Deion Sanders’ Contradiction, “Sometimes You Just Grown Apart”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Apparently, the rumor circulating that Deion Sanders and his wife of 11 years, Pilar Sanders, may be getting a divorce, had a tiny bit of truth to it. Last week, word on the street was that Sanders had cheated on his wife with a 19-year-old and that he had plans to divorce Pilar. According to Black Sports Online,  the rumor is true and both partners have spoken on it. Allegedly Deion said:

“Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

Pilar allegedly spoke as well, explaining:

“It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt…As I said to my children, we must take a minute to breathe and trust God.”

Later, Sanders had disputed his statement above and went on Twitter to clarify that it was not true. However, Sanders did tell TMZ (Friday) that he and his wife are trying to do:

“What’s best for our future, our lives, and our kids. it’s not one isolated incident, sometimes you just grow apart.”

He again stated that the rumors were untrue and were a failed extortion attempt. Hopefully, everything works out.