B*tch-I-Might-Be :: Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Plan Joint Comedy Show?

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An alleged rumor has surfaced, claiming that comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are planning to start a new comedy show together. HumorMillMag claims that a reliable source spotted the two at a club in New York, where they were practicing together. They also heard that Rock and Chappelle have had discussions about this show and the possibility of a tour if the show becomes successful. And the rumor might actually be a true one! Chris Rock tweeted “Could Happen” in reply to the HumorMillMag article.

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Editor’s Note: Please don’t judge me, but one of my favorite (embarassing) hood songs is Gucci Mane’sBitch I Might Be” feat. Pillz, hence the title of this story. Sorry. #FreeGucci