For one, she’s advertising her own weight loss through commercials, magazines, and Weight Watchers campaigns. Did she not expect some negative feedback at some point? Two, she has looked borderline unhealthy thin recently. Did she not expect someone at some point to say something? Come on now Jennifer. Continue to be the beautiful black woman that you are and rise above the negative press. Reacting to it and reminding us you’re from the hood is simply not a good look.

  • Chelsia

    Use that block button jhud.

  • Dang . to all yall haten on jennifer hudson cause she out their looking fine as hell. yall need to stop. because she will all ways look better than you ever will. and thats the truth.


  • I am about to go off. yall aint perfect. yall have flaws in wheight isuss. and I have been A Fan since she first appered on american idel and I loved her song “where you at” and let me say some thing ealse at least she can lose all that fat.