[Exclusive] Church Pew Hustlin’ :: Is LisaRaye Dating A Well-Known Pastor?

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Don’t get me wrong, Jesus loves me, but it’s very rare that I get entertaining gospel news/gossip/tid-bits, but tis the season (I guess). We’ve learned exclusively that LisaRaye McCoy has (for quite some time) been dating Pastor Noel Jones, a well-known pastor in Gardena, CA. Rumor has it that the two may be getting married, very soon. LisaRaye, who is a well-known actress, has been married once before (to Premier Michael Misick). Their relationship ended in 2008. Pastor Jones, who is the pastor of the City of Refuge, has been single (as in un-married) for quite some time, but has been married before as well. Rumor has it that things are quite serious between the two and they are really considering marriage. Also, we hear that LisaRaye is trying to shop a reality show on behalf of Pastor Jones, called Keeping Up With the Joneses. Pastor Jones has interests in television and furthering his career, beyond traditional pastoring.

Also, Sunday, LisaRaye was in attendance, sitting in the ‘special section’ :) of the ‘sanctuary’. Keep in mind, it is common for celebrities to attend this church. I attended around five years ago and she was there, along with her daughter. Anywho, this is all speculation, HOWEVER, my sources are reliable, but if you don’t believe me, I won’t hold it against you.

P.S. Can we envision LisaRaye as a “First Lady”?

P.P.S. A while ago, we were told that Pastor Jones used to ‘kick-it’ with NeNe Leakes, but she had too much baggage. #TrueStory.

  • Tonya


    • lisa lylis


      • Christian and anointed:

        In all honesty and love for my lost broher and this pathetic sister. Pastor Jones what are you anointing? I feel sadden for the both you both have living spouses. You are 45 and 62. You are for a year. You meet during Jakes’ daughterVs wedding and be living l
        In Sex. Come Lisa abd Noel you both are sinners.
        Remember, Jesus made demands, and Noel you of all knows bett but you Re using the wong head and if you believe tha other, especially, body you oversees, Re stupid and thaat dependent upon YOU, ake Joey but lik the others greedy soxalled pastors who have hogged and rape the people of their earnings to placate those.EZEBELS. you have fallen friom Grace and you were warned and you continued in your wicked ways. And. Something is seriously wrong and the Lord has given me a. Vision and I told one of your girlfriends that your going to physically collilide with an evil persons and when you have been shackle and fall then you will. Appreciate ewal Christianity.

        • Amazing

          Sir/Ma’am you need to re-type most of that message because it’s unclear……2nd just continue to pray for the man or nothing at all.

        • amf

          who are you? We are not God, and we should not judge, if Pastor Jones is walking in deep waters, if God is on is side God will show him his ways. If you love Pastor Jones, all you can do is pray for him, and ask God to show him he is in the wrong lane… Love is not to tear each other down because we feel what one does is not right.

          • God fearing saint

            This by far the best comment. I do believe God loves Bishop Jones. Real Christians prayer for men in church leadership. I prayer is that God will direct Jones path because he said he would if we acknowledge him(God). So, it is not over till it is over. Don’t count Bishop Jones out, God is not finished with him yet.

          • EJ

            The Bible says “touch not mine anointed” I always say God will do it If we think we can play with the Master He will get us. So stop the talking pray for the prophet. God has it all under control.

        • We are not God and we all have to give an account for what we do. We need to really pray for those that are in leadership. When leaders fall everybody wants to jump on them and destroy them. But what about those that set in the congregation that have sinned come back to church and shouted and no one knew it but God. We will condemn pastors when they do wrong but we don’t want nobody touching us when we sin. Pray for pastors they are human beings just like us not God but men and sometimes they will error if there are not people around them that love them and will pray for them. If he has been married before that God’s job. When he stands before God and not only him we all have to give an account. Are we really saved are we really living according to the word of God, are we not gossiping, lieing, not praying like we should, not reading the word of God like we should. Are we not committed to our own church ministry. Are we unforgiving because unforgiveness is a sure ticket to HELL. Can the people on our jobs say that we are really christians. Does your neighborhood know you are saved. Are we out witnessing the gospel to those that are lost. Well I have seen the person who they say he is dating and regardless of mines or your opinion we need to pray. I know she is out there out there, but what about her soul. Has anyone every tired to talk to her in the pastor’s church showing love and the way that God wants his people to be. Has anyone every even tired to talk to the pastor and tell him how they feel with love and what he has taught them about dating and what the word of God says. God say He would keep us if we continue in Him. PRAY FOR PASTOR JONES THAT GOD WILL DEAL WITH HIM AND SO HIM WHAT DIRECTION HE NEEDS TO GO IN. SURE THE WORD SAYS HOW CAN TWO WALK TOGETHER EXCEPT THEY AGREE. WE KNOW THAT LIGHT HAS NO FELLOWSHIP WITH DARKNESS. AND PRAYERS NEED TO GO UP FOR THEM BOTH.

          • Daniel L P

            I like your comment Sir everything you said is 100% correct I like people like you its shows the kind of heart that you have towards others a kind heart its not about judging others when there are things in each and everyone of our lives that need to be put right before God but we find time to accuse and judge others rather than judging ourselves

            “MATTHEW CHAPTER 7 VERSE 3”
            And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the BEAM that is in thine own eye? (QUESTION TO THE JUDGERS)

            “MATTHEW CHAPTER 7 VERSE 4”
            Or how will thou say to thy brother, let me pull out the MOTE out of thine eye; and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? VERSE 5
            THOU HYPOCRITE, first cast out the beam out of thine own EYE; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out THE MOTE out of thy brother’s eye.

            Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 1 Says

            “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”

            Romans Chapter 2 Verse 1

            ” Therefore thou are inexcusable, O man whosoever thou art that JUDGEST: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

            Romans Chapter 2 Verse 2

            ” But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

            Romans Chapter 2 Verse 3

            ” And thinkest thou this, O man that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the Judgement Of God?

            John Chapter 8 Verse 7

            “So when they continued asking him, he lift up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin AMONG(IE., THE JUDGING PEOPLE) you, let him FIRST cast a stone at her.

            Galatian Chapter 6 Verse 1

            ” Brethren, if a MAN be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of MEEKNESS; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.”

            Galatians Chapter 6 Verse 2

            ” Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the Law Of Christ.

            Galatian Chapter 6 Verse 3

            ” For if a Man thinketh himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

            All these above verses are very key and important verses I also take them for myself as well no one is exempt or better than anyone else.

            1st Samuel Chapter 16 Verse 7

            But the Lord said unto Samuel look not on his countenance, or on the height of hos stature; because I have refused him: FOR THE LORD SEETH NOT AS MAN SEETH; for Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the HEART.

            Too many people like to judge on the outward appearance and the JUDGEMENT belongs to God himself when people judge they put themselves in the place of God, God knows our very inner depths of our hearts the secret things we do secret thoughts and those IMAGINATIONS so no one is perfect.

            Ezekiel Chapter 11 Verse 5
            “And the Spirit Of The Lord fell upon me, and said unto me, Speak; Thus saith the LORD; Thus have ye said, O HOUSE of Israel: For I know the things that come into your MIND, everyone one of them!!”

            1st Chronicles Chapter 28 Verse 9
            “And thou, Solomon my son, know the God of thy father, and serve him with a PERFECT HEART AND WITH A WILLING MIND: For the LORD searcheth ALL HEARTS, AND UNDERSTANDETH ALL THE IMAGINATIONS OF THE THOUGHTS; If thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off forever.”

          • Tired of “church Folk”

            Sooooooo are we trashing Lisa because of her past? Do we really know how she is living now? Do we know if she has accepted Christ of not?? so we as people may feel like she is not 1st Lady material so do we just shove our foot up her behind and only worry about Bishop?? Christ came for the sick, so besides the point that they are dating, we need to love on the both of them not just the Bishop. The church folk do more talking then LOVING.. There is a BIG difference between church folk/goer and CHRISTIANS….

          • I use to watch Bishop Jones every Sunday. I no longer watch him. First, Bishop Jones has preached holiness for years. How can he justify his torrid relationships (new baby included)? He is not to be unequally yoked. There are Godly ladies all over the world, and the devil brought him an “ungodly sex toy.” That’s how she represents herself.
            If she needed/wanted a “spiritual advisor,” then, Bishop should have pointed her to his most trusted woman cleric. The devil knows what the saints like, and Jones obviously liked what he saw. One of the deadly sins is lust of the flesh.
            For years sanctified women were told not to socialize with ungodly men, then one of the most supposed anointed men of God falls for a sex kitten. What can she tell any God-fearing lady in his church or anywhere else? I guess that doesn’t matter because he’s in lust.
            I put Jones in the same category as the gay pastor in Atlanta. They do what they want and life goes on.
            God’s judgement is swift and sure. As a young girl, I heard the older saints say,” your sins will find you out.”
            Jones I pray that you fast and pray before you proceed with this. There are seasoned 40-50 year-old ladies in the church without the baggage, waiting for a husband like you. They would be an asset to your ministry, not a distraction or liability.
            I am a memeber of a strict sanctified/holiness church.I was dating an NFL player. I am an evangelist. It was serious and the church/pastor had a fit, so I ended the relationship. I am sooooo tired of men in the church telling us one thing, and they live another way!!!!!!!!!! They slap each other on the back and joke about “he went to the playground and got him a wife,” and accept the mess. God is not pleased. If the members have to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, so should the men who preach the Word of God.
            Finally, Bishop Jones, it’s too late in the evening to be carnal and foolish. The judgement of the Lord is about to happen. You will have to give an account to God for every deed done in your body. If you don’t believe it, then you are just entertaining when you preach.
            I seriously hope and pray that no one backslides over this because Bishop Jones will have blood on his hands and will give an account before God for his actions. If he believes what he’s been preaching.

        • Anonymous

          Let you without sin throw stones, Why,can’t we be happy for them and praise God for His goodness through the blood of Jesus that love has come to the Bishop

          • Sweets

            To all of you that are passing judgment, what yourselves and focus on your own business. You my stone throwers are NOT without sin. And EVERYONE has the right to make their own GOD GIVEN choices in this life. Love can be found around any corner and only GOD knows what’s best. So shut your mouths and mind your business. And to Miss church goer, if you decided to end your relationship with a ball player because of your pastor then that’s your choice to for not being able to think for yourself. When you are an adult you are responsible for making your OWN decisions and not responsible for making decisions for others.

    • Still there

      PLEASE TAKE THIS UGLY PICTURE DOWN my pastor has better pictures out there.

  • K

    WOW! If it’s true, I wish the best to the both of them and the union they are forming!

    • Flo

      No you do not the Scripture says that a man who divorce him wife for another he will deal with him but if the wife should marry she is considered a “Whore”.

      Oops! Noel is Jesus Christ that he thinks because he gotten wealthy with a private plane, chauffers, bodyguards, sexual activies anything he wanted come to the building an observe those females actions. They are haters big time.

      • fran

        You are not to speak against the man of God, God does not need your input to deal with Pastor Jones, and believe me, if what Pastor Jones is doing is not of God, God will take care of him, and the rest of those who say they are men of God, Look at Pastor Eddie Long, and the rest that fall from grace. I am not here to judge, Bob Marley said “anything that is in the dark, will come of to light.”

  • Fatima El

    Hi Jasmine this is my first time posting on your site. Bishop Jones can only wed Lisa if he’s a widower and she’s a widow. I know Bishop Blake know scriptures. Flesh & Lust would rob you from your Spiritual Journey. After the butt now what?

    • Anonymous

      That is not true if you r going to quote scripture quote it right

      • Anna

        Romans 7:1-3 Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he liveth?
        For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.
        So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.

        Titus 1:6 Says an Elder should be a man of one wife. Yes Grace is available to them as well but as an Elder you held to a higher standard as the book of Titus and Timothy describes. THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER RIGHT!!!!!!!!God knows they know better and he’s the only judge!

        • CURT

          VERY GOOD ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • CURT

          VERY GOOD ANNA!!!!!!

        • big easy

          that was under the law,we are under grace, and even under the law there was an exception, and that is adultery! who knows why bishop noel, or lisaRaye got divorced? Only God and them know the grounds for there divorce.

          • LoLo

            you are right!!! do not judge less we be judged If you cant say anything positive stop texting

        • Anonymous

          we are no longer under the law

          • Anonymous

            Also, at that time men had more than one wife at a time. But Jones has been free to marry for some time, and he said he has a problem with men marrying the second time and not holding on to their marriage. Question: does this apply to Lisa Raye? Or is it just men who shouldn’t marry some multiple marriages?

      • Flo

        Anonymous, are you saved, and know the Word. Jesus said to obey all my commandments and there were 10. Also, if he or she is quilty of “ONE” therefore, you sinned. What does that make Noel and Lisa, they’re both divorced. Noel was having sexual relationships with the women in the body and anyplace else. He told it himself in many words to why she finally gave him what it wanted. The California women and in all colors, he does not care to much for dark meat and his mother is what they calls deep chocolate. I wonder what is her input to all this. He is a whore and I were there for 16 years and he were in relationships with ages 26 years to Lisa Raye and most of them sit in the first two pews of the body all in another world. He wanted to be David as he stated once, and, said, “Only in America you can only have one wife.” He has no control of himseolf and he is a liar. There is Loretta, Shanau, Tina, Monique and the white girls whom he believes is better that “chocolate”, because they are open to anything. He was giving a 28 year old during 1998 thru 2005 $ 3000 plus to have sex and make appearances with him and they were in Las Vegas alot, Jamaica, Bahamas and every where. His daugther’s age friends. Loretta Jones who proclaims to be the first lady dangerous and crazy but most of those sick females and males, Joey Jackson loves himself some Noel and we wonder how he is taken this and Joey is suppose to be married but I do not believe that their is any intimacy because of they way he looks at the men. There are alot of downlow men and gays there.

    • Flo

      He does not give a donkeyass. He believes that he is above the Laws, the Ten Commendments. It’s all factual. He knows what he is doing don’t be dismay. He say whatever and does whatever in the socalled house of Christ. Why don’t you come visit and just look, especially the 11:00 am services, you’re liable to see alot of celebrity.

      We were talking yesterday on the platform of the train and the subject of Noel and Lisa was brought up and one young male said, “My grandmother goes there, and he is too old for Lisa, it was said that she is 45 (I am not jealous sisters and brothers but I thought she was older but it said that she was not but look hard in her face and she did show the cellulites ans she has extra at least she did earlier this year.) You know she is Hollywood and they can get to anything.

      Also, it was said that Noel Jones has eye troubles but he does not realize that it is Jesus watching him and all of us. He said that if I place you in leadership and you caused my sheep to stray that he will deal with that leader.

      Back to Lisa, she only wants money! She said that on TV One while TD interviewed her. She said, “I want to get married.” and that she want a man who could afford her upkeep, and when i heard that I knew who it was. She has only been in the church 6 months and though she confess with her mouth that Jesus is Lord and that the Father rise Him from the grave. You are saved. Those are only words she must earn Jesus respect and mines.

      You see those pictures she keep on Internal well a woman of Christ would erase them and you can see her behind. She is open and she nor Noel Jones give a dog’s poop. He is above the Law.

      He is a weak, weak man. She wants money and they said that he offered another female a $500,000 but she 28 years old and had a young boyfriennd and here comes Lisa Raye seking to get a stupid old fool, like Noel and you can look at the both of them and see incompatibility but OOps, Noel is getting plastic surgery to take of the age but Noel you 62 plus and you have been sexing it up before you dumped your children’s mother.

      You are losing you sight and when the Lord done with you you will humnle yourself and he needs to ask himself will Lisa hang in there? I do not think so.

      I want to hear the former husband’s tale on why they divorce. Lisa there are two tales to a story so you do not think that people are dumb like Jones and that obese man, TD Jakes. I really believe that he is “gay” listen and watch the way he talks.

      OOPs! Another scandal in the socalled house of Christ. Ask yourselves people all these years Noel have been whoring around with young to medium your, Lisa and just last month it was said that his girlfriend is Mimi McDonald, um. He wanted her money.

      • LoLo

        To Flo:thou shall not bear false witness so if the other women are not you then you dont know why do you go to the church if you feel that way about the leader? if you dont like what he is teaching or doing leave and you dont have to cont to speak ill if you dont know. get your life in order stop worrying about them.

  • Michelle McMllian

    This is not true. I know him personally and they are not engaged this is a lie.

    • ljb

      II just pray that Lisa Raye finds Jesus or gives her life to the Lord, get a grip Bishop,,so fake,, what a mockery,,, sooo tired of church mess,,,

      • Anna

        LOL!!!!!Don’t worry God is working things out!!!Things are not always what it seems…..Knowing him for yourself and you won’t be deceived!

      • A Jones

        I pray that we all find Jesus for even doing this… Forgive our foolishness Lord.. You sent us here to help the hurting and suffering, feed the hungry and be an ambassador for you.. Obviously what Bishop and LisaRaye are doing TRUMPS YOUR WILL FOR US… What a sad state of affairs..

        • Trinity

          I agree out of every post I read this was truly a powerful message and I hope it got across to the believers and the unbelievers. May god continue to use you to speak positive words and wisdom in others life. May god bless you.

    • Slim D

      Time will surely tell.

  • toya

    Uh, she didn’t say they we’re engaged, she said they are dating. I go there and we all know the pastor dates all sorts of women and whatnot.

    • Jeff Hanson

      @toya,I would really like to know what is your relationship with Bishop and the city of Refuge if you can say something sooo disrespectful about your Pastor and a Bishop in the Lord’s Church! (Touch not mine annointed and do my Prophet no harm!) be careful my sister!!!

      • askduane

        City of Refuge is Bishop Jones church, it’s not the Lord’s church, the Lord’s Church is spotless, this one clearly is not.

        • WHY IS EVERYBODY PUTTING THE Bishop down??.. the man is tired of being singled.. you quote scriptures,you judge the man how do you think God is looking at you people judgen…WE CHRISTENS ARE SO HARD ON EACH OTHER,WE AREN’T PERFECT NEVER WILL BE.

      • sc

        Jeff it’s true…he puts his biz and he’s sloppy. he’s had several girlfriends on the payroll. which is no secret. Toya is just stating facts. People need to open their eyes, he’s a known alcoholic, womanizer, and bi polar. he’s the biggest manipulator in the pulpit.

        • LoLo

          R U a Member?

    • A pastor just going around his church dating women. How sacrilegious! Every preacher should know you don’t date a woman you have no intention of marrying. What kind of man are you people following.

    • Anoynomous

      Why is he dating all sort of women??????


  • I’m distracted by the Grey Goose ads on my page … back to regular programming: I don’t know the details of either of their lives. I live according to what I believe and know to be true. All you can do for others is pray them. We’ve all been a lil Off in our Theology. As long as he’s not with lil boys and holding try outs with the ladies of the Church, let him marry Lisa.

    • Steven Ward

      Amen, Jackie!

    • askduane

      What part of “fornication” don’t you friends understand? Ephesians 5:3) Let fornication and uncleanness of every sort or greediness not even be mentioned among YOU, just as it befits holy people;

      • Kathy

        @askduane, How said there having sex? You can’t date a person without having sex.

        • Kathy

          I meant Who?

          • Kathy

            Who said there having sex?, You can date a person without having sex…..

      • A Jones


        • Amazing

          Amen Brotha! All of these so called Christians blasting the man….If you don’t have actual proof you should keep your mouth shut unless your praying for the man to be what God has called him to be.

      • big easy

        judge not lest ye be judged, mind your business hater!

      • LoLo

        R U in bed with them? you have pics of them in the act of fornication? everybody who dates does not involve sex!!

  • Chyltown

    well the bible does clearly says in Timothy a bishop is to be the husband of one, uno, un, 1, living wife. That’s the book!

  • pasj

    If he marrries her he is outside the will of God for his life. When God gets through with all people will know he is God.

    • Anonymous

      The man, preacher, man of God brings the word every Sunday. Doing his job well if he want to marry a beautiful woman that’s his business. She doesn’t preach she just comes to church. I hope that the only sexy pictures are from her pass (which proably got his attention) will cease, and she can began a new beginning , or God will protect the man that he has called to cause the people like us who has gone astray at times to come back.

    • LoLo

      pasj: how do you know what God”s will is for the man”s life? what is God’s will for your life do you know?

  • Jeff Hanson

    I don’t know why sooo many people would like to hear Gossip like this until it is confirmed by either ms. Mccoy or Bishop it is nothing but Gossip so if you are a gossiper continue doing what you do, but if you are a part of the Kingdom and care about either her or him then wait until it is confirmed and not just on the rumor mill! God Bless!

    • Slim D

      Amen Jeff

  • pasj

    The bible say you know a tree by the fruit it bears. Sometimes we don’t want to believe things negative about our men and women of God but we have to remember that even tho they have a call they are human also. Root of all evil is the love of money. She loves money and he loves his ego.

    • YOU NEED TO STOP pasj!!.. you love money to,who doesn’t love money.. why would he marrie somebody broke remember now “evenly yoke”.. “ego” i don’t think he has a ego the Bishop is a very confident man,he was called to preach by God… Bishop you just keep sending tha’t word.

    • sc

      True…so true!

  • @ljb how do you know her salvation status? “I just pray that Lisa Raye finds Jesus or gives her life to the Lord.” Men and women of GOD are just that men and women – mortal people, subject to flaws and mistakes and the like. . .it doesn’t make it right. . .it is what it is. . .but we have to learn to separate the humanity from the anointing.

    • Slim D

      Diva, do you know Lisa Raye’s salvation status? How do you know she isn’t saved. Again, WE should not judge, because WE have no idea the condition of Lisa heart or her soul.

      • Kathy

        @Slim D , I agree. Thank God I have a personal relationship with God, not religion.


    • LoLo

      everybody can’t pray for you I would not want you praying for me it is not your concerns who finds God Lisa may have a closer relationship then you with God again here we are bearing false witness saying she has not found God. Remember you don’t find God he finds you!

  • kimmie

    Mind your business stay in your lane whats it to you all no matter what happen to the couple at the end of the day he is still a man before he became a man of God the bible a man who findth woman findth favor if they wed they will have different type of firstlady for example we at GNV have no ordinary firstlady we all have mistakes but we love and respect her the same if you love the bishop you have to love his wife you dnt have a heaven nor hell whatever they do they have to only answer to GOD not Man You gonna learn today dnt mess with God vessels

  • Slim D

    We should not judge their relationship. Let God be the judge. Bishop is a man of God, and I’m sure he knows what he is doing. They are adults and if they have found love, I’m happy for them.

    • Anonymous


      • Mr Love

        Anonymous he found the booty and she found the money! I ain’t mad at em though!

  • Pastor R Johnson

    It would do every person that chooses to try and take the twig out of others eyes, you must first remove the branch from your own. then and only then will you be able to see clearly enough to help someone else. But, once you think about it, you are not trying to help at all. You believe that your god mandated you to teach the Bishop how to hear God now? Go on with your bad self then! Judgers are you ready to be truly judged by the most high God? If your life is pure, perfect, and without reproach then get ready to be judged yourself. I pray blessings over you, of wisdom, grace, mercy and above all LOVE!

    • PRAY4U


    • LoLo

      YES YES YES pastor R Johnson. please read my post we are on the same page you just said it better.

  • WordMan

    He that find’s a wife find a good thing and Obtain god’s favor. May God’s will be manifested in both of their lives

    • Anonymous

      Amen and Amen!…enough said!!!

  • Leave her alone, stop haiten’ on her happiness. go get your own. Bet most of you w/negative remarks don’t have your own [email protected]#$ together. I have .50 for you to buy you some business

  • Raye of truth be told

    It amazes me how judgemental u church folks are! ljb..how do u know lisa raye is not already saved or that she does not already know Jesus. Do you know her personally? Have you heard her prayers?..I didn’t think so..so while you are busy praying for her salvation u might want to pray for your own…ask god to soften your heart so u won’t be so quick to cast stones..especially at those or that..which u know little or NOTHING about. Follow the WORD not the MAN who delivers it..and DEFINETLY not the gossip columnist who delivers bs! Its time to stop reading BOSSIP & start reading BIBLE!

    • this is right on!

      Love it. I heard and interview with her and steve harvey on the radio several months ago and if u could hear her new found passion for Christ you would know that she has definitely found her path. No one is perfect. In fact we all start on that wide street. Many are called but few listen. I believe she has not only heard the call but also lisitened it. And to be honest because of her history I believe she will be the perfect one to be 1st Lady because she knows judgemental people and a flock is large as his will have a whole bunch. She will need to know how to handle those people.

    • Trisha

      I agree. Who’s to say that Bishop Jones has not been toiling with her in prayer and teaching her the Word of God? I’m sure if he likes being around her and would like to get to know her better and perhaps marry her, that he would have her to know who he is and what he stands for, and also what he would expect from her as his wife.

      I’ve dated pastors in the past and the ones who I dated were not interested in the “sheets,” they were interested in molding me to be what they desired me to be as a wife. My personality, however, could not ajust because the pastors whom I dated were of a different denomination from the denomination that I was accustomed to and it made such a profound difference with me that I could not conform to their requests.

      Trust me, when pastors are looking for wives, they are not interested in “booty.” Of course, having a nice body is an asset, but they will often pass that up if she can not be what they are looking for in the woman as a whole.

      • Anonymous

        I like that except God will let the woman know if she’s a pastor’s wife.

    • LoLo

      Raye of truth be told:Yes yes well said!!!!

  • Derrick

    I wanna know who this so called INSDE SOURCE is?….becuase i know for a fact that this is a LIE! and the Truth is no where near this! Stop being so Hollywood! stirring up mess! How i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo Glad i moved away from all this crap! Again I say, I’s NOT TRUE!

  • anonymous

    I find it interesting that they have been dating for quite a while. When Noel has come to preach in the MD, DE, PA, DC and NJ area, I have always been there to greet him and Ive been spending the night with him in his hotel room just about everytime that he has visited. The last time that I was with him was the time before the last time that he was in DC at the Four Seasons Hotel. His usual right hand man Bryant was not there it was someone else. I left before he got to the hotel to prepare Noel for church. But I spent the night with him then and we had sex for the first time against my wishes. He caught me off guard. He had a lot to drink that night, we were both up until about 4:00am and slept late into the early evening. THe next time I saw him was in Philadelphia at Deliverence. But DC was the last night that we spent together. It’s strange how many times this man has told me that he loved me. We hadnt spoken to each other in a while and I knew something was different. Last week I asked him was there someone else and he said yes…..the he loved someone else. I was hurt because of his lies, I guess he just wanted the booty. As I stated he just kind of rushed me. I was trying to get him off of me because I told him that I was waiting for marriage to have sex and if he was that person fine, but it was clear that he was not. I told him last week that it was a coward move that he would tell me so many times that he loved me and we even talked about marriage a little. He knows how I feel. I told him via text, Email and voice mail. So it is now what it is. You cant just go around hurting people, and yes I was hurt but…….it is what it is. Im sure they will be happy together. I just wonder why if he had someone like Lisa Raye why he would give me false hopes and why he would sleep with me knowing he was deeply involved with someone else. She is a beautiful woman and Im sure that they will do well. This is not a lie because I would never do that to a bishop or anyone else. Im tired of it being ok for our pastors to be getting drunk, fornicating, committing adultery, raping, lying, cheating and stealing and it being ok. Im sure that I will who everyone will target and Noel will be the victim, it always goes that way, that’s how sad and unbalanced we are as a society and we continue to allow it to be that way. Had I known that I was dealing with a liar and all of the above, a man who cusses worse than a sailor I never would have spent anytime with him at all. I never would have given him my phone number or any of my time, let alone penetrate me after the oral experience. It’s just bad all around and I guess he will have to answer to God. It’s not ok to just treat people any kind of way. I was not a groupy or one of those people who’s main existance is to sleep with the pulpit. I have saved myself for marriage since the early part of 2009, which I told Noel…….his response……..yes if you and I ever had sex Id have to put a big ring on your finger. I said you’re right. I know now all the wining and dining and the showers, baths, back rubs, foot rubs and the conversation was all just for the booty. And as I stated he jumped on me and held me down. I did not aske for sex nor did I want it. It was a terrible experience.

    • Anon

      R U serious? Did this happen? Were you his road ho?

      • MK

        @Anon I don’t know you brother but your comment is hella hella funny. Were you his road ho? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She must have been. Saving what until you married. Heifer you had no business being in his room in this first place.

        • Anon


          AMEN!!!!! Plain and simple. I would be embarrassed to even place myself in that type of situation for any length of time and then get mad about the results???? What is that???


    • Anon


      • Anonymous

        pray for the man of god, remember someone prayed for you.

    • Mr Love

      Wow. My heart goes out to u and all the other women who have been through this. Im angry about the disrespect to God from our leaders. We r supposed to help heal and restore, not destroy the people. If u haven’t already, confide in ur trustworthy family and friends and seek therapy. I pray that God heals and restores u swiftly so that u will be free to live prosperously and free to love, as catastrophes like this bind people.
      Mr. Love

    • Mami Chula

      I don’t know this to be true…. but it is certainly believable. I have personally known people in the Gospel arena to live like hellions. God is calling us to Holiness. I just recommend that everyone establish their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are supposed to be Disciples, and draw others to Him. But if the world sees us acting just like them, why should they give their lives to Christ? Help us Holy Ghost.

      • PRAY4U


    • Anonymous

      Next time get the ring first and it’s only been 4-5 weeks, but he had a girlfriend for years. She’s a nut and he did love her and maybe still do love her. He had to move on, so he’s a man that’s been hurt a man and if you lay next to a man 4 o’clock am it’s breakfast time. A pastor’s wife has to know from God who she is know that it was sometime in it for you and move on, meaning no one force you to lay down with him. He’s behavior gave you the warnings.

      • LoLo

        you need some help ask God to lead you to another church and a counselor

    • Anonymous! either your a “nut case” are you just seeking attention??.. why would you put somthing out there about your self so the world could read??.. i really think your lying just to see how people would react, are maybe your one of those women who goes around and say “God told me Bishop is going to be my husband”.. they got all kind of nuts running around.

      • Anonymous

        If bishop was a teacher or a janitor would she had been dangling the cookie in hotels while quote “saving herself”. The churches wants the benefits of a company, but not the laws. Leadership shouldn’t be able to date each other. If this was a company they both would have both been fired. Bryant would have too.
        This ministry will be hurt from this , and there are so many who are being help there. Well! you people have friends and families, but a lot of us dont so its good to get the news out there but take your blame also.there are so many who just want to live and hear the word.

    • Jus checkin

      Well Mr. Or Ms. Anonymous were selling door to door or did you go to his room to get a sandwich.

    • dear sista,
      thank u for sharing ur personal experience with a leader in the body of Christ. I am so sorry that your trust and honesty have been violated. However, your willingness to tell your truth about your relationship with this person, is a blessing to the wise! Do not be ashamed for loving and trusting, nor feel it is your fault, because of the outcome! It is clear that from your perspective, that you were lead on. I am glad that you have been bold enough to tell your story. My sista, I speak this into your life. God is going to heal you, bless you and send you, a man of intergrity, morales, and love. Know this also that the actions that were taken against you, will be avenged by God himself, in a way that your hands will be clean. I am so afraid that now this man of God will be brought low in a public way! He is going to be stripped of everything, and that makes me sad, but it is about to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what betrayal. I’ve always have said that they are a man first. My girlfriend introduced me to a another pastor/Bishop from Los Angeles over 10 yrs ago. He also had a large, large congregation too. Well he came in town and was fine as wine, suited up with his name on his shirt cuff, beautiful cuff links and all. We went to a club, had dinner. He did not drink, but we did. They dropped me off, she went to the hotel with him and stayed. With him until he returned to LA. When his wife would call, she just remained quiet. I could not believe it all. My friend said that he would send for her even when he would travel to other states. She also said. That his members would have their women fly in too. REAL SAD!

    • Anonymous

      Question: Why are you guys following the hype created by Jones and McCoy? It’s all a publicity stunt to garner interest and support for the reality show that he desperately needs and wants. She’s a beautiful hustler, and that’s all she knows. At the end of the day, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Often we look at people in the limelight and ASSUME that they have the “wonderful” life. Actually, too much is given, much is required. If Jones is still paying alimony to his ex-spouse and Rae-McCoy can’t get her settlement from her ex, they are both gaming and certainly deserve each other. lol For a Bishop to participate and solicit a reality show, speaks volumes about his need to not only stroke his ego but also to bring in money. It’s strange that he’s no longer on BET or other major networks. Did it ever occur to anyone that he can’t pay his bills! What about the two learjets that he didn’t have the money to get off the ground? He’s over his head and YES played out. If the information posted by the latter women are factual, he and Rae-McCoy have another thing in common, promoting flesh with no substance. No, we’re not to judge but can JUDGE using the WORD of God. Immature Christians will often quote 1 Chronicles 16:22, Touch not mine anoited and do my prophet no harm, is overly misinterpreted and not used properly. When a Bishop, pastor, Apostle or other leaders err, this is often thrusted as a defense. NO, study the word and it has nothing to do with pastors, BUT anyone with an anointing upon their lives. If the Five-Fold ministry is not operating within churches, the pastor, Bishop, Apostles are usually not PROPHETS!!!!! Whose going to warn them of their err? Or do they think we no longer exists? LOL Therefore, you often have MORE anointing in the pews than the pulpit. WAKE UP people!!!Sorry Jones, you’re a wannabe and not Jakes. He has class, has written books, still married to a Godly woman, very successful and is PROFESSIONAL! He’s not living on the DL. Okay, people, get a LIFE, return to taking care of your business because this too shall pass. As a minister of the Gospel and crossing paths with MANY, this is a hoax and it’ll eventually run its course. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      • MK

        @anonymous. THANKS YOU. This is a fiasco. I’m sorry to say, but maybe it’s NJone’s time to be thrust into the spotlight now that the cameras are off of Eddie Long and the Zachary Tims fiasco is still pending. Mother Tims, what’s done in the dark is going to come out in the spotlight whether you like it or not. What’s done is done and nobody can change it.

        • Anonymous

          MK, saints need to realize that Jones and the others are human. They’re going to be whipped with many stripes. Just because they’re standing before the people, we should overlook their sin? You’re right and Galatians 6:7 is for EVERYONE, more so the man or woman of God living a double lifestyle. “Be not deceived, God is NOT mocked, whatever a man soweth that he shall reap.” If it rains on the just as well as the unjust, WHY not those that are sent or went to declare the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Father God is showing us time and time again that judgement will begin in the house of God. The world is living like they’re suppose to live. Instead of them immitating and wanting to be like the world, Christians are emulating the world. So sad! I concur that the Holy Spirit will pull the covers and expose those sins done in the dark. My old Indian Granny would say, “Every dog has its day.” God is getting ready to expose all of those that are living a double lifestyle. It’s a sad day for the church! Wow….

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean DL?? please explain, I’m sure it’s not what I’m thinking nooooooo

      • Anonymous

        Yeah! This might stop a lot of nonsense if it’s true it might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Reality show will be too much.

      • GAJ

        Correct anonymous…too many baby chistians don’t understand that all who follow christ have the same anointing..just different gifts.

      • Anonymous! i think your the same person who is writing the same Anonymous comments, your words read the same.

        • Anonymous

          Not same person
          A member of jones and i watch the woman go into ministry just for the man and seeing the woman not listening or seeing him as a preacher or bishop. They see him as a blank check, they have given up their lives waiting for him to give them one. I feel sorry for the man he is self destructive because he can’t trust anybody except his kids. The men in our chuch want him even more than the women. His life is as a major prophet in the bible. When you have been sexfully abuse at a young age you have no sense of feel you love the ideal of love until your survival skills kicks in and you’re cold as ice. This woman make a big mistake and now wants everybody to suffer with her. She became prey proably the day she took money or gifts he’s smarter her she not knowing might have hurt him and in return he hurt her wrong, but we are not children we all should learn that a drunk person judgement is off but she knows that. What if he had no money and the church paid for his stay would she have gone and go back when she saw the drinking?

          • Anonymous

            Oops I mean women

          • Vegas Valley Mary

            I absolutely agree with you. Because I often wonder how many would support Bishop Noel Jones if he was just a neighborhood preacher with a regular income?

            And yes with all of his faults, I still think that he is a Brilliant anointed man of GOD, who has to do some house cleaning and soul searching.


    LOVE BISHOP JONES: He is a annointed, teacher, preacher, has blessed my life with the way he brings the word alive with fire!!! He deserves 2 be hAPPY. HE IS NOT STUPID,BELIEVE THAT! WELL WISHES 2 U BISHOP AND MAY THE LORD PROTECT U FROM THE ENEMY.

  • Mr Love

    This was comical until I read the statement above about him living a double life and forcing himself on the young lady. I don’t have much to say other than it angers me that our leaders live this way. While they sould be ONLY loving people with agape love, teaching them how to live for God, helping them be healed and restored from catastrophes, and how to succeed as followers of Christ, they are ripping people’s souls. God will deal with them. I look forward to the healing and restoration of the souls that have been tormented. If anyone reading this is hurt and tormed by any form of abuse ad rejection, male or female, I encourage to seek help. There are advocate programs available for u in your community. U are not worth your body, your money, nor your deeds. You are worth everything that God has created u to be because were created in His image. Take back your worth. You have purpose given to u by God. You have gifts ad talents given to u by God. Walk in your purpose using your gifts and talents,alowing your catastrophes to fuel tenacity to move forward with no fear and a desire to love wth agape love, forgiving your transgressor. Forgiving is HARD to do, but can be done by regaining your value ad worth, and by acknowledging God will deal with them one way or another, ad realizing that the power of love always wins because the agape love of God gives YOU peace, resting in the fact that YOU are doing right by God, pleasing Him.

  • Were you actually there and you set and watch? or you just heard. Did you hear it from his mouth?(Bishop Noel Jones)There’s to side to a story,come on now,you are not that stupid.Men rather believe a lie then the truth, and to carry out gossip. I heard someone had lie on a man of God and she went to apologize,he accepted her apologee and ask her to do something for him: he said when you go home go up to your room get one of your pillow and cut it open then go to window and shake all the feather out,then I want you to out and collect every feather,she looked at him and said that would be impossible. He said right that’s just what gossip does,you can’t chase it down and change it. God sees and know all.Brethren,if a man be overtaken in a fault,ye which are spiritual, restore such as one in the spirit of meekness: considering thyself,lest thou also be tempted.Gal.6:1 Instead of being a busy body in other people business, you,we should be praying for our leaders so that don’t happen? We our in spiritual warfare and their is a real live devil,that come against each one of us.Pray ye for one another lest you fall,the Lord gave us insturction we should follow it and it will help each one of us.It will keep us from hell.Insturction is your best friend. He’s coming back again what will you be found doing and our you ready to met Him as a judge or a Saviour? He Loves you so much,this mess isn’t important your soul is and where you will spend eternity.Love you,your sister in Christ Jesus.

  • anonymous

    First off, I would never lie on a man of God, that’s dangerous. Secondly as far as the question from the idiot above and I was prepared for this as a doctor I know how people’s minds work. I was a friend. I could only speak for the times that he came to where I was. He travels other places as well. One thing he used to say was that I dont F&%$ around on the road and he did. If you read it properly young man, he forced himself on me. He had been drinking very heavily that night as he usually did. Before I knew it he was wrapped around me like a snake. As I also stated I tried to get out of his clutches but could not. It didnt matter how many times I pulled, pushed, scrathced up hi back, pushed my nails down in his back he would not move. We spoke a couple of weeks after and I told him how I felt about it and how it did affect me even till this day. I didnt like it then, nor do I like it now. One thing I will agree with is that I should not have been there. But, we were friends talking about a relationship and he’s a bishop, why would I think a friend and a bishop, someone who said he loved me, someone that talked to me and held me as his own…….why would I think that he would do that to me. He knew how I felt about having sex and it appeared that he respected that. As I stated…….you only saw what you wanted to see. But as I stated….it came out of nowhere. One minute we were talking and then the next he was wrapped around me. That’s what he wanted to do so he did. He even asked me a few days later did I rape you? I told him that’s what I felt like. I said no but he did what he wanted. So to the guy up there. Im no one’s ho. I looked at him as most people do as you can read from above. Many people dont know other sides of him I do because I have been around him when he is acting like Noel not Bishop Jones. One of you made a good point though and I do appreciate your intellect regarding the money issue. He does have financial issues going on that I do know. There were alot of things that had changed my opinion of him when I first met him ….the cursing, my mouth flew wide open, the drinking until getting drunk and falling all over the place. There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine but all should be in moderation we all know that. I no longer saw him as bishop…….he was Noel. I think that he is a great preacher I will always think that, but I know what happened in that room and so does God. As a psychologist I also know who generally takes the blame and gets the short end of the stick and that is the true victim. It never fails. But it’s ok. Some people need to stop worshipping the man, he is not GOD! I think this is why it’s such a shock to people. If the bible says touch not, why on earth would I lie on a man of God which he still is a man of God with issues like we all have. I have no reason to lie. I just wish he had handeled it different, but in my opinion he is no different than these men out here that see a beautiful woman with a beautiful shape and the first thing they say is “I want hit that”. He had to do it the way that he did because I never would have consented to it and he knows that. He’s a coward, a liar, a cheater, a thief, a drunk, a fornicator and an adulterer just like I said, and unless you know him and have spent personal and intimate time with him you would and will never see that side of him. It’s not pretty either, but it shows that he is a man and he is flesh and that he has issues just like the rest of us. He’s a very insecure person that has a lot of growing up to do.This I know. I will never listen to or go to see him preach ever again because of the person that I know he is. For you all who think that this is not true suit yourselfs…. think what you like you’re entitled and every opinion is respected.

    • MK

      @ anonymous. I believe you sister. It sounds too good and too real NOT to be true. You are a psycholosgist? He only hangs out with certain kind of women I heard. You already getting paid as a doctor I hope because if you was a “professional” hoe or a hired heifer like Delilah you would be taking him to the bank. The courts don’t play when it comes to rape. Who got next and I’m not saying this to be funny but preachers like this who are on the 6 – 7 digit pay scale per year never seem to take the same medicine they divy out to others. Preachers are called to do what Jesus said he came to this earth to do in Lou Lou 4:18. They never seem to take the message they preach to others to help themselves. Maybe this is good for him lest something worse come out in the news with his name. So now we know that he drinks and drinks heavy like an alcoholic. Are any of his friends or any one in his organization trying to help him or they just let him do what the hell he wants as long as he bringing in good offerings. People are going straight to HELL from the back of the Pastor’s office to the parking lot. He needs help and somebody should step in to help him. If Mr. Tims would have received the help he needed who knows maybe he would be alive today. The boys club is too busy trying to outlive, outhoe and outpreach one another to really be concerned about one another’s soul. It’s a dam shame! Which bishop, pastor, apostle, prophet or preacher got next?

    • Anon

      Anon, Road ho…

      First I AIN’T buyin’ it. Not because I believe Jones is above reproach, I certainly don;t believe that. But because what you’re saying doesn’t make a DIME’S worth of sense.

      First, you would “never lie” on a preacher because God’s wrath would be against you, but you’re layin’ up in a hotel room with who you describe as “a coward, a liar, a cheater, a thief, a drunk, a fornicator and an adulterer” every night you get a chance when he’s in your area. I think that you were probably manipulating genitalia if nothing else, but you, a supposedly trained PSYCHOLOGIST did this with a DRUNK MAN with characteristics that you describe and God has no problem with that???

      Secondly you expect us to believe that A DRUNK preacher forced himself on a SOBER psychologist suddenly???? Where did you get your psychology training from??? What about being a “drunk, liar, cheater, and fornicator” told you that you would be safe at any time with a mans like this? What is that and what were you on? I believe that you had to be given a date rape drug, because that’s the ONLY way a sistah is lettin’ this happen to her.

      Look, how could a drunk, 150lb (wet) man force himself on a grown woman and live to talk about it??? OK, you must be about 98lbs wet too huh and ready with that lawsuit in your back-pocket???

      Now, the sistahs I know would BUST a person in his face, instead of scatchin’ his back as you claim…So I guess your arms were free to reach around him, but not free enough to scratch his eyes out or break his nose???? I’ll tell you what, he would have a hard time explaining a broken nose and why the police were called to his room after a drunken night of rape and molestation as you claim….Do you think we are stupid my sistah???

      I ADVOCATE for victims of sexual abuse, rape and molestation. I am familiar with stories and for sure can distinguish TRUTH from a LIE. I have to, because too many lives are at stake….

      I’ll tell you what…YOU say you have emails and texts from him. I will HELP you file your complain with your local police. We can use the texts and conversations you say you have as evidence and support for the claim. Your cell phone records can be obtained to confirm dates and times that you talked with him and all….

      Contact me at [email protected] and I will assist you if you are telling the truth.

      If you refuse I can only conclude that you were his ROAD HO! You are not uneducated, poor, nor are you the type of person that predators as you have described seek out to take advantage of. You DO NOT fit any profile that I know….If you’re real, PROCEED to put a rapist out of business and behind bars where he deserves to be. If you are a LIAR…Stop trying to manipulate sympathy….I will come back to this blog with an appropriate and SINCERE apology if I am wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Anon and others: From my understanding there was a similiar blog about Bishop Jones. I didn’t see it but was told that several persons divulge intimate details about him with women, sexual transmitted diseases, sleeping around and his favorite drink was Grey Goose and he could be seen at one of the lavish hotels drunk. One of his former members did an interview discussing exploits and how he’s preached intoxicated and literally passed out. The staff knew that he was drunk but the parishoners assumed that he was slain in the spirit. Back to the blog, in our ministerial circles, several of the brothers stated that his attorney paid the blogger to remove EVERY comment. It is a clean slate. NO comments. What is there to hide? An addict doesn’t become addicted over night and if these accusations are true about Jones, we’re witnessing behaviors that have been dormant and now manifesting just like a seed. Last, there is a lady that traveled with him and it was also told to us that they would sleep together on the road. Her name is Sharnae and was pretending to be his road manager. One of the pastors stated how they warned him that it didn’t look good and eventually she pulled away because he started sleeping with other women. When you have pastors speaking privately and intervening for another Levite and they continue the lifestyle, God has to expose them. King David was a man after his own heart BUT he didn’t overlook his transgressions. Please keep us in your prayers because we’re all subject to fall but God’s Word tells us that He’ll always give us a way to escape.

        • Anonymous

          I believe her. However her part is not clear she’s letting him bathe her and sleeping with him knowing he’s a drunk. Working with him so she knows about the women. I’m a member of COR my pastor tells everything. Where’s her clothes? The man is single he just told he was in love with some one else. Why is she still there and later she denied to him that he had rape her. He was WRONG but because she wanted a rich man and made herself avaiable to sit up all night to make it happen. She saved herself for the right trick hotel 4am but the guy was smarter than her. God’s people have the Holy Ghost, common sense, My tears goes out to her because its going to take a long time to get that trust back in people period and dealing with i cant have my way all of the time. Preachers are men they poop, excuse gas, sometimes stink , and sometimes stumble when preaching. He’s God chosen it would be nice if leadership would turn away the groupee, but the groupee is the leadership. We paid for those nights and the next ones to come she got something. Don’t help her take the man of God down.

      • Anonymous

        You make good points Anon! Cell phone records are permanent and she does have a CASE IF she’s telling the truth. NO matter how much money he has, I’m one of those sisters that don’t have a problem keeping a man in his place. Because I know my worth, he never would have attempted that unless I ALLOWED him to wrap like a snake. LOL There are some pieces missing to this puzzle and as a licensed therapist working with various types of abuse, I don’t understand why a “healthy” pyschologist would put yourself in this position! Anon has agreed to assist you and your cell records will be honored in the court of law. Since he’s suffering financially, you probably won’t get any money BUT restablishing your integrity and self worth as a woman.

    • did i read the write word,he ask you if he raped you??.. come on now if you were saveing you self for marriage why did you have your self in the man room?

    • Anonymous

      girl get real and sto justifing and own up to what you did stop blaming him for your actions

  • anonymous

    There are 2 sides to every story you are so correct, but if you ask him what do you think he’s going to say? He’s going to say NO? Of course! He’s going to say NO! It happened, he was there and so was I believe what you like. God knows, and because of the nature of this and who it is……..it’s gonna have to be all that matters. Should I have exposed it? Maybe…..maybe not. Im not looking for sympathy in anyway because that doesnt matter. As I stated and at the risk of sounding redundant. He will be looked at as the victim. Its is natural for us not to want to see people that we love and believe in be accussed of something so hainess. That I do understand. But I’ve been saved for a long time and have made many mistakes, but one of them has never been and will never be to lie on a man of God, especially a bishop. There are repercussions and consequences to that, and I would never because of a lie want to fall in the hands of an angry God. I know better.

    • Anonymous

      There are three sides to the story: His, Hers and the REAL side, God Almighty. Sincerely, I don’t think anyone on this blog desires the fall of Bishop Jones. However, God is longsuffering and your sins will find you out. When money is the core of WHY people do what they do, what’s occurring inward is only an outward manifestation. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh and too many people are stating the same things about his downward spiral. Have mercy Jesus!

  • anonymous

    To Mr Love………..thank you. I needed that. Im still very hurt about what happened to me because I feel like I let myself down as well as God. It has nothing to do with Noel. I prayed and cried out to him to ask his forgiveness and I know he has done just that. I will continue to be bad mouthed, talked about and called a liar, but that’s ok. As I said before and will say again. God was there and saw everything.

  • Anonymous

    To the a-hole anon…..it’s sad that you help woman of abuse yet you can’t even tell that this is a real situation. Id have to ask what idiot put you in charch of something so delicate? My education you asked comes from Columbia, you stupid jackass. As I stated, the fact that he is those things that I called him of course I didnt know that until the relationship went other places. I established this after the incident and after phone conversations with him. YOu can believe what YOu want as I said everyone has an opinion. Im just sad that the woman that are coming to you sincerely for help may not be getting the help that they need. That’s what’s sad. But far be it from me to convince you, I dont have to. The best witness was there and that was God. And if getting a man off of u was so easy that perhaps there would not be so many woman getting raped. Yu talk like a stupid person. And listen to what you are saying, listen to what people are writing who are praising this person. Of course we are going to do that because that’s the only side of him that we all know and love. Yes it’s hard to fathom anything else and it hurts to think of the possibilities. It hurt to know Eddie Long was fondeling little boys and Timms was doing drugs. That hurt as well because these are people that we know and love. If someone else was writing this about him and i read it………knowing him and what I have seen Id believe it. However, had I not gotten the opportunity to know him intimately….I would probably not believe it. Ans he doesnt weigh 150lbs. Know what your talking about. I dont even believe that you work with woman that need that type of help. There is no way in the world that they would be that stupid to hire someone so clearly incompetent. Its comments like that that make woman afraid to come forward. If anyone could ever imagine what this had done to me mentally, physically and especially emotionally perhaps some would be more understanding. It still hurts. Ive of course talked to God but now feel that I need to talk to a psychologist to get help with how to deal with the aftermath of how this has made me feel. I expressed to Noel as well how this has made me feel emotionally. I even asked him for an apology hoping that would help. He knows what he’s done and I do as well. You are certainly not gonna validate me one way or the other, you dont have enough moxy for that. Just keep saying the mean and hateful things that you are saying. As I said I expected this and it’s fine. You are no more deal with woman that come to you for this than the man on the moon. But since you want to perpertrate……….ok. If you did, you would be practicing your training and you clearly are not. AS I said……….it’s ok dude. It all is. You all are free to say whatever you like I expected it. I would expect people to be a little more mature but hey………

    • Anon

      Just as I expected…ANYONE who has committed a crime as you describe deserves to be reported to the police. What you are describing makes no sense with your Columbia University degree in PSYCHOLOGY….You know that as well.

      First, you’re not describing seduction. You’re not even describing abuse. What you are describing is the aftermath of a DISGRUNTLED lover after a mutually failed relationship.

      There are some AUTHENTIC cases where people have been hurt and their testimony is far different from yours…they don’t allow a man the opportunity of them staying the night continually in expensive hotels, watching them get drunk, have oral sex with them and then rape them and all they have in the wake of it is scratches on the back, and some text messages (which you’ve not ONCE described as coming from him…all you’ve stated is what your responses are, not what he said) ..What you describe is NOT rape, it’s an evening gone bad!

      As I said earlier, Gather your 411 and I’ll HELP YOU make a police report. You should have dates and times and plenty of 411 should support your story. The number on your cell should be easily traced to him. If he is a serial rapist as you describe that he is, there will be other victims. Look at Long, Cain and whoever else.

      Until then STOP doing damage to the case and cause of REAL VICTIMS! I’ve seen them and the LAST thing a real victim does is come on some blog anonymously and makes a whole bunch of claims that they won’t substantiate. They would be too ashamed to do that. Whereas, you have no shame, refuse to pursue legal assistance and you expect us to look at your experience as some sort of right of passage… I pose that you are a jilted lover (if that…you may not even know the man) until you pursue steps to prove otherwise PSYCHOLOGIST….

      • Anonymous

        Thank you it’s not defending jones but letting her know that her way of pursuing a man with money is smarter than letting her tease and play games he gets this kind a dime a dozen.

      • let the truth be told

        well said, point and case!

  • Funny G

    @anon you put forth a good argument. Are you an attorney? I still believe anonymous and I am going to speak my damn mind right now. Jakes need to get all of his pals together and coordinate (like the man said in Boomerang) a conference and call it “Get Your S%it Together And Do it Now”. Registration free. For all leaders who are screwing around and thinking about screwing around. Everyone who is affiliated with him (not that it is his fault) somehow end up in a tub full of s%it. Jaamal Bryant, Eddie Long, now Noel Jones and we can’t leave out Listion Page. Marvin Winans aint no song book either. He got game. There is one more who is from Orlando. I can’t remember his name but I know he come from a famous family. My boys told me he was tossing salad and flipping so much scrip turning women out that husbands was looking for him and s&it. No way inthe world a man can stay away from the box as long as these negroes have and lay claim to being holy men. LMBBAO There’s even a new hoe onthe block a little younger than these guys name Luther Mckinstry. Now I don’t get this with him. I heard his mother is so powerful the devil still got foot prints of her all over him from kicking his [email protected] so much. They not trying to commit to nobody because the farm door is open and there are plenty of cows in there a dime a dozen given out free milk. Ladies let me keep it 100 like they say in the hood especially ladies who are really committed to God and living for him. 85-90% of the fine goodlooking single bishops, preachers, prophets and so on that you see on the circuit here there and everywhere are MALE HOES!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say it no more diplomatic than that. They don’t want yall. They don’t want a save woman. Not interested in your morals or values and could give a damn how many Bible verses you know. They want somebody who will kiss and not tell. Anonymous don’t you do no crazy s*it like this no more then you won’t have nothing to be depressed and hurting about. Stay up ladies and don’t give it up.

    • Smile

      That’s right! and well said………………

  • MK

    @anonymous You have a supporter right here. There is a double-standard like I said before. They got so much game it’s on auto-pilot with certain women. I can see and hear someone of his caliber saying and doing everything you said. EVERYTHING. Don’t change your story. Stick by it and like I said he better be glad you are not a professional hoe or a hired Delilah by one of his haters because he would get taken to the bank. The pulpits around the world especially in American need to be taken to the cleaners. There’s so much dirt in God’s house you can barely see him or his spirit any more and a good number of those who are in charge of sheep need to leave the 99 in someone else care and take care of one. Themselves. I heard that he drinks to the point he can’t even stand that’s why I believe you. His partners in crime know this. Let me get out of this forum. I feel like cussing!

  • Anon

    If Jones is a rapist PURSUE him and everyone on here will help…What you are doing is facilitating his actions IF you are telling the truth. The Psychologist also knows that by not pursuing justice that she is responsible for all the other women that are abused at his hands if he is an abuser…This woman has said she is educated, but yet dumb enough to be with this man everywhere, so she says, simply because he told her “I love you”…What is that???

    Put A CRIMINAL in jail!!!

    You should have email records, with date and time stamps, Cell records with the same and text message records that can be obtained from the phone company. Then we can even tell the EXACT position when the call was made and where he was. All that can be cross-referenced with his schedule and hotel records…

    There is PLENTY of vital circumstantial evidence that could corroborate your story…In fact ONE text with a sexual reference will do it…but the psychologist knows that it could also DESTROY her claim…It could prove that she is lieing. What will you do Ms. Hotel Stayin’ Psychologist???

    PUT the criminal rapist pastor behind bars!

    • Anonymous

      Amen because we’re ALL mandated reporters!!! I say pursue and IF you’re telling the truth, God will VINDICATE you and put him where he belongs, OUT OF THE PULPIT!! @Funny G, I love Marvin Winans and you’re CORRECT, he’s NO songbook. As a former member of Pastor Douglas Miller’s church, the “young” girl that he pregnated while married to Vickie Winans, do you know her family didn’t pursue charges???The women that they prey on are usually those that are in “awe” of them, usually have low esteem and view conversations with them as a priviledge!! ONLY God should have that type of attention. Sure, respect those that have authority over you BUT don’t place them on a pedestal.It was sad that it took Vicie Winans a divorce and pain to realize that she didn’t need the Winans’ name to be successful. Anonymous I believe you and like Jane Doe just stated, you can’t put your trust in man because now a days and with the spirit of apostasy in the land, people in the pulpit have lost their minds!! Very deceptive!! Keep your eyes on Jesus!! If Bishop Jones marries Lisa Rae McCoy, my big toe will sing for their nuptials!! lol

    • LoLo

      I agree with you. She acts like a person with multiple personality. I really do feel sorry for her. if she is lying she does make it hard for women who really have been abuse

      • When Jesus knew that He would be put to death for our sins. I confess with my mouth and believe in my heart………What would make me Saaved which is the beginning, uh! So when chrisians date begin having sex like Noel and Lisa. A man do not purchase a woman a car and house in the 21st century without having Sex before marriage and they are shacking up. The Scripture says thatif one is guilty of one SIN, you are guiilty of all. He has been humpimg young females,.Isa you are old compared to he others and Noel cheted on the others females and how are you differ. You are no good girl, therefore you both are WHORes, because thwe jesus said it. We all are watching and waiting to see the works vof the Lord. To, the brothers or sisters Lisa is no he firsr woman to be attackes by the body or public, lthe both of them are in the poubkic scrutiity for Jesus stood it and so many others even in that place called COR which should be name, “Luficer’s hell hole.” HE DOES EVERYTHING and usesgils 21 to his daughter’s age. I would love hearing wha his childrn, mothe’s views also that chuirch where Satan and his advocaes resides. Lisa Raye is more popular than ever and she should receive an award. Oops! Td Jakes is a lover of money and I didn’t care for what’s his name, he is a Republican and resided over Eisenhiwer. Nixon, Reagan and he nverold tose devils that Blacks had rights. No, TD Jakes over weight, he Lord calls it self murder, and a ring in his ear an hi demeanor, the has on hips and the way he walk, they said, Creed and the love of money is sinful and wicked. He an alcholic too, sexuall sin hell he is too fat. I don’t wish.to ever listen to Jones, TD, Timms dead, Ulmer, Blake and all those other hiprocrites. Sertia Jake’s, how can you lie and put on a false face to the people. look at the otther poor females in your places and neither of you give a car, house or $$$$$. The LORD is here and Noel is desperate and anything will do. Lisa wants an old man’s $$$$$$$ and Noel want the outside person and she can act alittle. Lisa YOU BETTER WAtch for NOEL IS. DOG, AND THE REAL FIRST LADY and the mother of his three chiikldren. And the others seated around te body. He is a whoremonger. You finally gotten you an oldmale. I ask you bothe as a christian who striving, ‘are you Saved!:

  • jane doe

    I just really have to leave a comment on this…i wouldnt put anything pass anyone these days…you can tell a man of God by his relationship with God, his congregation..People get so caught up in big churches and thousands of members and forget the reason why we go to church to praise God….All false relegions are coming down..God is exposing the false prophets..People dont even see the time and what real salvation is..they believe whatever they are told..we preach jesus..I am apostolic baptized in jesus name holy ghost filled..no if he did do that he was dead wrong professing to be a man of God and wasn’t. situations like this eddie long and all others the devil uses these to keep people from coming to church..one thing i can say is what im in is real for real..anonymous contact me my email is [email protected] we dont have to talk about what happened but i can tell you that God, and his power has the power to heal and the power to deliver..Dont give up bc there is a true church out there…true salvation..LIfe changing!!!! this can be a testimony not a let down…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you MK. Anon, I dont have to prove anything to you. You choose to not believe that”s fine. And no one said that I wanted to take this man’s money, take him to jail or any of that. YOu dont listen. OUr relationship was over long before this came out which was yesterday. It was over after that happened back in June 2011. He told me last week that he loved someone else. My reaponse was good luck and God Bless you. My hurt does not come from that my hurt comes from the incident that happened and his behavior after it happened. Has nothing to do with his new love. And even if I were going to accept your little challenge…….you would think that you would come at me in a different way to just flat out say that Im lying is not professional is that what you are saying that you are. Had you done that in all honesty…..I would gladly speak with you on the phone first and then we can talk about the rest. And I said he asked did I rape you? this was on the phone…….I said it felt like that because had you asked I would have said no and It was not what I wanted although you would not stop or move. If I choose to do something else with this you best believe I would request a lie detector test in a heart beat. If this should go haywire as a opposed to this website I would expect that someone would also want me to do that. MK again thanks for your support.
    I will say this Anon…….if you would like to talk to me on the phone I just decided I will welcome that. Also, being an Ivy league graduate and knowing what should be done with criminal behavior is totally different when you are saved and this is a man of God. That’s what makes this difficult. I said we had sex, you are taking this somewhere totally out there. But I’ll talk to you.

    • Anonymous

      He’s in love?? No baby that’s lust and he’s playing a game. If he isn’t careful, sounds like the GAME may capture the HUNTER!! He’ll be a deer caught in the headlights! Hold your head up and keep moving. His exposure/time is coming sooner than you think!

  • Anonymous

    And dont worry if I wanted to produce text records, Emails etc….I could trust me. Im not worried about destroying my claim kiddo. But since you are hell bent on me lying ok. LIke I said before ok. YOu are not going to lure me into anything by saying the things that you are saying. But Noel should know that he does have an advocate in you. Im sure when and if he reads this that will make him happy. Of course unless this goes further and he is asked to take a lie detector test.

  • Anonymous

    thank you also gunny G

  • Im a believer

    Bishop Jones does not hide the fact that he drinks alot.. quote: ” I got to leave that wine alone”, “Grey Goose and grapefruit juice is the sweetest taste I know”, unquote. We smell liquor on his breath all the time. We love him in spite of, thats our choice. He also does not hide the fact that he likes having sex. Quote ” I know yall heard I had strippers at my house. I just want yall to know that I put them out, but I’m not telling yall what time I put them out”. unquote. He lets us know that he has to gratify his flesh because, quote; “it screams gratify me”. unquote. Stop judging him. We all have issues. Lisa Raye is his type. He lets us know that he loves making money and she loves chasing it. Lets just bless the Lord any way. He’s just a messenger delivering a messege. We still love him because he tells us the truth. This includes his issues about his sexuality. He shares it all and those of us who love him don’t judge. Now, we wanted him to have someone who knows the Lord in a way that could bless the women from a ministry standpoint but he clearly stated to us that he don’t wont a women who’s involved with the church, especially his. This does not surprise me. He said a few weeks ago that he has a high sex drive. Lisa looks sexual, not santified but neither does he. Its more important for him to be married than to burn. Lisa is also good for publicity. If he love her than we are willing to try. They have to answer to God not us. Our church congregation is close. I hope it can stay that way.

    • nettiej

      How can you follow a man of that nature? That is why so many young people are not attending church. Where are our leaders of God? Shameful, disgraceful we steering our young people to a life of sin.

      • Anonymous

        you are so right, I didn’t know at the time why I no longer felt the present of the Lord in that church. Also, how he would sometimes twist the Word to his understanding, maybe it was he was/had been drinking gray goose. My granny always told us “I’m teaching you the Word so you will know the Word when you hear it and I stop hearing it at Noel Jones church and stop attending services there. I can’t judge him only God can do that, but I did remove myself from his teachings.

        • Anonymous

          Sometimes we are push by the Holy Spirit to move on. it’s personal not necessary the Word is tainted. It could be your turn to go higher, but its the man of God that taught you to go higher.
          Bishop is greatly used by God when you’re being used you will rebel. And I hope this is awake up call for Bishop.

    • Im a believer:
      What church do you go to? This does not sound like “The women of the City” Yes, we love our Bishop very much, but there are still women there who want to be and stay saved. And we don’t want anyone to come in a distroy our Bishop. We are not blind women to be lead by any BODY! No matter how ‘men’ regard it. This sounds like another city I read about in the Bible. Only a few escaped. REMEMBER that?

  • Anonymous

    To Fuuny G. Thank you and yes I have learned from this. I think I was just hurt more because I had saved myself so long. I know 3 years is not alot but Ive made mistakes in the past, like many have. As far as a man like this that says I love you, I think you have a perpencity to believe him because of who he is, just like the messages that everyone else are leaving. Why would I think that he didnt. My education has nothing to do with my heart, if that were the case I would never get hurt. I would never open it to anyone. Just like the saved who are responding we believe in our preachers, we really do. Would any of us had thought or could see Eddie Long playing with boys, would we have thought Timms would be on drugs? NO! Because we trust and believe in them. I felt that way once until the early 2000’s. It was then that I realized truly just how much of a man that they are and I never forgot. This was different. He could have been with anyone else, he could have chosen to spend time with anyone else and he chose to do that with me, so yes I did believe him. He quickly showed me otherwise, and it’s ok. Now I know. Anon……I just sent you an Email.

    • Anon

      Dr. thanks and I did get the email and you are aware of what I said….I’ll say this:

      IF what you and “I’m A Believer” is reporting to be true…NOEL JONES is not and probably never has been saved….PERIOD….

      There is NO MEMBER of anybody’s church that is not also a PARTAKER of this man’s sins if they sit and support him and the ministry while knowing that he drinks, gets drunk, and has sex with women outside of marriage. Then to have stripper parties???? WHAT????


      I pose to the members of City Of Refuge, if these allegations are true, and if this is your pastor and you sit there for the stale loaves and infected fish that delivers, the BLOOD IS ON EACH ONE OF YOUR HANDS!

      God DOES NOT Play! If your daughter, son, relative is raped next, or pimped out at a stripper party that’s YOUR FAULT…Noone to blame but you!

      Do any of you really realize just how serious this is???

      CHurch member, I GUARANTEE you aren’t hearing from God. If this is true, God is FAR FROM it, him and you! So you are condemning yourselves with silence.

      I’ll tell you now, if these things are true, this is not just a fault so don’t even try to rationalize it or minimize it. These are serious, deep and egregious sins. Somebody needs to read LEVITICUS 10 and get a CLUE!!!! This is STRANGE fire IF what you are saying is true.


      • Anonymous

        @Anon it is unbelievable! This man had a form of Godliness and no power. One can be intellectual and does not possess the spirit of Christ. It’s sad that the members are sitting there. They’re also spiritually abused because he KNOWS that they’ll accept whatever he gives them. Even though there are members sitting in the masses, they’re not approving of his lifestyle. Not only should he take he take a lie detector tests but medical tests for HIV, STD’s, etc.., what a sad day in the Kingdom. Apparently, he’s not reading the same Word that we are and don’t believe in the SAME God. Proverbs 16:18 states, “Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.” He’s very haughty and so LOST!! Best wishes to he and Lisa Raye!

  • Funny G

    I’m a believer. Have you lost your damn mind? Do you realize what you just said. You just gave your pastor a license to get drunk, screw, have strippers at his house. etc. What in the hell kind of church is Noel Jones Pastoring and just because he’s bring transparent about his SIN because that’s exactly what it is it doesn’t make it right. God forbid if he was to withdraw his last breath right now he would in up in HELL because he’s preaching one thing but living another and what in the hell do you mean we don’t judge him. Is anyone at your church really saved and filled with anything other than carnality, worldliness and flesh. I can’t believe you have the audacity to express to the world wide web that your Pastor is a drunk and a casual fornicator. You said nothing about praying for him or that he needs to be deliver but what you have said is that your church accepts him the way he is well guess what. GOD is not pleased and that is a pile of Bull S*it you just finished expressing. If you are an example of the rest of the members of your church them I’m afraid most of you might end up in hell too. I can’t believe my dam eyes. He need not preach a thing to nobody until he get delivered. If a drunkard comes to your church he can’t help him and that’s what he’s there for. In a hospital but he’s a patient his self. This is a dam shame. If I wasn’t saved I wouldn’t want to go to that church. Somebody might tell me it’s alright to get my sex on as long as I use a condom. I’m a believer if I was your pastor or a member of your church and I knew who you was I would kick you a*s up one side of the church down the other for saying some dumb s*it like this.

    • Anon

      Funny G,

      THANK YOU!

    • Anonymous

      Funny G, preach and THANK YOU!! Something is definitely wrong with the congregation. Well., what’s on the head runs down to the body. If the head isn’t right, the body is out of whack!! What a shame!

      • God’s Child

        I hope you people writing all of this about The City of Refuge, and our Pastor Bishop Noel Jones will learn to pray like we do for him. The sin is to get drunk! The sin is to judge! The sin is to lie and steal! All I heard is alot of sinners talking. Bishop is nice to the saved women in our church, and we know that women chase after him for his extravagant pleasures. I have a degree in Criminal Justice, and this woman making the allegations against Bishop Jones distinctly states: “I would have said no, if you would have asked me.” Bishop really understands this type of response made by women, therefore I question this woman’s honesty. He has told our congregation that he would not married a woman he has fornicated with. He states: “Sin with me, and you will sin against me.” I will leave the City of Refuge, if this woman’s allegations are true. The sad thing about all of this is that Lisa Raye’s appearances at our church started most of this devil gossip. Many of our members are tried of all of these money hungry women chasing after Bishop Jones for money, and sex. Most of them do not have any respect for God or his sancturay. Surely, all of this mess will strengthen some rough edges out amound The City of Refuge. I have seen so many crazy women come in our church, and say God told them Bishop was their husband; even in wedding dresses. We need our Pastor, and church to save soul during these trying times. I hope the devil will not prevail in the case of Bishop Jones for the brothers at our church sake. All of the ladies that wrote in should seek a mental health facility ASAP. The guilt as a christian can lead to distruction in the mine and soul. I rebuke the sex demons that surround these written statements in the name of Jesus!!! The two men that are constantly making comments, I rebuke you in name of Jesus!!! I love you City of Refuge members, so trust in God and not man. These are the great words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “We shall over come!”

        • Gwen

          Thank you for this!!!!

    • Woman In Shock

      Funny G, now on this I agree with you. This chick is crazzzy. Sounds like Jones AND lots of the members are reprobate. This is just too much. Too much. I can’t believe my eyes. Somebody need to do a intervention on I am a believer because it’s obvious she has lost her mind.

  • Funny G

    Anon you welcome man.

  • jane doe

    wow…thats all i can say about im a believers comment…shame shame shame…i see why the Lord is so angry..all he did for us so we could have a chance at salvation to be saved and people are willing to accept sin…Jesus felt sin in his flesh but he didn’t act it out…I dont know what kinda relegion yall are in but judgement starts at the house of God thats why people are being exposed…yall have no conscience it has been sheared with a hot iron..no conviction i would want the truth and for my soul to be saved…bump celebrity status..a rich person is one of the hardest people that will enter into heaven…wow..yall are so lost…i thank God for my apostle and my bishops and apostolic doctrine…

  • michelle

    I can not see her a first lady and happened to unevenly yoked….

    • Anonymous


      He’s NOT Bishop material or a “true” man of God if he has openly spoken his desires and what he’s doing to his congregation. His speech has betrayed him! Unequally yoke?? Nope, they’re equal according to the lifestyles that they have chosen to live. If it wasn’t for his notoriety which he has twisted for service, NO ONE would pay him any attention. What I feel within my spirit is that the reason he is drinking, entertaining strippers, have sex with all of these women is because of his inward struggles of bisexuality! Don’t throw darts BUT for someone to be as brazen as he is with no shame is indicative of inner struggles and let’s face it, it’s been rumored for years that he’s in the boat as Bishop Eddie Long. This man also has a proclivity for depression. Hmm, a public success but private failure. Get ready because this owner of the blog will be paid to clean the various comments. Guess what, his attorney Scott should be sick of cleaning up his messes!! LOL

    • A Jones

      Praise and Worship Men and Women of God…. I believe the best way to combat all the hatred is with the WORD.. In the case of Ms. LisaRaye…John 8:7? So when they continued asking him, he lifted himself up, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her….” Jesus is the only one who can SAVE.. And as far as the MAN OF GOD… Proverbs 18:22 “Whosoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.”… 1 Chronicles 16:22 “Saying, Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm…. Let us be mindful of how we JUDGE… God is coming for Surrendered Souls… Whether they surrender 50 years before or 50 seconds before… And Black Supposedly Saved People.. This is why Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and other Ethnic Groups sometimes don’t accept sound doctrine… Isaiah 29:13 “Therefore the Lord said, Since this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men.” People of God if we Draw near to him HE WILL draw near to us.. And then it won’t matter who LisaRaye or Bishop Noel N. Jones marries… Because we will be secure in OUR CONNECTION TO CHRIST…. Don’t hate when people are BLESSES BEYOND YOUR UNDERSTANDING FOR SEEKING GOD FIRST… BE BLESSED CHURCH, AND GO UP!!!

  • Noelle

    1. If he is single , why can’t he date ? Its not a sin to date . The sin is fornication and just because you are dating someone doesnt mean you havine sex.
    2.If he choose to marry which everyone needs love , he should date to find the right one.
    3. what punishment does God need to do because to people fell in love.
    4. Shut up Love is uncondtional – and if he love her and she love God and respect the God in him her she can grow into a beautiful women of God. you can qutoe scripture all aday but if you can’t apply and interpet it then you’ve done nothing. He is a pastor , but a man first it’s no sin in dating . The bible was written how many years ago , the social life is completly different and if you want the biblicaly days back kill yalsef cause it’s not . Focus on a relationship with God and living in his will.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm., everyone this is Bishop Noel Jones’ as Noelle! We know the Word and if God the Same today, YESTERDAY and FOREVER MORE, why are you making statements that’s pleasing to your flesh? We’re not trying to change you because only the Holy Spirit can! You’re a joke with a capital J! LOL Sure, He’s a God of Grace and Mercy. Yes, the times have changed BUT aren’t we the salt of the earth and the light that the world should see? Share the Bible with the blog that you’ve written pleasing your sexual needs!! God forgives BUT we can’t continue to repeat the same sins. Man, you’re reprobate!!

  • Noelle

    people quick to tell people what they are doing wrong , only God can judge becasue only God grants mercy and grace. so who give you the right to say who is and who is not qualified to be a preacher wife. You don’t know her spiritual growth you know her past. More importantly WHO ARE YOU , nobody get home right before you comment . A life of holiness is a daily choice , you may slip a day you repent -deal with the consequence of the wrong choice and keep pressing your way.

    • Anonymous

      Get you another drink of Grey Goose! No, a Christian rehab will work wonders when you’ve hit bottom. Sin is pleasurable for a season but then the harvest which are your consquences. What about those persons that you’ve stolen ideas from and never gave them credit. We ALL know that you love making money and why this reality show is vital for keeping up with your lifestyle. You’ve made money and LOST tremendously because of scrupulous acts and the people the surrounds you. Did you forget that what you steal, you don’t keep. You’re so pathetic! Continue to drink and the alligators are growing larger.(strongholds)

  • Can I Get A Witness

    Well to all, I heard that Ms. Lisa Raye is a “new babe” in Christ and that she is a Christian. That’s all I have to say and @Noelle. Sorry, the word judge is another word for someone who has discernment. Judge the way we refer to it mostly is discerning what’s right and what’s wrong. When someone parallels their judgment or obtains the character of their judging from the Word, it’s not wrong to judge. When you judge others and compare them to you and you act as if you’re an angel then that kind of judgment is wrong.

  • DeLoria Elmsford

    Whoever told you that spoke too soon. This is a tweet from L.Raye sent 11/21

    Ok it’s Monday and 8:12pm and I’m tipsy smh knowing damn well I have to work in the am lol.

    My comments Deloria: The church said Amen and now the benediction. lol

  • Mink

    Anonymous I believe you, but I think you are a woman scorned. Get over it and let it go. The only thing Noel (Noella) HAD going for him is his intellect. None of these women including you would give him the time of day if he wasn’t in the position he’s in and he knows it. Look at him, he’s ugly, skinny as a bean pole. Don’t know how to dress. If he wasn’t rich you would have spit on him if he approached you. You know I”m right. If he was a real true anointed man of God he would not be dating around like he has been doing. He is a ho. God would show him who is for him but he is i8n the flesh. He’s always preaching about don’t pick a wife that’s beautiful on the outside and ain’t got nothing on the inside. LisaRaye ain’t the one and he will regret the day he ever met her whether he keep pastoring or bail out. He is as carnal as can be. I heard she been saved at least 2 yrs. Well she should be showing some changes. I don’t see a difference. The bible says in the last days men will be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. She don’t really love him she love what he can do for her. I’m talking about money wise. He know you know and everybody else know if he wasn’t rich she would not give him a first glance. It’s so sad because I believe God has shown him who his real wife is but he has been sidetracked by the devil consumed with lust. Another thing Noelle (Noel) you will reap what you have and still sowing. Be not deceived for God is not mocked. You might wake up one day and won’t be able to get it up. Then what. You think she gonna stay with you. You already too old and look it. You need to sit your old behind down. I have seen this many times and you will be miserable if you outright out of the will of God. But I forgot you really don’t care. You living for the moment. You better look up the road Bishop. Better stll do a prenupt and put everything in your kids name. That sister will run for the border. I bet the one God has for you won’t care she will love you for you no matter how you look. Get it together, repent and do what God has called you to do. Its not to late. You are too gifted/you was too gifted to let the devil trick you like this. You already a laughing joke to the Body but you are also a joke to the world.

  • Mink

    Noella yeah people slip, repent and keep moving but Bishop keep slipping and making wrong choices. Go on with your bad self Bishop (Noella) and we will see how you will deal with your consequences. Do you actually think you not going to reap for ALL the dirt you have done to ALL those silly women. Whoever you marry better be STRONG in the Lord so she will know how to stand with you when the doo doo hit the fan and it’s gonna hit hard. I already smell it. You better get you a seasoned wife cause she gonna have to know how to stand by her man and cover your behind in prayer. You think you went through sumthing before. Get ready get ready get ready all I got to say. And I thought you said you not marrying nobody that go to your church. You need to stop lying, & being a hypocrite. Another thing nobody judging you, everybody know all your mess. Do right and you will be alright.

  • kendrarod

    Apparently, this is a hot subject. Several of my church members were discussing this with our local pastor here in Illinois. Out of his mouth, “We all know about Bishop Jones. He’s greedy and there is a thin line between insanity and intellect.” During our Thanksgiving service, we PRAYED for everyone in leadership from the White House down. As a 45 year old and a DK (Deacon’s Kid), I have witnessed ministry up close and personal. Often these men have many struggles. There have been pastors and their families sitting at my table for many years. I’ve seen their ups and downs. What I find amusing about these comments and Jones’ arrogance is that he can’t be “touched.” Why would he use Noelle to make a weak point?” I have to agree with anonymous, he and Lisa Raye needs the attention to make money;therefore, they are using our comments as entertainment because she’s played out and she may enjoy “chasing” money BUT with this last bogus marriage, he KNEW that she was a golddigger that boasts about being a self-made millionaire before meeting him. If that’s the case, spirits beget spirits and he SAW that she was chasing something that she ASSUMED that he had. LOL The joke is on her and she’ll continue miss the mark and when you have money like Gates, Buffet, Jobs and the others, you don’t have to hustle or chase it, it’ll work in the bank for you. She and Jones are perfect because they NEED to make and chase to keep the things that they have. If the rug was pulled from underneath them, they’ll be on the street looking for work. Bishop Jones (Noelle) and no disrespect, the bottom has fallen out and in essence this marriage would be great because the two of you because she is good with publicity and can be your old A _ _ MULE!!!!! LOL Hustling to keep those material things which are temporal. Oh, one of the members knew about this sister that someone mentioned on the board that traveled with you on the road satisfying your sexual needs. When she lost her home and was listed in the LA newspaper, you were nowhere to be found. Is that Godly??? Also, you promised to marry her and once she stepped away from you, you didn’t have enough integrity to let her know that she wouldn’t get paid. Instead, she’s broke and taking meds for depression! You don’t have people fooled, only yourself! Payback is a mother and you’re too old to think you’re the man. Jakes is honorable and guess you’re trying to walk in his shoes with the various opportunities that he has procurred outside of The Potters’ House! Trying to Keep Up With the Joneses will never make it for any reality because you’re chasing the whirlwind! When you marry Lisa Raye, I’ll also send my big toe to sing at the wedding! What an ugly sight all in the Name of Jesus! I forgot, in the Name of Noel Drunken Jones! LOL

    • Smile

      That is not nice play fair …………

  • anonymous

    hey to the brother Anon………….he will tall to all of you to let you know what the result of his findings were ok. You all remember the one that so adamently challenged me to find out whether my story was true or not. You never, ever, ever lie on a man or a woman of God. We are all held accountable for that nonsense and I would be fearful to do that. The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Im a wise person. I dont always make the right decisions though clearly, and I’ve learned my lesson. God has a true, honest, loving, loyal, well to do, and an educated man out there just for mr. Noel is just what he is and I dont care what anyone says, I’ve spent enough time around him to know that, he is a liar, he is childish, he is a cheat, a fornicator, an adulterer, a get over, and a user. He is also a manipulaator. Why tell someone that I love you and talk marriage with that person if you dont want her. Im a good woman of God and He’s not going to forget about his child. Look at my facebook page. God has created me maticulous and with great precision. He took hi time when he created me to be something so beautiful, rare and special. Ladies please dont get me wrong or misunderstand me ok. I love you all and God Bless you. If anyone is in a relationship with someone that belongs to someone else just………..look in the mirror at God’s perfect creation and know that he only made one, and it’s the reflection of you. I wasnt seeing two people at on time though, he was. He said that he was in an exclusive relationshipp but who would keep me if they could have LisaRaye? She’s a beautiful, nice and ghetto just like him, but she’s beautiful and I like her style. The God in me wishes them the best. He’s got what she wants and she’s got what he wants. Im certain that they will do oh so well.

    • Mink

      Anonymous, when Bishop Jones told you last week he was in love with someone else did he say it was LisaRaye? They are both denying it. You seem to be a very intelligent and nice lady. I don’t understand why he led you on.

  • Anon

    I tried to deliver this message earlier today, but here is the essence of what I said:

    The Dr. took me up on my offer and shared her story with me and is in the process of providing certain evidence as requested. In fact in principle I have agreed to assist her in any way possible to bring this issue to resolve.

    I wish to sincerely APOLOGIZE for the hard time I gave her in the commentary and on her issue. To affirm her story, third party sources have contacted my office and independently referencing much of what she has described in this forum. It would seem that this preacher has a problem with alcoholism and womanizing, as a supposed, particular member of his church has affirmed in this thread.

    The Dr. must be healed and we can only pray for her that she will be. I am committed to doing all that I can to assure that.

    I would like to also say, to ANY WOMEN or MEN that has experienced abuse at the hand of Noel Jones please contact me at [email protected].

    Thank you.

    • kendrarod

      Praise God!!! Praise God!! Something needs to be done and Anon others will come FORTH when it’s in motion!!!As odd as it seems, he probably wants to be set free! He’s another Legion! Wow!! I personally THANK God for your presence on this blog. He is reading this blog and may contact anonymous offering a settlement. His time has run out and concur with someone on the board that called his reprobate! So sad BUT you reap what you’ve sown! Again, THANKS for helping our sister!!

  • MK

    @anonymous. I would love to see your facebook page. You did say in your comments that we should take a look. Inbox me your name if you are permitted to do so ([email protected])

    • kendrarod

      Anonymous, like MK, I’d love to support you also. I can be inboxed at [email protected].

  • anonymous

    Thanks Anon for taking the time to talk with me and hopefully we are able to accomplish what we are setting out to do. I thank God for many things and one is that he has no respect of persons. He doesnt love Noel anymore than he loves any of the rest of us. Isn’t that so great? His scripture vegeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay. As you sow, so shall you reap.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.and etc………..so in him we have an assurance that we are covered under his blood and that everyday he dispatches angels from heaven to keep watch over us. And as the scripture says………..the angels of the Lord emcamp round about them that fear him and that the fear of the Lord is the begginning of wisdon. WHen he says touch not mine annointed ones and do my profit no harm….as one one gentlemen said, that scripture is not just for the pulpit warmers, it’s for anyone that belongs to God anyone that is one of his. THat pertains to me and you. Isnt that great? THat he has no respect of person’s. It’s just so great. Im glad that because one may have a higher degree or sit in the higher place that we all mean the same to God. Yes he dies expect different things from us all depending on position, for much known much is truly expected. I have been praying, that God will heal my mind, body, soul and spirit from the hurt that Noel has inflicted upon me, but most of all that I allowed him to what he did. He only could have gotten away with what I allowed him to do, and that was to mistreat, direspect, hurt, lie to and lie about. He is who he is and only God the Master can change that. I only have myself to blame. I would have never let Joe Shmoe do to me what I allowed Noel, as someome state above and you are correct. He go away with it because he was the bishop, lets favce it. If it were anyone else….It woudldn’t have happened. Never have I stepped so far outside of myself than I had when I met this person. At times I didnt even know who I was. Things I did…..I never would have done and the things that I allowed him to say to me and the ways I allowed him to say them, I went have sent someone packing to the door, or just said hey dude, go to hell. Point blank. I never would in a million years and then some have tolerated the behavior from anyone else that I did from that man. Not in a million and a half years. Im know for a fact that Im worthy of mor and better. I know it for a fact. The only reason why he gets the play that he does is because of who he is. Someone above said it, Ill say it, everyone knows it and so does he. cant believe i let myself fall for someone less than the who and what the Master has created in me. No one deserves to be treated the horrible way that he treated me. You all don;t know the half of it. And I say to woman……dont let nobody mistreat you , no matter who they are. NOBODY! You are beautiful and worth more than even valuables could and would ever be. Don’t allow it. Believe me when I tell you, that this is the first time that I hav let a man mistreat me all because of who he was. When he took me and didnt ask, he took my strength, my self esteem, my gentleness, my ability to know how to love again because this guard is never coming down. He stole every and all the things that make me who and what I’am as a true woman of God. He stole my presence, my ability to love another. I mean beyond him stealing what I had saved for my husband someday and what I had promised God….He stole so many other things. My self respect. I let this Ivy League College graduate be talked to any kind of way and didnt say a word. I didnt tell him off or put him in his place like he needed someone to. He can be a nasty, ghetto butt person and he said that himself. I can truly say from a person who is not from the ghetto, I tolerated the thing I feared the most having to be exposed to it and was not aware of it until it was too late. I had no ideal that he was a ghetto as he was, and yes Im saying this because it’s all true. He will call his own self ghetto. People call me buuchie………..I;ll take that over a Noel Jones in a heart beat. He’s rottenWhats sad is that he doesnt see his own insecurity, he doesnt see his own pain from growing up and being minus something. He went from his mothers household right to moving in with his wife to be a husband, so where and when did he have a chance to be a teenager? When and where did he have the chance to do what normal 19 year olds do. The statistics of the matter is that you cannot pass over age groups. In other words even if you have to become the man of the household at age 15 because you father may have left, you still have to and will exhibit the behavior of that 15 year old. It will manifest itself later in life at sometime because we can omit the age 15. It will come out sometime and in someway. You will eventually see yourself, someone will before you will acting like that 15 year old. It might happen at age 25 it could be at 45, bottom line is that, that 15 year old will rear it’s head at some point. That immaturity that he has is the result of that 19 year old not really having the chance to be a 19 year old like the majority of us do because he was immediately thrown into a place of being responsible and having real responsibilties. It is why he is often and often acts immature. You all may not have seen any of this unless you have been around him in a different capacity. Ive seen it, playing on the phone, his sense of entitlement with something that didnt belong to him. Not used to being told No Im sure. He can do what he wants to do and can treat people the way he wants to treat them, and that’s what he did to me. However, that’s my fault for allowing him to do it. You live and learn.

    • kendrarod

      Anonymous, The Word of God is speaking, “I am the God that healeth thee.” We have your back and support you through this ordeal. You’ll get through it and just like the Penn State incidence, there are other women that will come forth that’s gone through similiar situations with Bishop Jones. Thanks for speaking out and sharing your story. Hearing about him yesterday was mind blowing. You’ll be surprised the people that are reading your story AND praying for you. So sorry for what he did but venegance is the Lord and it’s by Divine Providence. God connected you and Anon via this blog for your healing and deliverance from him. Sadly, his demise and financial ruin.

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    For Everyone who is in a relationship, My Motto is: “Yes I Love You, But I’m Just a Damn Fool About Me” !

    “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. A Mark Twain Quote.

    If you adhere to the above relationship basics, the chance of you being taken advantage of is greatly reduced because it is impossible to Love someone else, if you don’t love yourself first.

    Bishop Noel Jones ask the question, “Can You Love Who You Don’t Respect”.

    • anonymous

      Whoaaaaaaaaaaa and powerfully stated!

    • anonymous

      I watched the video that you recommended and noticed that you posted the video. Are you one of his members? I listened but he never said anything. It’s further interesting because you’ve posted all of them!

      • Vegas Valley Mary

        @Anonymous, I am not a member of The City of Refuge. I live in Las Vegas.

  • jesus has come that you unbalanced folks will have life,

    you all sound very much like scorned women at the bottom of the pit, unwanted sick women, women that no man want, get over this, some sick man will cross your path, and when he does , you will be very deserving of him

    • anonymous

      For you to release these words is your projection because no one wants you! LOL Obviously, you’ve deemed through your eyes of unworthiness to spew your venon on others. Know my worth and living a life that many envy in the spotlight!! LOL Our wealth wasn’t acquired from the pulpit BUT the “witty imaginations” that God gave us. We’re very legit, fulfilled and happy with my marriage of 30 years. The Jenesse Center, Inc., in Calfornia receives my financial support monthly AND other services that are needed. I WILL continue to support women that has been abused: sexually, mentally, emotionally, physically and SPIRITUALLY. Your time is UP Bishop ooops, Noelle Jones!! By the way, we’re PROMINENT and travel the circuit with the “megas”! LOL God is awesome because He’s RAISING a people already with stuff and things; therefore, they won’t be corrupted and USE the sheep to acquire stuff that they can’t keep!! LOL Monkey see, monkey do!! Hustle, hustle, hustle!! Oops, forgot many are calling the church an organization and not the organism that God intended it to be. You’ve displayed a continuous sign of an unbalanced Believer, don’t know his/her scriptures. Again, SPEWING to benefit your unworthiness. Everyone’s opinion is accepted and pray that your eyes are opened and the mirror in front of you to realize whose really SICK!! LOL You, scripture misquoting for your gain DEMON!!! LOL Since you put it out here, I sincerely PRAY for your healing before that sick man OR woman finds you!! LOL To the wall baby, to the wall!!

    • anonymous

      Also, you must be troubled you what’s on the BLOG because you posted when everyone was asleep. Poor baby, you need to get your rest because you’ll need for the fireworks! LOL The heat is on, the heat is on….

  • Funny G

    @anonymous correct me if I’m wrong. Did you say that you have been married for 30 years or is there more than one person in this forum named anonymous?

  • Had Enuff of this S…….

    @mink. You said he is denying it. That they are in love or that they are engaged? L.Raye said they are not engaged but didn’t deny that they were dating. All I have to say is this. Noel is going to make it difficult for other high profile, single, well to do preachers to use the excuse that they don’t have time to date. That is bullshyt. This man is still one of the most popular preachers on the circuit and if he can find time to date then all the other single preachers can do they same. Women in church are being played “big time” today. Not talking about you @anonymous. These negroes have all kinds of excuses why they azzes are still single when the homosexuals have kicked, screamed and lobbied they azzes into courts to get the gay marriage law passed in many states to do what is illegal by God standards. Ladies don’t fall for their tricks. They not that damn busy. If the not busy as Noel then shyt they not busy at all. If he can find time to date they can too with they lying azzes. They want to remain players, they bisexual or they straight up like men and a woman can’t do nothing for them but they afraid to come out and say it because they want to keep preaching and getting them zeros. God see all of your sneaking lying azzes. Single Christian women KEEP THEM DAMN LEGS CLOSED before you end up on somebody website in a chat room. Dont’ give them negroes shyt. They’ll leave you alone and go somewhere else.

  • Dallas D

    please leave Lisa and Noel alone let God Be God.

    • A Jones

      A M E N!!!

  • anonymous

    No there are at least I believe 3 anonymous writers on here. And no when he said he loved someone else, he did not say it was Lisa Raye. It didnt do any of this right. He could have talked to me. He owed me that which I said to him. I only wanted an apology for taking something that was precious and that meant something to me. He couldnt even just apologize.

  • Muffin.

    Something is stinking and somebody isn’t telling the truth. Lisa said on her Twitter page that she isn’t dating, engaged or getting ready to marry N. Jones haaaaaaaaaaaa He aint said nothing and isn’t going to say anything. We will see by this time next year what the real deal is.

  • Jimmy

    I wish them the best. He deserves to be with whoever he wants to be with. There will be mainly a lot of women that will strongly be against it because #one, of her past and #two, because they weren’t the chosen one. Everyone has had a past. Even the most sanctified woman. So lets not hate on the Pastor.

    • Kendrarod


      Consenting adults can make decisions, good or bad. With empathy for my sister and reading the various comments, this COULD be the modern story of Undying Love of Hosea and Gomer. (God and Israel) Not calling this lady a prostitute but “hooking” doesnt always mean selling your body BUT chasing the mighty dollar which its love is the root of all evil. Someone stated that IF this is true, they’ll have their reality show in 6 months. There is an “s” on Jones!! LOL Obviously, people connect for various reasons and this could be an arranged marriage, business deal to garner publicity and to add a few more dollars in their bank accounts. OH what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive! In reading the comments about him loving to make money and Raye enjoys chasing it, very interesting because ONE can have great wealth and financial abundance but not have prosperity. People who are TRULY prosperous and financially independent (not necessarily wealthy) and live in accordance with God’s law, they are able to live the life God desires for them WITHOUT relying on OTHERS financially and chase the mighty dollar. (Okay megas stop fleecing your sheep) Prosperity with PEACE cannot be achieved by seeking money directly. Accumulating wealth for the sake of wealth alone is self-defeating. This entire blog is interesting because I concur with anonymous that this is a hoax created by Jones and Raye! To the group, enjoy the REST of the story… Jimmy, time will reveal what is and isn’t. Happy Holidays everyone!

  • nettiej

    Why is all this dogging of your pastor? What happens in the home should stay in the home. Nevertheless, preachers such as Noel (Noella) lead our young people astray. The churches are void of younger people because of actions of noel (noella)

    • Kendrarod

      So true nettiej!

  • Muffin.

    @anonymous Sorry that happened to you sistergirl. If leaders had to apologize to the women they messed over or leave the pulpit, most of the pulpits would be empty as an abandoned building. The more money you make and the more popular you become, the more demons you have to fight and temptations you will contend with. That is no excuse to lie and hurt someone. Big time leaders in the church especially are having a field day because they know that are all kind of women out here these days who will do just about anything to be with them or get them between the sheets chile. It’s like a trophy for some of these women. Forget about dignity and values. You got a name, some paper and know where to go to get down and dirty, then lets get it on. Help us God!

  • Funny G

    This is for Noelle. I know yall don’t believe this is the bishop posing as someone else. LMHO. It’s not a sin to date BUT who and what kind of person are you dating. I heard she a newbie in Christ then someone said she cusses like a sailor then I heard she said aint nuttin going on with them. There are blogs are all the net talking about this. Let the truth be told. The cat is out of the bag now any way. If it’s true within the next 6 months – year we will now because they will have a reality show and it will be on the front page of Gospel Today magazine. ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Wait and see!

    • Kendrarod

      Funny G,

      WHY would someone purchase a magazine OR watch the show? Never heard of this magazine. The church is way off base if this happens….A reality show about a pastor? Why would that interest the saints? Geeshhhhhhhhhhh

  • Funny G

    @Jimmy your pastor is a man, but he’s not Pastor Jerome from around the corner with a storefront church. He is a man of influence and is associated with major religious organizations. He is known all over the world so can he marry a part time alcoholic, blunt smoker or gambling woman who looks nice when she comes to church and carries her Word but never read it. Technically he should be able to marry whom he chooses but not biblically. Sorry, but no matter how holy or saved a man is, there are some women who can make a holy man who is caught off guard forget all about the 10 commandments and the New Testament. Woman were made with a dual weapon. It can be the best thing that ever happen to a man or his worst nightmare. I’m talking about the “cat in the hat”. Read between the lines haa haa haa

  • Funny G

    Lisa is non of the things I mentioned. Don’t get bent out of shape anyone. I used them as an example to show Jimmy that his Bishop can’t just marry any old body.

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    1 Corinthians 14:33
    For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints

    I am glad LisaRaye “Directly Addressed” this matter on twitter.

    @TheRealLRaye Let me put an end to this…people have us dating, engage and running off to get married and I’m not doing ANY of the above. I attend….
    1 day ago

    @TheRealLRaye I attend his church because I’ve been in search of a church home. I made a brief stop at his church and I will be continuing my journey.
    1 day ago

    • Kendrarod

      Vegas Valley Mary,

      This is hilarious because someone from his church shared his comments WHY he was with her. You’re right, God is NOT the author of confusion. The truth shall speak! Our sister that has communicated with Anon, I wish her well and IF he did these things to her and others, this maybe his season to reap! So sad…

  • Funny G

    Okay everybody this is the latest. It’s not even 30 minutes old yet. From the Bishop himself on Twitter.

    BishopNoelJones Bishop Noel Jones
    No I’m not getting Marry…
    21 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm We shall see. LMHO

  • Funny G

    FYI LMHO Means Laughing My Head Off NOT Laughing My Hoe Off.

  • Funny G

    And there’s more LMHOOOOOOOOO

    From Twitter

    “If I were getting married,you would hear it from me first. Not Media Take out! I am not getting married.” – Bishop Noel Jones
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    • Mink

      Funny G, where did you get that tweet from Bishop Jones. I follpw him on Twitter and thyat is not on any of his tweets?

  • Dome

    Who started this S**t anyway. This is how people reputation and life get monked up because of rumors and S**t like this.

  • BNAK

    This doesn’t negate the fact that he did what he did. Who cares whether he gets married or not, if he does I wish him and whomever he should marry the best. I just know who he is intimately. Ive seen things that others have not. I know his character as a male. I do not consider him an man because a real man would not mistreat any woman especially a man of the pulpit. All say what you want. I know enough about him to know that he is a manipulator, a user, a liar, a hypocrite and all of the above, and he needs to take responsibility for his actions but that won’t happen. Trust and believe Im not a scorned lover. I have told him many times that if he did not want to be with me or bothered with me to tell me that. I gave him many outs but he took none of them. Last year I invited him to the superbowl with a retired SF 49er. I invited him and his girlfriend. He was so threatened. He calls be back to ask me “have I lost you?” I said no. I invited him because we never ever put a label on the relationship, so since he was seeing people I didn’t have a problem with going on a date, and that’s all it was for me. Actually, not even a date, he and I were just friends and he invited a friend to Dallas. I finally asked him after the incident in June when the calling got to a minimum, the contact just stopped. I asked him………if you want me out of your life life, talk to me and tell me that, I hung in because I knew he had a lot on him, financially, with his congregation and I wanted to be there for him and just be patient. He never told me he wanted out. One month later I ask is there another woman? If there is I will say congratulations and best wishes. I just derserved more than for me to drag me along like this. He answers me 6 hours later, when I’m sleep……..(3 hours different time) and he said love someone else. I was still having a hard time with what happened in June emotionally and mentally. I wanted to talk to him about it but he wouldnt respond to that. I wanted him to know what it and how it was affecting me. I wouldn’t go outside, I wouldn’t answer the phone, I couldn’t talk to anyone. I cried and I prayed. I felt like I had no one. I mean the person that I needed was him because the problem was with him, but he didnt want to hear it, because he did NOT care! Point blank…….HE DIDN’T CARE! how what he did to me made me feel. As far as making so much money one writer said……I have a doctorate degree in psychology, but do not work anymore as a result of an injury sustained while jumping from an airplane in the military. I worked up until 2007, in California. He doesn’t communicate well at all. Not one bit! Nor is he honest. Had he not talked about a ring, marriage and loving me none of this would be an issue. I only asked him for honesty. And to tell him if you want out tell me how you feel. He never once said, I don’t want this anymore never once, so why would I assume anything else.Him wanting someone else is his perogative and I genuinely hope they do well. As for him and how he treats woman and how he treated me……… vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay. And he will. Because he really did hurt my heart. He did, not this. HE DID! Bottom line I was violated, and it hurts me more than anyone will ever know. If he has only talked to me to know how I felt. He claimed he loved me, well if he did his actions would have been different. He didnt love me. He just bought his time, just waited it out and when he realized that I wasn’t gonna give it up because I was saving myself and he led me to believe it could have been him, he just got twisted and took what he wanted and turn his back. I asked for an apology. He wouldn’t even do that. He didn’t care…..he got what he wanted. It was the worst experience of my life in more ways that one.

    • Mink

      BNAK, my heart goes out to you. I am hurt for you but you got to let it go. I am so sorry for calling you a woman scorned. I can feel your pain. I am here for you. Please contact me at [email protected] It’s going to be OK. Please try to get some rest. Can you just go on vacation somewhere for a few days, just meditate on God, read ur Bible, listen to Praise & Worship and PRAY! Get some restful sleep OK.

    • Anonymous

      A man will say exactly what you want to here. My pastor plays women like a chest game, basket ball game. If you don’t respect yourself than he won’t either. You undress and he thought you was in the game. Problem was you had fallen in love and he was in love with a nutt in our church. Wrong yes, but you should have been smarter than that he’s a pro single in the lime light 15 years.

  • BNAK

    @Funny G………no I have not been married for 30 years. I’m divorced and have been since 1999. I was married for 14 years. I changed to BNAK because there are at least 3-4 anonymous writers speaking on this blog. God has someone for me, who is honest, true, loving, faithful and everything that I desire in a man but mor importantly……everything God desires for me to have in a man. Noel’s kind of love just plain hurt. It really did. He has image problems, he’s lonely, he doesn’t know how to communicate, he does not see himself but the issues that everyone else has, he has a low opinion of himself, you wouldnt know it but I speak a a professional. He’s very sad inside, he really is. He has a low self esteem and just so many things that make him unhappy truly down inside. Believe me……..he does not love himself, but wears a great mask. He is honestly in need of help. I realized this last year, but I was willing to help him but the hatred that he has for himself would not allow it. The pulpit validates him, and don’t get me wrong anyone………he is a dynamic speaker. But the other half of him needs to be exposed in order for him to become a true and complete person. He first has to acknowledge that he has an isssue. Anyone that can sit and drink 6 bottles of wine in one setting is hiding something, and the alcohol makes him whole, it gives him what he needs, which is that pain, anger, hurt, disappointment, etc…masked and put out of site and mind if only for a little while. It validates the other half of him if only for a while. It takes him where he really wants to be and makes him who he knows he really wants to be. THe times that I have sat him down and talked with him……I could tell that he has so much to say, he has so much that he needs to talk about because there is so much pain there. I think from that place of pain he hurts others. At times I don’t think he means to but, the place in him that needs the help won’t allow him to do anything else. He has allot to get out of him, he really does. Yes we can all talk to God, but we are human and need humans to talk to. He’s extremely immature and childish and he does immature and childish things. He has never had the opportunity to be one. He started preaching if Im right at 19. He went from his mothers house to being married and living with his wife for 26 years. When did he have a chance to act a real fool like most of us do after being released from our parents house at 19. We partied, we dated any and everyone we could, we broke hearts, we had our hearts broken, we got drunk, we cursed people out, we did everything we couldn’t do in our parents house that we were big enough to do before we go….whew! ok now I’m done……….I want to settle down. He would I promise you be a better person and have better organic relationships with woman. I do understand this, but he had a choice to do what he did and he chose to force himself on a woman and for that comes a consequence. He still knows right from wrong, he’s not stupid and makes for darn sure that people know that by using words in the pulpit that most have to bring a dictionary to understand what he is saying. Nothing stupid about him. He knew what he did was wrong that’s why he called me a week later to ask me did he rape me? He knew he did what he did without my consent. He was well aware. WELL AWARE! He left me an emotional wreck, now I have to see someone to talk to about what Im feeling as a result of what he did to me and where he left my head, where he left my heart, where he left me as a woman. He stole my dignity, my oneness, he stole my love for myself as a woman, he stole my peace of heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, he shut me out of my own life. He just raped me of what makes me who I’am as a woman. He made me feel like a piece of trash. I have never felt so unwhole. I wanted to share with him all of my emotions on the phone but he didnt care, so I finally E-mailed him with tears coming from my eyes. I left him a voice mail with tears coming from my eyes, and he text back we’ll talk soon. It never happened. I called him and said this is how you treat someone that you say you love? He text me back. Hi. I mean just didn’t care. I guess not he was in love already. He fails to realize I had feelings to my God. I mean he didn’t care in a big way. After he text me “love someone else” he called the next day playing on the phone, when I said I can’t hear you, he says can you hear me now and of course hangs up acting like it was a problem with the phone. Normally, I would have called him back and he knows that, and knowing him I certain he expected that call back but never got it. He hurt me for the last time I decided. It’s God’s issue now. And just think all I wanted was an apology.

  • BNAK

    no rumors all fact babe. all factual information.

  • Ambrosia

    Sounds like someone I know who plays games. Men like Noel play games as a second vocation honey. They don’t get any monetary pay but their psyche and ego is boosted beyond the sky. They will play with whoever allows it but once you put your foot down and let them know that you are not from Toys R Us and can’t be played like a chess or checker game they will get lost, lose your number and act like they never knew you. They want to dump you and say goodbye to you before you dump them. Games people play. He must be very bored with his money, prestige and the ministry because what other reason can there be for treating you or any other woman like this and Noel is not the only one trying to be an old school player. There are others. Should we start a list?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for warning women

  • Funny G

    Side bar we can get back to this subject matter after this commercial break. Did any of you see this HOT AS HELL FUNKY MESS!!!!!!! http://www.thevisionchurch.org/. The pastor is handsome and he has a life time male partner and the church is growing in leaps and bounds and the members is agreement with this are all on their way to the hot place. LOL Can you imagine. We will now have remarks by the the First Man. What kind of shyt is this. Oh Hellll No!!!!

    • ACE 1

      I went to this site and OMG!! For those that haven’t viewed the site, check out their demographics. We need to wake up because the city of Atlanta IS the largest African-American GAY city outside of San Francisco. Women, if you’re looking for a hubby, don’t do so in ATL. There is indeed spiritual wickedness in high places. The DL brothers are not those that “appear” to be gay. They’re PROFESSIONAL men ranging from doctors, lawyers, judges, educators, engineers, movie producers, RAPPERS, etc… The last time I was there on business, it blew me out the waters because my family and I ended up during the Gay Pride Parade. If you didn’t know the Bishop’s lifestyle and having a gay first man, this would be an awesome experience worshipping with those racial barriers! These are their demographics:

      (The very elect will be deceived)…3,000 fellowshipped members from this multicultural city and across a wide breadth of the southeast. The Vision Church has members who live within walking distance of its present location and members who live as remote as California, Toronto, Canada and Bermuda. We currently house the following percentiles:

      83% African-American

      10% Hispanic

      4% Caucasian

      3% other (comprised of 4 different nationalities).

      We bring together people of all races, backgrounds, socioeconomic stratas and family structures. We worship and serve together in one or more of the 50 different ministries within the church, including Youth Mentorship, Education and GED programs, Health & Wellness, Social Justice, Women’s & Men’s support ministries, Counseling and community support projects.

      The city of Atlanta is our modern Sodom and Gomorrow!

      • Funny G

        Ace 1 you mean to tell me that the last line The City of Atlanta is our modern Sodom and Gomorrow! is on their website???????? Well I’m be damn! They need to be outted for real. If they have the nerve to say this on their website people have the right to speak against it and to broadcast their in your face perversion. The nerve of these heathens.

        • ACE 1

          NOOOOO Funny G, I was saying that the city of Atlanta is the modern Sodom and Gomorrow! Nooooo, that’s not on their site. LOL I’m still amazed at the boldness and to have a live in partner as the PASTOR!! Think about this, the Word of God tells us in Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” They think that this church and the “Holy Ghost” experienced is right and everyone that speaks against their lifestyle is EVIL and WRONG!! With the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the African-American community, it’s possible that over half in the congregation are infected!! I remembered reading about the HIV/AIDS’ rate in ATL and it was startling. It is also the LARGEST African-American gay population in the country AND the mayor, present and past, judges, doctors, lawyers, educators, entertainers and others that are the DL brothers. WOMEN be aware because this is NO JOKE! When you meet someone that resides in ATL, you’d better run for cover. Sorry for any misunderstanding!! LOL Hope I cleared it up for you…..

    • anonymous

      I THINK Bishop Jones has also preached at this church. Definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing and NOT preaching against SIN!! Well., he’s comfortable because they are the ones that surrounds him at City of Refuge. Guess having multiple family members in his family that live gay lifestyles, it would make one compassionate and insensitive to the lifestyle of gays. He also struggles SO why wouldn’t he preach at this church. It’s one thing to be a homosexual that’s struggling. God understands that thorn BUT when you are living with your male companion and he’s acting like the first male of the church, something is WRONG with this picture!! Guess Jones is so desperate for money, he’ll preach anywhere. It’s NOT according to the leading of the Holy Spirit BUT the leading of the GREEN PAPER!! LOL

  • BNAK

    OMG! Thank you Mink and Ambrosia. I know Mink you are right, but that is just how much it affected me. It really did something to me that I was not prepared for. I’ve been thinking about my next move all day and have been awake many nights. But I love you and thank you.

    • Mink

      OK, sound like you feel better. I gave you wrong email, its [email protected] Send me your email and FB info. I would like to be friends on FB Everything is going too be alright. Contact me anytime OK.

    • anonymous

      Get a life, MOVE on and press charges! End of story. Stop being the VICTIM and become the VICTOR!

  • Renee

    Hello Everyone, I’ve read every response on this topic so far. I’m disappointed on what I’m reading, however true or not. What puzzles me is the fact that accusation’s that have been put forward can be damaging in one light or another. If this Man of God is such a damaging sole, why is it he hasn’t been stopped? Now I know each dilema is different, but rape is rape.. If this is true, don’t sit on your arse and let him get away with it. However, I agree with one blogger, why in the world were you in that room? You had no business there!!!! That’s just stupidity, no matter how you think it. As for the subject of Him and Lisaraye..Let’s be real here.. She is not going to get into anything unless there is a $$$$ sign behind it. I don’t care how many times she goes to this Church, she could even engrave her special seat within if she want’s.. It’s hard to believe that she is in it for any other type of Love, but for the Love of Money. Let’s see how this plays out. One thing I have learned through my 52 years of life.. no matter what you do, how you look or the situations you place yourself in. If you have a Black Heart.. You will always be trying to F someone over. Trust me on that!!! Take care!

    • ACE 1

      Good expressions. Who cares what they do because like one blogger stated, they’ve created the frenzy BUT surprised with the worms crawling out of the cans. They’re both FINISHED and if he’s as sick and insecure as BNAK, he’s self destructing. He’s nothing to look at and someone also stated that NO ONE would look at him. It would great to hear from the woman that traveled the country fronting as his road manager but sharing many sexual nights together. IF he’s drinking liquor like it’s water, his liver will eventually SPEAK!! LOL What a sad case and he’ll always be ugly inside and out because as Renee has stated, his heart is BLACK!! The seeds that he’s planted have created his harvest; therefore, the rape victim needs to pursue actions so that he can be relieved of his misery!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    LysaRaye will be the talkshow guest live

    Online: thezoneradio.org (The Zone Radio 1000 AM WCCD )

    WCCD AM Radio1000 | radio1000.org | “The Praizeness Station in the Nation!”™

    Date: Tuesday November 29, 2011

    Time: 3:08 PM

    zoneradiolive Don’t forget LIVE in The Zone @TheRealLRaye will be our guest.. thezoneradioshow.org at 308

  • Funny G

    Thanks Vegas I will be getting my money on and won’t be able to tune in. Please let us know what she had to say. This might be starting to sound like a stunt. LMBO

  • A Jones

    All I know is I cannot focus on Jesus looking at others.. If God were to treat us the way we treat each other even in the Body of Christ… NO ONE WOULD STAND.. Some have skeletons others have BODIES.. BUT TO THE UTMOST JESUS SAVES.. THANK GOD FOR JESUS..

    • anonymous

      Another good one Bishop Jones! LOL If you’re bi-polar the way SC describes your antics, you’re displaying too many personalities on the blog! You are crying for help!! LOL Get another glass of Grey Goose. Watch out Lisa! When you marry, you’ll start outdrinking him IF you’re not already. Birds of a feather certainly flock together. Keep chasing that money!! LOL Did you settle with your ex, the Premiere of Turks and Caicos. He set you up GOOD and so is Jones!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    noel are you anon. arre you crying out for help. If so I am praying that God delivers you, keeps you, and make you strong in him

  • sc

    OK….anyone who know Noel knows he is a Alcoholic, womanizer, manipulator and BI-Polar. He is a public success and a private failure. Trust they like each other. Lisa Raye met his mom in Oct, and Mother Jones let is be known she is not impressed. He went to Syracuse NY to preach at his dad 55th church anniversary and talked about her, and told his mom “I think I love her, I think she is the one”…mother said “she has a lot to work on and does not approve.”
    Lisa got on twitter(fri) and the christian radio show(Tue) and says “we’re friends” and the 3 men helping me get saved I’m holing onto them Mckenzie, Sharpton, and Jones…and later she say is any man I’m with..either one steps forward, move over….Lisa is about that $$$ and his family and friends are worried that she will ruin him. He’s doing a good job himself. If I had a $1 for even time he said about different ladies”she’s the one” I’d be rich. He’s been married over 20 years and cheated(still bitter), then engaged 3 times and promises and his “lady” for the moment the yellow canary ring size “5” in his safe…he purchased for his last fiancé Nora Payne. People these are facts and those of you who know Noel know it is the truth (Bryant,Patrice, Margarie, Edwin) covering but, talking on the side for years…He is spiraling out of control. and his days are winding down. Noel has hurt so many woman and is bitter and nasty and it has to stop.

    It’s so refreshing that Bishop offered to send one of 3 book he wrote to Lisa…”Witchcraft in the Pews” by G. Bloomer…he knows Noel well…Wake up Lisa and stop looking at the “Power and $$$” and just like the rest of us, people will try to warn you.
    Noel is a wolf in she eps clothing! He doesn’t know a Good woman when he has one…trust he’s had several, but love his double lifestyle.

    • Mink

      Thanks for this post SC. He needs help and so do LisaRaye.

    • ACE 1

      @ SC, first of all of this is FREE Publicity for Jones and Raye! Why would anyone care???? They’re both human beings with serious financial problems and inner issues!! IF they want to be together to experience hurt and shame, let it be. God gave us volitions and IF they chose each other, God BLESS them! If she is willing to turn her head and vice versa, they can do that because they inhabit the SAME spirit. A true woman of God wouldn’t give Jones the time of day because their spirits are not in agreement. If he’s doing all of the things that bloggers have stated, women need to take cover when he is seen!! LOL As ugly as he is, I would RUN if I saw him!! Instead of clinging to three men for her salvation and creating a walk with Jesus, there are Holy Ghost filled sisters that she can establish a bond and accountability. It’s sad the games that desperate adults play and garnering the wrong kind of attention for publicity, just for a reality show?? Sadly,it’ll be all in vain!! No pun intended, he doesn’t sound stable and WHY would someone want to hear about an OLD, washed up, intelligent, wolf in sheet clothing still soaring his oats at 70 years of age??? What a waste and don’t think Cathy Hughes or any other show would waste money and energy!! Also, he’s not marketable!!! If his mother said that Raye isn’t the one, she should say that he isn’t the ONE. You mentioned names and forgot an important one, Deacon Joe Edwards. It’s been rumored for years that they’re sleeping partners!!What exactly goes on in that church? It sounds like Jesus and the Spirit of God left a longgggggggggggg time ago. Since he’s spiraling out of control SC, discussions should be made with his family about committing him! His end is very sad but without intervention, it may be SADDER!! Someone stated reprobate!! This does sound like the case and he’s still trying to hang on. Since you’re a friend, keep him lifted in your prayers. What a sad demise.

  • Anonymous

    Why not just stop digging up all this dirt and pray for this man and the woman that she get saved. All of those women you claim he hurt put themselves in that position.

    This hurt woman who followed him around was old enough to know better showing up every where he went sleeping in his room. She was not is wife. I am sure the hotel had lots of other rooms. One would think she had something better to do with her time. USE YOU COMMON SENSE in the future.

    • Vegas Valley Mary

      I have to agree with you, for a woman to follow a man from city to city sleeping with him in his hotel room, parading her goods in front of him trying to entice him………all I can say is “STOP CRYING FOUL” when you got exactly what you were campaigning for.

      Since it’s being said that he is a womanizer, the fact that he had to get drunk to take it, and he didn’t come back for more when he was in his right mind tells me that He’s didn’t like it. Saved or Unsaved!

  • Anonymous

    Ladies pray for yourselves that God deliver you from getting into other peoples affairs. This money yall spending following jones around, paying people to spy on him could have been been put to better use. Let get real here yall say yall are religious but you need to get save according to Act 2:38. Yall make saved women look bad. Talking about you’r a God faring woman and following a man from city to city talking you want to save yourself for marriage. Yall are no better than Lisa Raye. Let me educate you a so-called church fairing whore is no better that a street walking slut. Get real stop playing church

    • anonymous

      Singing, let the church say “Amen”! Well spoken…

  • big easy

    If bishop Noel and LisaRaye are happy let them be happy! If what their doing is wrong in God’s eyes, they will have to answer for that on judgement day.Every man knows in his heart right from wrong. I’m too busy trying to make into heaven myself, i don’t have time to worry about any body else because i got my hands full with me. God Bless!

    • anonymous

      Heaven bound should be the focus of every Believer. Aren’t we our brother’s keeper? Therefore, we have a right to express concerns about a Bishop that is NOT honoring God in his lifestyle/actions that his members have suggested? Being a mega pastor, it’s obvious that out of his thousands of members, no one is standing boldly against this lifestyle OR are the pews continuing to empty? Sounds like a revolving door to me! Sinful lifestyles entering in and the true saints of God are exiting!

  • yvetta

    I don’t listen to mess on purpose this is so ridulous “Leave my Pastor alone!! who are you following his Life or God word.

    • anonymous

      The Word tells us to abstain from ALL appearances of evil. If your pastor was walking in the Will of God, he wouldn’t be the topic of conversation on the board. OR would he be ridiculed for the lifestyle that he’s living? It’s very disturbing that the saints or should I say aint’s put pastors on pedestals and believe what they say. Mahalia Jackson use to sing a song that talks about us talking about God but not able to see through dark clouds. The metaphor is keeping the pastor as blameless when he is sinning. You and the others members have to check your walk with God because there is a lot of denial that Jones is not displaying Godly attributes. You can be in the church for YEARS and still be a babe in Christ. Sounds like he is lacking meat eaters. LOL I am following God’s Word and that’s why he’s a topic of the conversation. If you’re guilty of the same sins, perhaps you feel that it’s judging. Wait a minute, are you Noel Jones with another personality! LOL

    • wondering?????????????

      Think about what you wrote here.

      Pastors should Follow Christ or leave the pulpit

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    Here’s the “Bottom Line”

  • maria

    I believe Bishop Noel Jones likes his woman classy…not showing all the assy!

    • wondering?????????????

      Well….hmmm It seems that he has never,never been involved with anything but nasty, classless, assy, tastless, stupid, immoral whores. He likes nasty, classless,tasteless, stupid, assy, immoral,unsaved whores.


        It’s not that Bishop Jones is so IN LOVE with the nasty, classless, tasteless, stupid, immoral whores but these types is ALL he KNOWS. These type of women KNOW how to cater to his Ego(fleshly mind and nature) and have spoiled him and yet HE IS ANOINTED to preach and teach the Gospel.

        Until Bishop Noel Jones decides to submit his Ego ( flesh) TOTALLY over to the power of God ( die to SELF), he will not be able to receive anything good from God.

        • Reality setting in!

          Bishop Jones has a Stronghold over him(sexual stronghold) If he would meditate on these two schriptures constantly he can be delivered; 2Corinthains 10:4-5 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through to the pulling down of strong holds) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.
          1John 3:8 He that committeth sin is of the devil: for the devil sinneth from the beginning.For this purpose the son of God was Manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

          A lot of pastors, Bishops, Evangelist etc.church members too have this same problem. They also need to repent and overcome this strong hold on their lives. God is uncovering these things. They can’t hide anymore. they will overcome or die and go to hell. God has given them too many opportunities, too many chances for them to over come. The time is now he will not allow them to continue on wallowing in the mud in his great name thinking they are all that and still holy. No No No

  • maria

    Got to say this…I’ve notice everytime Noel Jones has a woman or is dating a woman, especially a beautiful one, there are certain women who go on blogs like this, tell some kind of sad story of things that he did to her. Check out lipstick alley. There are nasty bad comments made about Noel Jones during the time he was dating this beautiful chick name Mimi Odonnell, I believe this was back in 2009. The woman who claimed the above events that went on btwn her and Jones should have been smart enough to keep some kind of evidence. His voicmail, if she was raped, dont take shower have sperm dna checked to make sure it matches Jones. They have miniature videos you could have purchased and voice recorders. Some kind of evidence could have been brought to the table. Lisa raye just started attending his church 2 months ago. She was just searching. No marriage is planned, and she certainly is not dating him. If so, let him suffer the conciquenses and then again maybe she truly is a changed woman. Also I believe that there is an evil spirit telling some woman who has a crush on Noel Jones that she is going to be his wife. God just doesnt tell 100 women that they’re going to be 1 man’s wife. Bishop Noel Jones can be making himself a target to these women by choosing faulty mechanisms. Many times he has preached about the woman’s pulchritude, but she is a dead head and those are the kind of women he’s been choosing, he stated. He has a weakness for beautiful women…This I do know.

    • anonymous

      Truth to the madness!

    • sc

      true..not beautiful woman, but trashy cheap ones…like sharnee, nora, gayle, lavetta, and glynis…cheap and take turns at his house in Playa Del Ray…trust Lisa Raye is right in that lane looking for her 3rd husband and a secure retirement plan….even if they don’t marry he will definitely be hitting that on the side and she’ll be back to her old ways as a mistress.

  • Kay

    If God sayd yes bishop go ahead,but if he didnt say anything,look for true prophets


    After reading all the reveal information, it appears to me that the flesh has caused sin again like it did when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the beginning.

    Therefore,since we all are Gods children and born in sin, we need God to help in deliverance and healing of our minds.

    I am in need to elevate spiritually, I made a decision to chose a truth that made sense to me, which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    With an inquiring mind I began to study the Holy Bible on my own and ask God for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Gospel of Biblical writings.

    Over a period of time, God deposited these words in my spirit.

    “Jesus Renew and Take Control of my Mind, Heart, Will, Soul and Wrap my flesh in your precious Blood for me to follow, there is peace, joy, security with Gods thoughts”

    I liken it to:
    Romans 12:2
    Matthew 26 1:1-29. “I speak this all the time”.

    This “Daily Bread” has blessed me so much and others, and asking God with free will by speaking from ones heart, God will take control of what he created, God dominates the will of the flesh and eventually one will come into harmony with Gods will, and lessen our struggles, it really works.

    I would like to bless everyone that is seeking Gods face, his Kingdom to totally submit themselves back to God, so one can walk in Gods will in which he has foreordain for our lives, so we can have peace that passes all understanding, while we are going through to get to.

    God just wants our Souls, it gives God pleasure and delight his soul when we love him enough to die to self for his Glory, and to demonstrate his unconditional love which is Agape for our brothers and sisters.

    To the sister that was trying to understand Noel spirits in which he was trying to understand as he was sharing with you.

    I wished that you would have consisted on just feeding him the the Holy Word that would have connected to his spirit and his mind in which he was in need of, if it was possible.

    The flesh is tricky and we all get caught up and if we don’t have anyone to take us higher in the Holy Spirit we get weak, because we are just human. On the other hand,we have to make sure we as individuals understands our motives as well.

    The Love of God will comfort us, we will feel safe in his warm and tender love.

    God loves all of you and I do also.

  • Speak my Dayum Mind

    I am so sick and tired of the say ole freakin S_ _ T in the news. Herman Cain, Eddie Long, Tiger Woods. It’s time for us to start telling the dayum truth. Why are these names all over the media? Why have marriages been destroyed and campaigns suspended and Tiger can’t get his groove back? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of a 4 letter word and I will be diplomatic the D _ CK.

  • Speak my Dayum Mind

    If you don’t control it, it will control you and take you straight to hades when it’s all over. Allah would never give a man or woman something they could not handle or control. It’s not easy but this S – -T has got to stop somewhere! Sick of it already. SICK!!!!

  • Funny G

    @Vegas Valley Mary didn’t you post youtube sound bites of Lisa Raye’s interview on The Zone Radio Station this week? You should post all of the youtube links on here so that people can see that she has another side they don’t know about. I’m glad she opened her mouth to speak and ladies, she is not a push over but she is very wise and quick on her feet.

  • Gloria

    To the dear lady who said she was raped, I’m sorry it happened and would like to believe that it isn’nt true. I was informed to take a look at these posts and I must say that it has brought a great reproach to the Body of Christ. If you were really raped by him, I feel that it is only right that he should apologize and go ahead and marry you because he has spoiled you (in a bad way not meaning good). Bishop Jones’ preaching has really helped me to get through some hard times in my life and one of them is a situation where I was raped and bore a child from it. I’m healed now and have come to realize that my son was a precious gift from God to renew my faith and to restore my joy. I’m a single Mom and rearing one of the brightest kids that everybody loves and adores. He has brought so much sunshine not only to my life but to those around him as well. God bessed me with one little sheep that everybody wants and I have to go to battle to hold on to him (smile). To God be the GLORY!

    That’s why I found it so surprising that Bishop Jones would do such a thing when his preaching is helping so many others who are going through and has experienced unfair tragedies such as this. I wish I could tell him to go ahead and do what God has told him to do concerning a wife. God knows our selves better than we do. If the GREAT GOD OF THE UNIVERSE TOLD HIM TO MARRY YOU THAN HE SHOULD DO SO AND TRUST GOD. GOD WILL NOT LEAD US WRONG OR TRICK US OR TRIP US UP. My prayer right now is for our leaders to be strong in the Word and seasoned in the Word, and mature in their walk with God to obey Him. When God gives me a word I take Him at His Word and I don’t let nobody turn me from His Word. God has told me things to do that other people told me I shouldn’t and that I was crazy for doing it and I have always, always received positive results because I know my Father’s Voice, I listen to Him, I am mature in the Faith, and I do know how to hear from Him. This is why I don’t place nobody else’s words, ideas, or suggestions over God’s. The Bible says let God be true and every man a liar. I pray that Bishop Jones does what is right and not be afraid and if God told him to marry you then I pray that He will do so and not with hesistation–if you are the one you can only do him good because it will be God’s Will and God wants and gives us what’s best for us.

    Some people in the Church may be hurt and may not like it but God is a Healer. Life is like a vapor. We don’t know how much time we have so let’s make the most of it and be happy as we do the will of our Heavenly Father.

    I would like to also say if the accusation (the alleged rape) is not true, I’m sorry for Bishop Jones as well. Be encouraged.

    To the Body of Christ, let’s be satisfied with Jesus and content no matter what state we are in. Jesus is the way to a happy and abundant life not man nor material goods. Let’s pray for each other and uplift Bishop Jones and Ms. Raye in our prayers and the woman who said she was victimized. If they desire to be together don’t get in the way. You pray for me and I’ll pray for you. That’s the way God’s Children do!

    Now I have a personal word to the Body of Christ. Being skeptical and discerning is not being judgmental. Christians should have strong moral values that stand out against wickedness and unrighteousness. The Scripture says we are to be in the world but not of the world. The way to progress in the Christian faith is to be disciplined by the Word of God. We (Christians) discipline ourselves by applying (putting into practice) the Word of God. When we apply God’s Word properly we will discipline our mouths and our speech by knowing what to say and when to stop (shut up).

    We have a right to weigh things out and to try the spirits by THE SPIRIT. When Paul got saved some in the Church were skeptical and didn’t want to believe it. God had to send a Word through the Holy Ghost (by way of Ananias Acts 9)so they could know the truth. All I am saying is be discerning but keep things in love. Church we are living in the last days and the Bible says that even the very elite will be fooled. Yes, it is true that we are not to judge but we are supposed to be observing of the novice (new babe in Christ). They need to be weaned like newborn babies and should not be given meat until they can handle it (when they have been proven and matured in the Faith). I think the world has taken the scripture that says Christians are not to be judging out of context and used it to shut a lot of Christians mouths. Be gentle as doves but wise as serpents.

    Christianity is not something that you evolve into–it’s what you are born into (this is what it means to be born again or to be newborn again). When I got saved I didn’t want nobody to speak for me to tell my story, I wanted to do so myself so I could let the world know that Jesus saves even a wretch like me and He can save you too if you believe in Him. And I have a new heart, new mind, new walk, and new speech to show it. I told it right away that’s why I’m proud to be an American (laughter does the body good-go ahead). I believe Christianity should be worn just like the color of your natural skin. All skin has flaws but Jesus can cover our flaws. It’s not just a practice like other religions it’s a living that is life for the true believer in Jesus Christ. I know we (Christians) go from faith-to-faith and glory-to-glory. Don’t get it twisted, Salvation is instantaneous but God’s work on our souls is not–it’s a process. Why do Christians sin??? Because they are still in the flesh and God did not save our flesh, He saved our spirits and we are to bring that flesh under the submission of the spirit (which being if you are truly and genuinely saved, the Holy Spirit).

    Bless you all. I will not be commenting anymore. I just said what was on my heart (notice I said my heart, not making any commands or demands). My words are not divine but I pray and hope they will be helpful. If I made any mistakes forgive me, bless me, and straighten me out. Blogging is not my thing but in this case I was moved to do so. Thanks!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    1. How many airlines would hire an aviation student to fly their passenger or any of their aircraft?

    How many of you would fly on an aircraft piloted by an aviation student or new graduate?

    2. How many hospitals would appoint a medical student as head of surgery?

    How many of you would agree to have your surgery performed by a medical student even if an experienced surgeon would be assisting?

    3. We don’t expect a grade-schooler to perform or serve in the capacity of a graduate and / or a learned qualified professional.

    THEREFORE the expectations of those assign to govern and assist in Spiritual matter are much greater because our SOUL(s) and everlasting life is now the objective.


  • The Witness

    I agree with the statement, THEREFORE the expectations of those? assign to govern and assist in Spiritual matter are much greater because our SOUL(s) and? everlasting life is now the objective, but we as individuals have to know why we are having a relationship with God in the first place.

    Moreover; our responsibility is to study the Holy Bible for ourselves, and as we listen to Spiritual teachings, it should enhance our ability to have a desire of a want to excel in learning of being obedient to the HOLY WORD, so we can be independent instead of co-dependent.

    We all are flesh and born in sin,

    for this reason, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be formed by the Spiritual teachings of another human being, in which they had to study, dealt with and still dealing with long suffering of pain, experiences, knowing patience and loneliness in order to? know God, his will, and to do his will in his order.

    After all, “We have to get in the Kingdom of God all by Ourselves”

    I said that to say this;

    Matthew 6:33:

    But seek ye first? the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    Consequently; this foretells,

    all humans beings that has a want, a need, a desire of loving God to this degree of just wanting to please him, delighting his soul, by giving themselves back to him, this venture consists of studying, dealing with long, long suffering of pain, experiences, learning to know patience, and loneliness; in order to know God, his will, and to do his will in his order.

    There is no, shortcuts on knowing this truth.

    God? said:

    you can’t know me in the flesh, the only way to know Jesus, Lord, God is through the Holy Spirit through revelation, this is not debatable, either you want to Know him or you don’t.

    This is a personal relationship with God,one can’t show one this truth,one can direct one to the means of finding, than you are on your own.

    My question would be,do we want the creature more than the creator?

    How far do we want to go as individuals to find this life of perfect love for peace that passes all understanding, joy, intimacy in the Spirit realm which is constant pleasure.

    Flesh is temporary? pleasure, who want to continue to have joy and pain, more joy and more pain, it’s an individual decision.

    To the sister that decided to form a relationship with Bishop Noel Jones, I haven’t heard his version of the relationship yet, but don’t get me wrong, I know the behavior habits of people that drink, because I used to drink myself, therefore, since God know and sees all things and know what type of relationship that you identified in your above writings,you didn’t indicate whether you were drinking at the time of communicating with him.

    I also know if I am familar with an individual personality because of bonding, this should give me an in insight of who he or she is.

    When people use the phrase I love you to individuals, it doesn’t always mean that they are chosing them for a mate, sometimes it just means a warming feeling of appreciation because of spending time together.

    On the other hand, my question would be, what was the motive, because I show charity, do this mean, one have to claim me.

  • jesus has come that you unbalanced folks will have life,

    what a classless bunch of broken toy soldiers, toying with god’s word and the man of god….toy store

  • Anonymous

    Has Jones been arrested yet. Why hasn’t he posted anything new? Sermons I mean. Everything is old and outdated. Is he in hiding?

  • Vegas Valley Mary


    1. Bishop Noel Jones has not committed any act that would warrant criminal prosecution, THEREFORE he has not neither is he anticipating being arrested for any reason at any time from hence to eternity.

    2. For Bishop Noel Jones current message downloads, log onto
    Click MP3 Downloads on the right side of the page
    then choose which sermon that you would like to download.

  • Speak My Dayum Mind

    @anonymous. Are you determined to hold on to the past. I’m not excusing sinful, unjust and disrespectful behavior but the fact that you are asking has he been arrested yet make me think are determined to take this with you to your grave. Hold up! Hold Up! Is this BNAK or someone else name anonymous. Can you choose another name please so we can keep up. Dayum!

  • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

    Stop the madness you Jezebel church hoes. What do you expect to gain by blasting Bishop Jones. I know the man and he is nor capable of rape. The problem is that you hoes trade sex with the hopes of becoming his 1st lady, and when he doesn’t capitulate to your plans…”Now you want to tell the world how you willingly gave up your body”, but you didn’t get the prize.

    Bishop Noel Jones had a good heart regardless of his faults. You women knew clearly he had many women in his life, but now that he wants to settle with just one…You church hoes are mad. Sorry, you dreams of taming the Bishop failed. MOVEON.COM

    • Anonymous

      you have no respect for women at all!!!!! please clean up your language. Why are you so upset? It’s not about you!!!!!

    • sc

      Oh please you must not be walking in the spirit….thinking with a carnal mind.

    • N/A

      Brother, you are out of order with the name calling. Who create the church hoes, you men that surpose to be Christain men. God is not please with all of this fighting and we are not winning the world! Please don’t be so disrepected as you are.

      God Bless you

  • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

    Church Hoes need to stop popping the coochie and stop tempting the man of God.


      Church Hoes and Worldly Hoes who happen to say they a are a Christian, needs to stop popping their coochie’s too and stop tempting the man of God. This goes for Lisa Raye too. She is a man’s fantasy for the Ego. But what happens when the man wakes up from the fantasy to reality? If Lisa Raye’s intentions are for Noel Jones MORE than the Word of God, she is no better than any other woman who has been trading sex for hope or money! And if by chance, they were dating and Lisa Raye gave up her body to Noel Jones, he is NOT going to marry her.

      If Bishop Noel Jones were in LOVE with Lisa Raye, the JOY of the Lord would be all over him and he would NOT be silent like he is. He would have stepped up and said, YES, we are dating and I am going to marry her. Bishop Noel Jones has been waiting for a long time to say, “I finally found the ONE”, and yet he is SILENT! As much as Bishop Noel Jones talks and tells everything from the pulpit, his SILENCE, is speaking volumes, right about now.

      • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

        I would be silent with all you crazy church obsessed hoes. I would keep my personal business private and you would not “NEVER” know that I am already married to the woman yall love to hate.

        Smoke on that thought church hoes, and know this while yall are worried and blasting Bishop for past thoughts, Thank God for his gorgeous Godly Dream “LisaRaye” soulmate.YES, I SAID IT!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          So he has already married Lisa Raye but is kepping it a secret??????

        • Smile

          Stop name calling it’s not Godly…………..

      • sc

        You are telling the truth. Noel is not a committed to God so how can he be committed to a wife again. He sure gave Ruth, his first wife hell. It’s sad that people all know about his whore-ish ways, alcoholism and negative bitter lifestyle. People have tried to warn him and help him, but he likes the way he lives. Trust he will enjoy sleeping and entertaining LR and lure her in with the promise of the ring like he constantly does with ladies…lisa won’t care because she’s been marries twice and wants a secure retirement plan. Noel has purchased homes, cars, furs, lavish trips for his lover,and I dare anyone who knows him closely to say it isn’t true.I’ve known him for years and had to leave him alone.
        He is a wolf in sheep clothing, and does not want to submit to getting delivered from his EGO and devilish ways.

        • Smile

          Now EGO coould that mean he’s edging God Out?
          May be if he new better he’ll do better.

          • FOR THE RECORD


            Yes, The Ego is Edging God OUT and is an enemy to God. In other words, the EGO is the Devil (pride, arrogant attitude ) that lives and talks to our minds and tries to compeat with God’s for our attention to control our actions to our demise.

            Good point in what you say— Maybe if he KNEW better, he would DO better!

            Maybe he does KNOW better and is too FEARFUL to DO better and it takes a big MESS, something cataclysmic that will expose or embarrasses his mess to the world that would either cause him to either crash and burn or get up and DO better.

    • kendrarod

      The Word of God states that our Father will always give us a way to escape temptation. Don’t blame the women because the Bishop is more accountable than they are. Sure, sin is sin but apparently, he’s having sex with “weak” and “silly” women. EVERY woman is not a church hoe as you’ve stated OR interested in Bishop Jones. Whether you know him or not, Galatians 6:7 states, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a man soweth that he shall reap.” Just because he’s a Bishop, he’s not exempt from his sin. Whatever their arrangements are, that’s their business. Also, it shall speak to those that are anxious to hear it! Why bother when there are better things to do in your own life. For someone to curse and look like you, your heart needs cleansing…

  • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

    Bishop Jones only obligation to you all is to preach the word. Bishop has been beaming in happiness now that he has found love. You church hoes are his only distress because his has cut yall loose. Stop worrying about his personal life with Lisaraye, it’s none of your damn business.

    Bishop Jones is too kind because I would tell your church hoes to go to hell with all your foolishness. Stop worrying about his personal life and get your own life together.

    Vegas Valley Mary, speaks truth about if the Bishop did get your coochie in whatever state he had found himself, he isn’t coming back for more so MOVEON.COM

    • kendrarod

      His obligation is first to MODEL the life and teachings of Christ. If it’s about the dollar, then yes his obligation is to preach intellect and many are deceived thinking that it’s the Word! The remnants are coming and as he’s lowered by God, HE will raise another that will minister and live a life of excellence. One dog doesn’t stay in the same place. It’s all seasonal!

    • sc

      Sad brother, you’re obviously on the “kiss bishops butt to be in his circle” wagon. If you really cared about him you’d help his soul and not celebrate him lusting over LR who’s still a babe in Christ, If NJ was sincere he’d let God have her first. She’s a woman married twice admitted mistress…trust she’s smitten for the $$$ and lifestyle. if she was so concerned with being saved she’d have sanctified woman surrounding her in her walk. Not JOnes, Mckenzie or Sharpton. All 3 have cheated on their wives and all 3 of these “Godly” men are divorced. Something is wrong with this picture. NJ doesn’t want a saved sanctified woman, he’s had plenty but wants to wallow in the mud…so guess what “let a MUTT be with a MUTT”. Jones moher is not happy about LR and this will soon end in disaster like Juanita Bynum and Weeks.

    • N/A

      I gather that you don’t know the word or God.
      You seem to have the JEZEBEL spirit, God help you, but certainly would’n desire a man asyourself. You don’t talk Godly.

  • Anonymous


    • kendrarod

      LOL! Simple and silly women desperate for someone to validate them!

  • Anonymous


    • kendrarod

      YES, a whole lot of FREE MILK!

      • sc

        lol yes! so true..that’s why he hasn’t married, because he has all the benefits of marriage without the commitment. They cook, clean, sleep in his bed, and stroke that EGO…he’s not marrying and staying faithful. I can guarantee that. But, that would work for LR because she turned a Blind eye with her 2nd husband and he had 2 babies on her (Misick) her first husband ex-football player was brought up on money scheme charges…reminds me of STeve Harveys wife, Marjorie. These woman have a plan and the men feel like ‘what the heck’. They ain’t fooling no one! Get out of that CHURCH!


    Church Hoe, you say, Everybody is not crazy over Bishop Noel Jones like you want to believe JezebelSpiritGetsPlayed. Bishop Jones does have a responsibility to God, and the body of Christ on how he is reflected in the limelight because he’s holding the office as the Bishop. Either he is a man of God or mouse (coward) when it comes to somebody he loves. If I were Lisa Raye, I would be highly insulted for Noel Jones not proclaiming his LOVE for her and NOT stepping up to the plate, if he were in LOVE instead of being SILENT. Lisa Raye was willing to proclaim her love for him on the radio and yet it was not reciprocal. She said, she loved Bishop Noel Jones to death, on that Radio interview. That’s a strong statement to make and yet he did not say anything. Come on!

    JezebelSpiritGetPlayed ,how do you know what Noel Jones is capable of? Do you live with this man? Are you spending time behind closed door on a personal level with this man? Maybe YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and MOVE ON because you surely sound like your in a fantasy world, yourself, thinking you know him or Lisa Raye!

    For the Record— Some of us want Bishop Noel Jones to have a wife but Lord, Let it be the right one!

    • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

      It’s is not your damn business who he loves or who the Bishop proclaims privately or publicly. Who cares about how insulted you would be for not receiving public accolades. The Bishop is not in a relationship with you, so your opinion doesn’t matter. The only fantasy is in your crazy mind. Stop worrying about nonsense and get a life.

      The Bishop didn’t rape anyone, so save your drama and pray for a sound mind of peace.



        First of all it sounds like Noel Jones does not have much LOVE for HIMSELF or anybody else the way he’s living or conducting his personal life. Secondly, IF he is MY Bishop and I am sitting under his leadership as a believer, it is MY business to KNOW if he is screwing around with all sorts of people and he’s not going to marry them. Human or not, if Bishop Noel Jones is screwing around, with the attentions of NOT marrying the person and living a life that’s more worldly than godly
        (planning to do a “reality show”,”Keeping up with the Jones”) instead of helping people become more KINGDOM minded I HAVE A RIGHT. Maybe I need to jump ship and move my membership, if the captain of the ship is another JIM JONES. I surely hope not!!!! The Bishop Noel Jones needs to be MORE responsible and accountable for his actions if he is messing over anybody’s life. You have already blasted him by saying “everybody clearly knows he has a lot of women in his life… If this man is in the pulpit fornicating or hoeing around, God is going to humble him and YOU too (for your nasty mouth)!!! The Word states that a BISHOP should be married to ONE wife and yet, you say, he has many (hoes). God forbid!!!!

        I do agree by saying that anonymous “does not” have a case when it comes to Bishop Noel Jones raping her, even if it’s true. She put herself in his face more than once and they both are consenting adults. She was smitten by this man’s position, living a lie wanting to believe he was one way and YET he was another. She had to pay a “high cost” to understand that he was not the man for her. My heart goes out to her but Other women need to take heed from her lesson.

        Let the man come after you—Women of God. The MAN is the one who needs to seek or find the woman and declare his LOVE (with his actions of commitment first) not the other way around. Stop running after the Man when he’s not putting out any positive energy towards you. Now if you put yourself out there, following your flesh or Ego, and NOT BEING LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD, you get what you get.

        I pray that YOU @JezebelSpiritGetPlayed, get a sound mind and stop cursing and calling names before God humbles you, big time.

        • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

          This will be my finally message to you bitter and lonely church hoes. The reason this has become an issue is that the man of God is now doing the right thing and cut you hoes off to be a one woman’s man. When the Bishop stop calling you and avoiding your calls, you still kept blowing up his phone wanting answers. The fact that he was no longer calling you after you popped your unholy coochie and didn’t get 1st lady status made you mad.

          My heart doesn’t go out for grown women knowingly kept pursuing the man of God with an hidden agenda. You played yourself and God sees your ugly heart. God humbled you when you woke up and Bishop was no longer in your bed and out of your life. Checkmate!!!

          An authentic woman of God who really was in love with the Bishop would never put the man of God on blast. She would be in her prayer closet and not on the Internet talking about the love we made. Get the hell outta here Jezebels.

          Bishop Noel Jones is a great man of God and has helped millions of people through the word of God. No matter how much you try to discredit him, “No Weapon Formed Shall Prospers Against Him,” so dry your tears and find Jesus Christ for real this time.

          The face that he could bring the gorgeous LisaRaye to God and find love in the process is a beautiful thing. The only thing you church hoes can talk about is his past, but God has forgiven him.

          • Mink

            Jezebelspiritsgetplayed you the hoe punk. Birds of a feather flock together with your nasty mouth. I see right through you punk, you one of Bishop Jones booty bandit. Talking all that trash outing the Bishop. It’s pitiful what you been saying somebody need to copy and paste everything you said to him, I think I will saying he got the coochie and left. What kind of mess is that for you to say about a bishop who is suppose to be your friend. You should not be condoning that mess. Both you and Bishop are sissy punk hoes. You should be ashamed of yourself. And Funny G sit your punk behind down. Both of you look like punks on the down low. Now laugh on that punks. Lisa Raye can have Bishop Jones with his OLD WASHED UP SELF. No authentic woman of God want him. He is going to reap for how he screwed and hurt ALL those women. He know better. I can see him falling 1, 2, 3, 4 times but to keep doing the same thing for years means he need to take his carnal behind back to the altar and drag you with him punk. Yeah I said it. You the hoe, hoe.

          • FUNNY G

            @Jezebel – I am in tearssssssssss right now. You make me laugh so until something want to come out on the other end.
            “This will be my finally message to you bitter and lonely church hoes”
            HADL Hollerin All Day Long. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha @Jezebel you have missed your calling man. This is too dayum funny.

        • chick

          Bishop is not looking for a wife. He is too busy taking whatever throws itself his way. If he was looking prayerfilly God would have given him a wife years and years ago. In fact if had been a Godly man he would not hsve gotten divorced in the first place living in that hell hole in LA. He needed to stay married to keep himself covered for trash like this. Now all of his crap i s making him look real negative. Not reports for a bishop.

  • Anonymous

    I know that some people know the Bible an can do an excellent of expounding on it. However thy cna’t live a word of scripture they preach. They have large followings and most of their congregations are not saved according to scripture. They have their own formula for salvation using the Bible as a front collect a lot of money from innocent sheep. A form of godliness. Be aware these are the last days.

    • Anonymous

      you have a point anon. Look at how many of our church leaders have been uncovered/Fallen in the last 2 years. Look at how many have gotten divorced under the excuse thatit wasn’t right in the first place. Any body who sat under these people have a right to question something. The pew is required to live right– the head does whatever it wants to do. The sheep are lost sitting in the pew wondering what to do, what is right or wrong, is the Bible right or did God suddenly change in 2011. Is there another Bible somewhere? Many sheep are not rooted and gronded enough to do the will of God for themselves. Thay have been taught to obey and support their leader. And they do it(Jim Jones comes to mind) Father in the name of Jesus lead and guide the sheep at Faithful Central in LA, at Eddie long’s church, at Tims church n Florida, and at my church. Lead them to a place of safety and green pasture where YOUR WORD is preached and where the pastor is at least trying to obey YOUR WILL not HIS. Don’t let them faint and turn away from you because of that is going on. You are our savior. The pastor is not our savior. He cant save anybody. The pastor need the savior too. Lord we don’t need pastors who think they are wiser than you and are really fools.

      • Anonymous

        Why THE Church won’t reveal how Pastor Tims died?. Tim needed help but everybody was sooo busy putting him on a padestel. Look at the outcome of that. He was good looking look-a-like for Will Smith. Was that required of him as fas as his soul is concerned. He needed salvation looks didn’t get him there?
        God knew his heart. God knew him inside and outside.

        Everything hidden will be revealed people.

  • The Witness


    All do respect, I think it is out of Order to address Gods children woman as hoes or even men, reason being, we all has been victims of our own behavior and as long as the flesh is alive, and we are walking in our wills, we are vulnerable to emotions that is derived from stimuli that stimulates the flesh.

    God sees it all, knows it all, and know what will happen before the time and after the time, because he has predestinate, foreordain all his human creatures paths, and God is the only one that has power at the beginning and ending pertaining to any situation to control.

    I’m human and know sin and shedding sin with Gods help, you are human as well and you have to know sin, with Gods help he will help you as well.


    God is love, so let’s ask God to help us phileo our sisters and brothers, because we all was born in sin, and God is the only one that can deliver and heal our minds, as we give all of ourselves back to him with free will.

    There is life and death in the power of the tongue, there is beauty on the inside of us all, we just have to find it first in order to know ourselves.

    The church suppose to be the house of God for all people to fellowhip for the learning, we are all still human beings in the church, I pray we all have hope of a desire of a want to die to self.

    I pray you understand what I’m saying, I know how strong the Agape of God is.

    There is nothing like peace.

    Be Blessed!!!

  • Funny G

    @Jezebelspiritsgetplayed. UR one funny bro. LMAO. You tell it like it TIZ. Don’t spare none. You said what others are ONLY thinking my man and you showed your picture. Your balls are bigger than bowling balls my man. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha This has been going on forever. LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN IZ SAYING. He is telling da truth. You gave up the cooch and the cooch-getter said SEEYA so now somebody is mad. Keep your legs closed and you won’t have these problems. ha ha ha ha @Jezebel you are my kind of guy. TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

    • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

      Funny G: Bishop is my friend and I have great respect for him. I have witness for years the women chasing him in the name of God. When the fact is they were chasing their dream of being his 1st lady. They play themselves. If they would have kept their legs close instead of taking advantage of the man of God maybe the prize of genuine friendship could remain.

      I agree with you, Keep your legs closed and you won’t have these problems.ROTFL!

      • Funny G

        Man I wish you had a website or a blog called Jezebel Spirits Get Played. You would no doubt be the next Steve Harvey but keepin it 150 from a church perspect as it relates to women and they hoeish ways. More Bishops and preachers need friends like you man. Um serious. I appreciate the truth no matter how it comes out. ha ha ha ha ha Keep it come J. Keep it comin ha ha haha

      • sc

        Not all have opened their legs…and know know well he is after the sex. You’ll have his blood on your hands too. You will have an account to God.

    • chick

      you need to look for positive role models

  • Funny G

    @jezebel still LMAO. Yo do you have an e-mail address man or are you on Facebook? You funny as hell but truthful at the same time man. ha ha ha ha

  • Funny G

    You Michael Baisden’s brother or you related to him right chief? ha ha ha Only he would say something like that. ha ha ha ha

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    Let’s not forget in representing and defending Bishop Noel Jones that regardless of his own faults he is still an Appointed Man of God and respected by many.

    It is imperative that you defend and represent the LORD and his servant Bishop Noel Jones as well as yourselves properly because the unsaved sinner, as well as the weak and strong saints are reading these post.

    The Strong “Must Bear” the infirmities of the weak. Romans 15:1

    Bishop Noel Jones and many, many others are weak in this area of the flesh where they are strong in other areas. So their will always be an occasion that we have to hold each other up as we travel through this Life.

    We Fall Down But We Get Up !

    2 Chronicles 7:14 is the remedy for the Saints of GOD. The unsaved resort to other means of correction through violence, verbal abuse, and ridicule.

    If my people, which are called by my name,
    and pray, and seek my face,
    and turn from their wicked ways;
    THEN will I hear from heaven,
    and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land

    Let me make one thing very clear, “ I’M NO PRUDE” by a long shot.
    Eventhough I am Saved, Sanctified and Filled with the Holy Ghost
    I am still a happy single woman who date and expect for a man to make sexual advances towards me regardless of his position in life.
    Saved, O.G., Business Man or World Leader.

    If there is no sexual tension on a date with me,
    their will be no second date.

    I count on myself, not the man, to exercise restraints by not putting neither one of us in a tight sexual situation.

    I would never go to a man’s hotel room because I would be worried about what “I” would do to him.
    You see there is generic, regular and premium.
    And I know my brand.
    So for the sanctity of all those involved, I deliberately watch how far I take the Tease
    so no one will get turn out and emotionally hurt.
    It is a constant daily struggle but I’m on that grind remembering how fragile we all are. Especially men.

    All women know that a man will throw everything on the table and take a chance and possibly crap out,when opportunity presents itself. So “Know Your Strengths,Limits and Weaknesses” and govern yourselves accordingly.

    1 Corinthians 6:18
    Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

    It Behooves all of us to watch what we say because it shows what you are and how you have been taught.

    The students always illustrate what the teacher taught be it a little or a lot. Right or wrong.

  • Funny G

    @Vegas you talkin right sis. Only two men, 2 not 3 but 2 men only from Genesis to Rev who ran from some poonanny. Joseph and Jesus. Jesus didn’t need none and Joseph didn’t want his shop to get blown up and his rep jacked. Not gone say he didn’t want to be a drill sergent for minute or two while the big P Pharoah was not around.


      There was a man/Prophet Elisha (or the other one, Elijah)in the Bible that ran from Jezebel’s poonanny. He ran for his life, like every WISE God fearing man should KNOWING Jezebel was trying to take him down. Elisha was NO FOOL , like most men are today. Most men fall in lust with Jezebel’s until they wake up—- dead (without God/LOVE) or being without that “chip” that Bishop Noel Jones was recently preaching about).

  • Funny G

    ha ha ha ha ha at my self.

    • Vegas Valley Mary

      OK Funny G. I’m trying real hard not to crack up laughing. I am Anointed to teach and you are not helping me. ROTFL You are “Off the Hook” and CORRECT !

  • chick

    Got side tracked. What I really want to know is why did TD Jakes have his interview with Lisa Raye edited after all this negative talk got out.

    In this interview he was telling her oooo your sooo beautiful on and on. She saying her life depend on this something about her daughers’s eduation in depending on this and having to take care of her mother. And it sounded like she said I am with someone who won’t commit. Went back to make sure NOW IT’S edited out. Any out there can post the original.

    • Vegas Valley Mary

      @chick – Are you talking about this?

      LisaRaye is in the “nondairy” stage of salvation right now. She isn’t even on milk yet. So You can’t choke her out on the meat of the WORD.

      It will take decades for her to grow just like everyone else. She must study the WORD and seek the LORD for herself and GROW.

      GOD is not a respecter of persons. Her story just happened to be in the media.

      I have the same questions for LisaRaye that I have for any new saint.

      1. “What does Being Saved means to her and how does being saved applicable to her life”?

      2. WHO is JESUS to her, and what does HE expect from her and her life?

      3. Do you know what the Holy Ghost is and are you seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

      4. Is she aware that all forms of deception is a Lie and the devil is the father of all lies?

      5. Does she know, and what does it mean to her when JESUS said, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light’. Matthew 11:29-30?

      I don’t expect for LisaRaye to know much about SANCTIFICATION right now. But it is expect for those who are around her and are knowledgeable in the WORD to teach her starting with “one” and not to jump in at”One Hundred” understanding that LisaRaye really doesn’t know. She has 44 years of living another lifestyle. And everything DOESN’T GO in word or deed, when you represent JESUS / GOD & the Holy Ghost.

      Now expectations of Bishop Noel Jones are completely different. He has 62 years (January 31, 1950) of living under the WORD. He came from a strict Pentecostal upbringing. And he is a naturally intelligent man with mass appeal so the questions for him are MUCH HARDER as well as the expectations and representations of his life not just in this matter but as it pertains to his representation of the LORD.

      Bishop Noel Jones has a PUBLIC WORLD WIDE MINISTRY. He knew and accepted the requirements of that appointment when he accepted and cultivated it. Bishop Noel Jones is the founder of Noel Jones Ministries where his published motto used to be “Reconciling a Nation Back to GOD” or something like that.

      In his early ministry he taught hard and clear about walking with JESUS and as a result many were really saved through his teachings and ministry of JESUS and Sanctification.

      Somewhere along his path, the deceitfulness of Hollywood, not wealth, has been attracting his attention to the point that, IF IT’S TRUE, he would entertain any subject of intermingling his ministry of JESUS with a reality show and name it “Keeping Up With The Jones”?

      What’s in a name you ask? EVERYTHING !
      And their is NOTHING CLEAN OR HOLY ABOUT HOLLYWOOD. It’s ALL DECEPTION, cut throat, and exploitative.

      Hollywood will and does exploit the WORD and those who represent the LORD for entertainment. Hollywood’s objective is to make money. They have no interest in the plan of salvation what-so-ever. Their only mission is to make money by any means necessary.

      Anyway, Bishop Noel Jones is on Prayer, and Consecration intercessory proceedings because he is saved. Just sidetracked in general to the point that he is allowing everyone to speak for him to his detriment.

      But Bishop Noel Jones is chosen of GOD and GOD “IS” going to snatch him back into the fold and make the crooked path straight and all flesh shall see the salvation of the GOD. Luke 3:5 & 6.

      The only time you have to worry about a new or old Saint is when they think that they are above correction.

      Bishop Noel Jones is NOT CRAZY! He will be alright. As a matter of fact he preached that just a few Sunday’s ago.

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    This is the Bishop Noel Jones that I am familiar with.


    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww S_it. Just when we thought it was going to be over, it aint. Vegas you are right and deserve an offering for your wisdom. Saved and talking about God aint enough. You need the Holy G. Without a doubt. PLEASE LOOK BELOW EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS. This shyt right here done effed me up. Ohhhh Hell to the NO!!!!!!! Jones isn’t going to have nothing to do with this I HOPE. Hollywood is perverted as hell. Dayum this messed up my whole effing morning.


    • Vegas Valley Mary

      @FunnyG I had heard yesterday, Thursday 12-08-2011 that LisaRaye’s character in single ladies was going to be a lesbian. ROTFL

      Where and what are her three Spiritual Adviser’s Al Sharpton, Luther McKenzie and Noel Jones, saying about this image and her Christian walk?

      Is playing the character of a lesbian endorsing homosexual behavior?

      I don’t blame LisaRaye “at all” because LisaRaye is doing what she has always done from her own admissions on her reality show. She has to get paid. And those who live by worldly standards have to “Make That Money”. NO LIMIT’S NO BOUNDARIES.

      I keep making the same statement, If LisaRaye really accepted JESUS into her life, she is on “NON DAIRY” not even milk because she sincerely doesn’t know what JESUS requires out of her life. And OBVIOUSLY her Spiritual Advisers aren’t a great influence on her Spiritual life either. Case & Point !

      If we could do just anything in our employment and not have it characterize our personal life, the possibilities are endless.

      The devil isn’t a respecter of person’s either. The devil will always make a fool out of you and have you looking like a STRAIGHT CLOWN. ALWAYS!


    To Mink – Yo you brought up my name? Mink? Probably more like polyester or plastic and shyt. First of all Funny G aint no punk. I’m 6 foot 1 350 pounds and if I find out who you are mink with your STINK azz I’m going to sit on you a make a few hoe sandwhiches now keep your mouth off a niggas you don’t now shyt about okay. STINK!! Mink my azz.

    • Mink

      @Funny G at least I can see my behind to clean it PUNK. If you only 6’1″ AND weigh 350lbs WHOOOOOOOOOAH guess whose behind STINKS, yours cause when was the last time you saw it or your penis PUNK!!!! sniff sniff geeeeeeeeeeeeesh I smell that behind ALL the way here. SHUT UP punk. You sound like a biatch. Typical sissy move PUNK!! What you gonna do if you find out who I am, you can’t catch me with your BIG ASS!! Run nigga run to JENNY CRAIG, quick fast and in a hurry. I hear them calling your name PUNK!! hahaha on that sissy.

      • Funny G

        Jezebel what Stink says don’t mean shyt to me. She, he or it aint nothing but a disgruntled, bitter, disappointed old church hoecake from slutville like you said and you right bro, if the shoe fit wear it and Stink probably fit the shoe very well on both feet. Stink Mink you the one who smells hoecake. Your mouth probably smells like azz because you talk a whole lot of shyt. ha ha ha ha ha

        • mink

          @Funny G, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you got me on that one I can’t stop laughing. I’m calling a truce. hahahahahahahaha

          • Funny G

            @ Mink ha ha ha ha Not a prob. Truce accepted. ha ha ha ha

        • mink

          @Funny G [please forgive me} sorry. hahahahahahahaha and for the record I am female and lovely. I was really mad at jezebel and I am not a church hoe.

          • Funny G

            @ Again Mink, no prob. Pology accepted and I’m glad you are not a church hoe. ha ha ha

      • Funny G

        Mink you mentioned Penis. ha ha ha that’s your problem you aint had none in a long time and you done lost your dayum mind talking all this shyt.


    Sidebar. Sorry for the profane words. Yall don’t deserve it but STINK MINK does. ha ha ha ha ha


    @jezebel before I get off the dayum mic. You right man. A praying woman would keep her MOUTH and her LEGS closed so that she can hear from God and not get caught up in flesh drama.


    Vegas you Preechin! Good question where is Sharpton, McKenzie and Jones now? Ha they really don’t give 2 dayums. Money is money to them too. ha ha ha ha No matter how you get it, on the pole or with the pole inside of you, etc. ha ha ha ha A hot hot mess! I posted the mediatakeout article about this. They going to hell over at mediatakeout. LMAO Let’s start a thread about that. The first lady (maybe) of the City of Refuge 2b starring as a Fall Lezzy for the cheddar in Single Ladies. That show is immoral and those who watch it aint no better. Nobody want to get married no more. A dayum shame!! A hot hot mess I tell you.

  • JezebelSpiritsGetsPlayed

    Mink: Guess you were one of the church hoes and I struck a nerve. Only women that cannot handle rejection spread venom of down low. TRUTH HURTS, clearly you need to drag yourself to the altar.

    FunnyG: All women aren’t church hoes and my message called out those who are and the shoe was a perfect fit, so all they can do is vent anger. Let it roll off your back. Jezebels are going to always get played and left with nothing but a fleeting memory.

    • Mink

      @jezebel YEAH I SURE DO and I need to drag your PUNK ASS with me hoe. You started it. You the hoe. You ain’t called out nothing you showed how dumb and stupid you are. You and Funny G DUMB AND DUMBER!!! smh. You the one venting anger sissy. Read your posts.


    Lisa Raye sounds like she’s a scorned woman and needs a lot of prayer. She must have gotten dumped again. Role of a Lesbian? Sounds about right! She hating on men, right about now!
    How many still think Bishop Noel Jones is beaming with happiness about Lisa Raye? Do you still see her has being the first lady and wife for Bishop Noel Jones? I DON’T THINK SO!
    Lisa Raye knows how to charm her way into a Spiritual man’s life but she does not KNOW what it takes to HOLD ON TO THE MAN or close the deal. It seems as though her spiritual leaders keep passing her on to the next bidder like she’s a HOT POTATO. Who’s next?

  • Daniella Yeshua

    Too bad that Bishop Noel Jones has such a bad reputation it seems! I pray that he gets right with God before it’s too late! I have seen hell in a dream and there is no rest for the souls that go there! Day and night it is screaming madness and NO REST!!! Heaven, on the other hand, which I have also seen, is peaceful and full of love for one another and no strife, no games, just pure love and no sin! So Jesus can get us to Heaven, but we need to be SURE that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life so that Jesus will welcome us to eternal life in Heaven and not say “I never knew you” and get thrown into Hell and eternal torment!!! If you don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, just ask God, and He will show you liberally and without condemnation! He does not want one to perish and that includes YOU, ME, and BISHOP NOEL JONES (and even his “dates”)!!!

  • theProphet

    God is chopping down trees now before the end of 2011. Many will not make it in to 2012! Jones is next, he will become like Nebukanezzar if he does make it in……….watch and see………..


      God is in the process of humbling EVERYBODY who says they are BELIEVERS and yet they are living like the devil or allowing their ego to be in control. Bishop Noel Jones WILL MAKE IT IN because he is being processed (suffering) right now to DO the will of God. Pray his strength in the Lord!

  • The Witness

    Greetings all;

    I listened to Bishop Noel Jones sermon on, “Set Your Goal on JESUS” Part 1 & 2, this is the revelation in which was reveal to me, from the Holy Spirit, allow me to share with you.

    This revelation; is strong, really strong, this is good; this is good!!

    When you know Jesus, Lord, God, it feels good in knowing.

    When God takes control of his human creatures with our free wills in which we allow, we demonstrates the power the Holy Spirit has over the flesh, there is love, then there is joy, and peace is known and inner freedom is express.

    This salvation is free for whoever that decides to want it, with a strong desire of a need to have, but you have to want it [bad].

    Meaning, the desire of wanting to know who created you, becomes so overwhelming that nothing else or anybody else matters, because the strength of mental intimacy becomes a form of a pleasure, that you appreciate, and when there is appreciation it becomes a drive to want more.


    Because of a supernatural Holy Spirit, invisible, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, immutable he has personality, he is agape, individuality, he has compassion, moral attributes his name is Lord God.

    Any inquiring mind has to Wonder;


    Can this really be a truth and genuine, can an invisible Holy Spirit control my flesh and control me by this Holy Spirit?

    The answer is yes, there is no doubt of this truth [I’m The Witness].

    The Title of the Sermon that Bishop Noel Jones share on YouTube, indicates, that he is [A Witness], as well.

    But, the prerequisite is self death, you have to give ALL of yourself to him so he can and will dominate, all it is, is pain, more pain, long, and long suffering with patience.

    • Anonymous

      Was he really saying that he is a failure in ministry? Come now a Bishop is supposed to have a better reputatation than this. But on the other hand if it’s alright for him I think I will just become a complete failur in this area and tell everybody about it. Ha Ha


    Interesting day at church. Lisa Raye, and some of the other “Flavors of the month” popped up and came out to the City of Refuge today, sitting all in the front trying to compeat with each other and for the Bishop’s attention. They were bold but Bishop Noel Jones came ready for everybody with a powerful Word,
    “Greater is HE that’s Within YOU ( the BELIEVER) than he that’s in this World”.

    Bishop Jones stepped up to the plate and rolled up his sleeves and begin to fight in the Spirit and did it in Love, using wisdom and “tough love” and the Word of God. It was good message.

    I bet Lisa Raye and all the other “Flavors of the month” see Bishop Noel Jones in a different light now, after all this mess went down.

    Thank you LORD!

    • Mink

      wow For The Record. I am glad to hear that Those silly women need to move on. Speaking of silly women there is a woman name Debra Kaye JONES aka Debra Kaye Smith. She is posting that Bishop Noel Jones is her husband. She’s been posting this about 2 wks now on Facebook. She goes to COR. SMH>


        To Mink (and anybody else who’s interested.)

        There are many many women, especially in the Church world, who are lonely, desperate and YES silly because they don’t have a clue of KNOWING who they are. Women have been changing their last names to JONES, wanting to be Bishop’s wife for years—- it’s nothing new! I’m learning that most women don’t come to church for the Word of God but for the Man of God–the Bishop. They love to pretend, lie or fantasize in their minds that they are MORE than what they are ( wanna Be’s) NOT knowing who they are. The women who call themselves being in Love with Jones don’t even KNOW him personally but are in love with his image. Plus they don’t even LOVE themselves and don’t have a life of their own.

        This mess that went down with Lisa Raye and the Bishop was a “wake up call” for the women to get a life of their own instead of focusing on Jones. This was the first time the media linked Jones to marriage and dating publicly with Lisa Raye. So many women got crushed and are still crushed behind that lie. But that’s what happens when your out of relationship with God and your focus is off.

        Bishop Jones is a single man and I don’t fault any woman for being attracted to him but they should wait on him to declare his LOVE for them, instead of stepping out and posting that they are getting married. Everybody will know the woman for Bishop Noel Jones when he opens his mouth and tells it, himself. It’s NOT what these silly women are saying that count, it’s what Bishop Noel Jones proclaims.

        NOTE: If you notice when the Lisa Raye rumor kicked up about dating and marriage, Jones did not open his mouth. Lisa Raye was the one who was fantasizing. She is the one who put her foot in her mouth about being with the Bishop until reality kicked the door down. His silence kicked the door down. There was NO strong foundation to base a real relationship on— and that’s why it could not last. It was a lie ( something that does not exist). Once the news was exposed— and it was not confirmed by Jones—-it was over. Even now, Lisa Raye Ego won’t let her believe that it’s over but if she keeps coming back to the church this is one way she will get the Word because he sure is putting it out there with a new POWER. He understands now how much, Lisa Raye and others need his gifting.

        MINK—We need to be in Prayer for ALL those silly women that we know—- and be mindful that we, at one time, were silly women too. I Thank God for his grace!

        • Anonymous

          That was a wake up call for Bishop. He had no right to date, flirt with … with soul who is seeking salvation. That why many silly women never really receive salvation. Always sleeping with the pastor or bishop.That was just low and wrong. The devil knows what he likes now. One day soon if he dosn’t get right the right big ass stanking pussy gonna take his ass out!

    • Anonymous

      yea but which one did he sleep with last night????????? The keep comint for something!

  • Funny G

    Hold up. Hold up. FTR. You make it sound like LR went around telling people they was seeing each other. She did no such thing. Did you see the youtube clips of her radio interview? If you didn’t maybe you need to. She gave me a new perspective on her as a person to an Xtent. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You don’t know. He could be seeing her in private, etc. Time will tell, but don’t call her a silly woman cuz she got a good head on her shoulders. LR is not just beauty but she is a beauty with brains. Ahight!


    Funny G,

    Your right, there is a possibility that Jones could still be seeing Lisa Raye in private but hopefully he is doing it with God in mind and not in his flesh. According to the way he was talking from the pulpit, in front of Lisa Raye and the rest, he is not where people think he is anymore. You should get Sunday’s tape and hear the message for yourself, then let’s talk. Some of the things he said was setting the record straight about where he is NOW. Bishop had to go before God behind this mess that happen, and REPENT to be able to come up like he did. And yes he is still human but he does not want to repeat what just happen. His image means a lot to him and he is desperately trying to wipe that dark stain off of his white suit. He does not like to be embarrassed.
    I did not say HOW the story got leaked but you best believe Lisa Raye opened her BIG mouth and told “somebody” (even if it was ONE person) that her and Bishop was seeing each other. That kind of news spreads fast because they are both celebrated people in different worlds. And it was a shocker to the church world and people in the world too!

    I heard the radio show. And yes, she does have a head on her shoulder, and a sharp mind that’s carnal and “a lot” of mouth on her and a body that got her over. BUT as far as her having a “good head” on her shoulders ——that is very questionable. She’s a confused woman and a silly woman “if” she went to bed with Noel Jones without him putting a ring on her finger first. And— For the Record, I am not a hater of Lisa Raye but I am hater of that bold Jezebel spirit that she carries! I hope she gets it together.

    • Mink

      FTR I am with you on this. I believe he has repented and changed. I am getting the tape. Was it the 11am sermon? Thanks!


        The 11:00 is when Lisa Raye and the others came. But both services were wonderful.

  • Ha Ha!

    He repented that fast? I doubt it! But it would be nice if he did! He’s been walking in these shenanigans and deception and lies for YEARS! Unless He walks with God in HIS will, his flesh will continue to take over and he will have to answer for that when he dies and appears before God personally! I don’t think that he has the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom and understanding. Otherwise he wouldn’t be playing these games for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reality setting in!

      It takes more that a few weeks to really get that Sin. Stay on your knees get it right in your heart with God for real! Not just for boyish show. Not fooling anybody but yourself.

  • Smile

    God is love…..

  • Amazed at all this!

    I think that BNAK who says that Bishop Noel Jones raped her should get into his deep pockets and clean then out! That way maybe he will start keeping his zipper up and living for God and not for his pleasures! This man is sick, sick, and more sick! Who would want him anyway? Yuck!!!

  • Funny G

    @anonymous. You shouldn’t talk about women’s private parts like that. It’s disrespectful. If yours is stank then that’s YOUR stankin business. No woman should walk around here with a stank azz or nothing else. Not with all this soap, body wash and even dish detergent and washing powder and bleach around here. ha ha ha ha ha


    Amazed at all this! (I hear what your saying!)

    This man is sick, sick, sick and he admits it—- and he’s getting better, as he gets closer to God. Who would want him? Good question! Nobody in their right mind, for sure.
    But again, Who really wants any of US when we are sick in our minds (insane)? NOBODY but God’s love. Maybe that’s why WE ALL are still here.

    The question is, What can be done to help a person like the Bishop, considering yourself? Be mindful, God still has his hands on Bishop Noel Jones, he still here and in the pulpit preaching and teaching the Word—with the power of God.

    Again, BNAK (anonymous) does not have a case to sue anybody. What was done to her, she caused to herself listening to her ego ( flesh or the devil in her mind). The man did not go looking for her, she presented herself to him. She’s telling her side of the story and yet you have not heard it all. BNAK is/was a sick sick, sick woman herself, to even think about throwing herself on such a sick sick man, repeatedly over and over again. Would you have done it?

    • Amazed at it all

      I am so glad he is getting better. That’s God who can heal through faith in Jesus Christ! So that’s very GOOD NEWS FTR!!! No, I would not have done it so I see your point about BNAK! He just took advantage of a good thing at the time I suppose like most men would do………..LOL! Well, I pray the entire church gets healed from seeing all this and everyone will desire God as their mate until or unless He brings them someone He created for them. IJN I pray, Amen. Have a blessed Holiday Season and a great 2012!

  • PrincessPinkie

    Hi LisaRaye I Love U 4get. Everybody God is with U don’t text if U don’t have anything good 2 say I Pray Great thing 2012 Love PrincessRaye

  • yeah Right!


  • yeah Right!


  • Anonymous

    This is a fact Noel Jones has two children by a pastor in New York. He would have married her but they had a big fight at a Hotel in NYC. His Executive Pastor wanted to fight with her because they were sleeping together. This Pastor Lady is a Millionaire her self and a very Preety Lady. She also gave him prayer not only booty. He has loved this woman and syill does for over 20 years. She has moved on with her life, but lets just pray for Noel because he tuly needs deliverence

    • Anonymous

      not true

  • Funny G

    Yo whaddup can somebody confirm this or what. One of my peeps in Cali told me one of the brothers from Guy is gettin married. Guess who he marrying. Lisa Raye sister. ha ha ha ha They gonna keep it in the family. No fa real though. It’s the one that be throwin down in the church. Heard he aint no joke. Brotherman can tell you bout the future and what kind of food you digested and everything. Funny G would like to hear this dude.

  • LaceyGrey

    Don’t start no more [email protected] on this site. It’s a new year. Leave people alone.

  • Detroit Praiser711

    Funny G you must be talking about Prophet Todd Hall. He is the only brother from this family that is preaching and prophesying.

  • Rachelle

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this Funny G. Wonder what she look like. She probably light or high yellow. You know popular negros OOps excuse me black men on that kind of level don’t like dark meat. LMAO Jones the same way. Color damn struck. I don’t know what’s wrong with these men in high places athletes included. once they start making a certain amount of money their girlfriends start getting lighter and lighther. Nothing but some BS.

    • Anonymous

      jones date dark skinned girls all of the time

  • Detroit Praiser711

    It would behoove us not to talk about people’s personal business. There is enough going on in the world as it is. We need to be praying not talking.

  • Funny G

    @Detroit. Behoove, behoe or whatever. I’m just saying is it true. Don’t matter to me. I want to hear the dude preach.

  • Detroit Praiser711

    Go on you tube Funny G and look him up. He is everywhere. You will fully enjoy him. I have been blessed by his ministry for years.

  • Funny G

    Thanks man. Good lookin out. Peace!

  • Duney Bourke

    He just turned 62 today and getting so OLD!!!!!!!!! Gray hair (whatever there is) and can’t even see! Someone if they marry him is going to be pushing him in a wheelchair. Yuck! Who wants an old dude that is falling apart? But i guess money speaks louder than that!

  • LaceyGrey

    Anonymous Jones date dark skin women too? Yeah right. Where did you hear that [email protected] from TMZ or bossip.com LMAO. Duney old is better. The older the better. Jones may be in his sixties but [email protected] he still a “hot” Jamaican patty in my book. LMAO

  • Monk

    Funny G it’s true about Prophet Hall. He’s engaged. It Aint public yet.My cousin heard him say it.

  • Rachelle

    Mr. Monk what in the hell kind of name is that. How the hell something is not public yet but your cousin heard him say it in Philly. Niggas be lieing trying to be the first one to drop news like this about somebody important. If you can’t get your facts straight keep your pie hole shut. If the man aint said nothing out in the open or made this sh!t public then aint nothing happening. This how rumors be starting and sh!t.

  • LaceyGrey

    Say that Rachelle! Keep the pie hole shut. LMAO

  • Funny G

    Yall is outta control up in here, up in here. ha ha ha ha

  • Monk

    It’s true Rachelle lmao

  • Rachelle

    Like I said for the deaf dumb and blind. If it didn’t come from the horses mouth my great grandmother use to tell me, it aint so. Now Monk take that horrible name and get the hell off of this forum. lol

  • LaceyGrey


  • Detroit Praiser711

    PRAY DON’T TALK!!!! Everybody need someone. Pray for them that they marry in the will of God and don’t get carried away with outer appearances because looks can be so deceiving for men and women. They will marry who God wants them to. They are men and they are humans, but their purpose and being chosen by God means more to them I personally believe than anything in this world. They already know that they have been working in the Kingdom for many years. Now can we change the subject and talk about Don Cornelius, Angelo Dundee and David Peaston?

  • Pastor Kingsley

    Men like them too often look for the wrong things in a companion. Nothing is wrong with wanting a good looking woman with a nice physique, but too often they end up being something totally different after the ink has been put to paper and men can’t see this when we’re dating especially men like these two because they date with their spiritual radars turned off. Discernment? Pray about it you and the person you are dating? Those were the good old days. She look good? Grab her. He fine and a preacher? Go for it. Man I know. I have been there. Thought I had a gem. Trying to impress my family and the preaching circles I was in often. She was bangin in every way and she believed in the 10 Commandments. Laughing out loud. She was saved, but after I said I do, she didn’t and she stopped doing certain things. She became Mrs. Flipper. Totally flipped. A disaster. I have fully recovered thanks be to the Almighty God.

  • Funny G

    Excuse me Rev. but flipper? Oh shit. Got me screaming over here Rev. ha ha ha ha

  • Funny G

    Forgive me for cussing. Ole s**t.

  • Monk

    For Rachelle where you get Philly from. I didn’t say where my cousin heard it.

  • Rachelle

    Are you crazy or what Monk. You said Philly on another thread at another site dude. You got alzheimers or something. How old are you monk? You act like a senior citizen can’t remember a dam thing!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    Bishop Noel Jones still has “Je Ne Sais Quoi” eventhough he turn 62 years old on January 31, 2012.
    And nothing compares to “Old Black Man Cool”!

  • Baby Love

    If a man can find a woman, who is willing to go through the rough times with him, he better grab her up. Looks are good——- but very deceiving. Like the Motown Temptations sang, “Beauty is only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you’re looking for a lover, don’t judge the book by it’s cover. She may be fine on the outside but so UNTRUE on the inside.” If a relationship is going to work, it has to be a God centered Spirit to Spirit connection, first. Bishop Jones, a man that KNOWS has preached on many occasions that it takes 10 minutes to get into something and 10 years to get out of it. Who has time to waste? It takes a wise person who looks before he leaps and can hear the voice of God, when it comes to marriage ——–or it will not last. And sometimes it’s that person, the very one, we DO NOT WANT—at first—until the spirit of God opens our eyes to the treasure that was SO well hidden within a person, for being blinded by our flesh. You want the person in your life, who is willing to love the “hell” out of you.

    • Evang. M. Posey

      Baby love. Don’t know if you are male or female but. You are preaching up on this here thread. I love what you just said and it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. It’s the truth. Speak on Baby Love. Give us part 2. I am going to copy and paste your comments and forward them to my two daughters or mayebe even better than that, give them this link to look at. Bravo Baby Love. Keep on speaking the truth.

  • 2ThumbsUP

    Thank God it’s Friday and good morning. I’m off today and glad about it. Woke this mornign with writing on my mind. Lol I want to applaud Baby Love. Evang Posey I think Baby Love is male. Lol These comments valuable to say the least.

    “It takes a wise person who looks before he leaps and can hear the voice of God, when it comes to marriage ——–or it will not last. And sometimes it’s that person, the very one, we DO NOT WANT—at first—until the spirit of God opens our eyes to the treasure that was SO well hidden within a person, for being blinded by our flesh. You want the person in your life, who is willing to love the “hell” out of you.”

    The flesh is nothing but obstruction to a person’s spiritual view and I’m sorry to say but high profile preachers with money, a name and fame are the one’s who fall prey to the flesh the majority of the time. I think some of them are afraid and don’t trust God but believe he is going to give them someone UGLY so they do the choosing. Good looking, gorgeous, pretty stunning and all the rest of that can’t cast out no demon or pray spirits up off of somebody. Sometimes a woman has to become like David to Saul (her husband). A God spirited connection and centered relationship WILL LAST. Thank you Baby Love. I will never forget your words. Be blessed saints!

  • Sharon Love

    EXCELLENT BABY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am encouraged and enlightened by your commentary.

  • Sharon Love

    We have the same last name. LOLLLLLL

  • Ambrosia

    Haven’t been on this site in a minute but I like what I see. Baby love thanks for your wisdom and input. Noel Jones, Prophet Todd Hall, Marvin Winans and the list goes on and on. All of whom can fall prey to their flesh. We must pray for them. Although the opinion of some is that a leader’s spouse should not matter and will not effect the ministry or the atmosphere of a church, I beg to differ. My sister who is very beautiful was a former first lady and I say former because she signed up for it for all the wrong reasons focusing on the prestige and the glamour of her position. She thought it would give her. She played the role and did everything she was suppose to do in order to get this particular Bishop and once they got married, all hell broke loose. She found out that the grass was not green on the other side and who she really was came out. She couldn’t fake it no longer. To thine own self be true. If it’s not of God, it won’t last. If it’s for show or to impress, it won’t last. If it’s to obtain leverage in ministry, it won’t last. If it’s to have a trophy or show piece on the man’s arm, it won’t last. Only what you do for Christ will last. That includes relationships that are joined together for the purposes of Christ and not flesh. Thanks again Baby Love. You made me preach this morning (smiling ear to ear).

  • Funny G

    Bravo bravo to all the comments. A dude is learning sumtin from all of this.

  • Jazzy Raye

    Keepin it 100 some of these jokers don’t want a woman who is too saved or too bold and will speak up. I know. A few of my friends are major in the church network and I’ve seen them in action. Some of the ballers are ruthless. They will buy a time share, condo or a car for a woman. Promise to marry her and still won’t do it. They will even propose and buy an engagement ring meanwhile all the time in the back of their mind they don’t intend to marry the person. Seen it happen a thousand times. It aint right but it’s happening. A thousand dollars or two don’t mean nothing to some of these balling leaders. They can buy two or three rings and not feel it. Men are not as attached to their emotions as women are. Not that a brother is doing it, talkin about me, but we will bed a woman, get up and go to work, then bed someone else that same day. It aint right, but it’s happening. It’s cool what Baby and Ambrosia said.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone be saved and walk contrary to the Word of God. Yall make it sound like sin is the norm!!

    Leadership in the church should, above anyone else, acknowledge and follow God’s leading

  • Baby Love

    Keepin’ it “real” is how I roll—- and “thank you all” for your encouraging responses to the post.

    I’m a human being, who has a personal relationship with God (saved) who is striving DAILY, to Walk in the Word, and “can be” contrary sometimes. I admit that I’m a sinner saved by Gods’ grace and still growing to be better.

    I love God, and yet I recently had to cuss my niece out (NOT putting a curse on her) for thinking she could disrespect me, while being under my roof. That’s the language that she understood that let her know that she needed to “back up and rethink” herself. I don’t normally cuss or make it a habit to cuss (sin) but those words came out of ME—and it felt good to release them. Thank God for looking past my sins and still loving me.

    “Can anybody be saved and walk contrary to the Word of God?”

    We all (Believers) have sinned and come short of being perfected in walking God’s word, even those who are in leadership positions. People fall down or error, when we think ourselves to be MORE than we “really are” or when we ALLOW OTHERS to try an measure us to be as powerful as GOD, only when SOME leaders or people just desire to be human and walk with God. And– NOBODY can get back up,again after they fall,without “acknowledging” God’s help, first!

    I do not condone anybody sinning but I am realistic in KNOWING that WE ALL are in a constant warfare with our flesh, daily, some kind of way (flesh against the spirit), if we are honest. And YES— sin is normal—when their is a “lack of Love (God)” missing— in someones life.

  • Duney Bourke


    He has announced on his Facebook that he is in a relationship. That’s good, it’s about time he gets committed to something and quits leaving women hanging! Now everyone can get on with their lives and find true love with Jesus!!! :)

  • Funny G

    Fa real Duney? Gotta checkit out. ha ha ha Good for him. For Anonymous who was messed up over Jones, hopefully you can move on now. Yo don’t give up on God. There is still enough love around for errybody. Peace!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    @Duney Burke – Bishop Noel Jones has declared countless of times that he DOES NOT have a Facebook page. Other people have created Facebook pages in his name without his permission or participation.

    But part “B” of your post is still correct. women who are waiting on Bishop Noel Jones or any other specific man should keep living their life to the fullest.As the song goes “What GOD has for me, It’s for me”….So if who ever GOD has chosen for Bishop Noel Jones, it will be. Everything else is just training and learning experiences. The world doesn’t revolve around just one person. Go on dates. Include an active social life with your Spiritual walk. “Que Sere Sere – What Ever Will Be, Will Be”.

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    When you sit hope and wait for anyone to
    “Pick You” – “Pick You”,
    your actions demonstrates that you think the person is the prize and not you.
    But then again, ONLY YOU know your value.
    Many perceived prizes aren’t worth the price.

  • Duney Bourke

    That’s fine Mary, but even Patrick Bolton, his praise leader at COR connected to this FB page which is how I saw it. So are you telling me that even his own praise leader doesn’t know that this page is a fake? Sounds weird to me. Anyway, I am not after Jones, don’t really care. I just want him to stop deceiving people and leading them astray – that’s all.

  • Funny G

    YO! Duney and Vegas can somebody get the dayum story straight. ha ha ha ha Nobody still didn’t answer my first question about the Prophet Hall dude. Trust me if Jones is dating he aint tellin nobody but that person, God and of course the devil will know. ha ha ha ha Don’t be waitin around women for no man because you will get stuck. Keep it movin! Peace

    • Vegas Valley Mary

      Funny G – I don’t know much about Todd Hall at all.

    • Baby Love

      Thank you Funny G. Your comment is really saying something.

  • Duney Bourke

    Can’t help you Bro G! I don’t even know who this Hall guy is……..sorry! Anyway, I ain’t waitin for Jones or nobody! The only one worth waiting for is JESUS RETURN! Ha ha ha! :) You said it right!

  • Funny G

    Duney you got me over here rollin ha ha ha ha. You only waiting on the Big J’s return an nobody else ha ha ha ha. I hear you loud and clear Baby love you are welcome.

  • Ambrosia

    @Duney I know that’s right!

  • Ambrosia

    Time will tell.

  • Duney Bourke

    Well, I know this will sound funny to some, but I just had a dream last night and I was looking up to the top of a mountain and saw a man on a white horse that was raring on its hind legs. I kept looking and some other people were looking too, but others were looking at something else in another direction. I do have prophetic dreams and think this is a serious reminder that we continually have to keep watching and praying and waiting for Jesus return! As one friend said to me “It’s better to be alone and sane, then will someone who will drive you insane” I don’t think he is lying! As the song says “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold………” I’d rather have JESUS! The Big J as Bro G puts it! :)

  • Duney Bourke

    Excuse me……….WITH someone! (I think I was thinking about God’s WILL when I was writing…. LOL!)

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    When you walk out the door,
    where ever you go there are
    “All Sorts Of Men” EVERYWHERE
    in unlimited variety and numbers.

    There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be alone unless that’s what they choose to be.
    Neither is their any reason to be with someone who will drive you insane. (P.S.Also make sure that you are not driving them insane)

    Good single honorable men are very still much available looking for good single honorable women to share their life with both platonically and with the possible anticipation of marriage.

    LIVE. SHARE and BE WILLING TO EXPLORE safe new people.

    Absolutely Nothing compares to JESUS.
    But on the other hand, nothing compares to good compatible relationship”s”.

    Being wooed by a man is an exciting adventure.
    Hanging around dependable platonic male friends is also a necessity.

    You CAN have it all.
    You CAN have JESUS and the “proper” earthly relationship”s”.

    JESUS came that we may have life more abundantly.
    No Sin Required.

  • Duney Bourke

    Whew! Vegas you got a mouthful! Be SURE you are living the life GOD called you to live too! I have always experienced that those who seem to be the most HOLY and most knowledgeable are also the most EVIL!!!!!!!!!! Gurlllllllllll……….check yoself! I pray God will show you the truth in Jesus Name………AMEN AND AMEN!!! You need some work gurl if you want to get to Heaven!!!

  • Duney Bourke

    One thing I know, Mary, I have seen your posts on other boards and you are INTO witchcraft and casting evil spells on people!!!! God will deal with you for that! He’s just been light on you for a while because He wants you to repent, but obviously you haven’t because you have been on these various boards for over five years and you haven’t changed a thing! And that picture of a crow on a plate saying that Paula White is eating crow……….that ain’t cool Gurl! It shows your hatred!!!!!!!! And I know you are trying to hide that, but you can’t the Holy Spirit is revealing who you are and your name is Jezebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And like Elijah said Jezebel will be thrown to the dogs and eaten and nothing will be left of her! That will be the demise of many in this day and age if they don’t repent and submit to Jesus! So you have the choice RIGHT NOW as you read this……….which way you gonna go Gurl???????? YOUR CHOICE and there will be NO turning back! TODAY is your crossroads day and you will NOT be given another chance says God!!!!!!!!! So……….make your choice!!!!!!! It’s all up to you now what your fate will be…………………..Jesus!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    For over thirty years I have been and am very much, Saved, SANCTIFIED, and FILLED with the Holy Ghost. Washed in the blood of the LAMB which is JESUS the Christ.
    I also live a Holy Life. And have ample fun doing so. I have an excellent relationship with the LORD who is the head of my life.
    I have been studying and teaching the scriptures for over thirty years. I was called to reach those who seem to be unreachable because of their position in life.
    I clearly understand the natural and how it relates to the spiritual.
    I am not a fake or pretender. It is imperative for people to know that they can live a HOLY FULL LIFE, without engaging or being overtaken by sin.
    I am also from a family of intellectuals on both my mother and fathers side therefore I have been exposed to, understand and can deal with both simple and complex situations.
    If I go on, I could be viewed as extremely confident, which I Am because I know who I am, what I represent.

  • Duney Bourke

    Go tell God that Mary………..you are a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1To man belong the plans of the heart,

    but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue.

    2All a man’s ways seem innocent to him,

    but motives are weighed by the Lord.

    3Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

    and your plans will succeed.

    4The Lord works out everything for his own ends—

    even the wicked for a day of disaster.

    5The Lord detests all the proud of heart.

    Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

    6Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for;

    through the fear of the Lord a man avoids evil.

    7When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord,

    he makes even his enemies live at peace with him.

    8Better a little with righteousness

    than much gain with injustice.

    9In his heart a man plans his course,

    but the Lord determines his steps.

    10The lips of a king speak as an oracle,

    and his mouth should not betray justice.

    11Honest scales and balances are from the Lord;

    all the weights in the bag are of his making.

    12Kings detest wrongdoing,

    for a throne is established through righteousness.

    13Kings take pleasure in honest lips;

    they value a man who speaks the truth.

    14A king’s wrath is a messenger of death,

    but a wise man will appease it.

    15When a king’s face brightens, it means life;

    his favor is like a rain cloud in spring.

    16How much better to get wisdom than gold,

    to choose understanding rather than silver!

    17The highway of the upright avoids evil;

    he who guards his way guards his life.

    18Pride goes before destruction,

    a haughty spirit before a fall.

    19Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed

    than to share plunder with the proud.

    20Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers,

    and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.

    21The wise in heart are called discerning,

    and pleasant words promote instruction.a

    22Understanding is a fountain of life to those who have it,

    but folly brings punishment to fools.

    23A wise man’s heart guides his mouth,

    and his lips promote instruction.b

    24Pleasant words are a honeycomb,

    sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

    25There is a way that seems right to a man,

    but in the end it leads to death.

    26The laborer’s appetite works for him;

    his hunger drives him on.

    27A scoundrel plots evil,

    and his speech is like a scorching fire.

    28A perverse man stirs up dissension,

    and a gossip separates close friends.

    29A violent man entices his neighbor

    and leads him down a path that is not good.

    30He who winks with his eye is plotting perversity;

    he who purses his lips is bent on evil.

    31Gray hair is a crown of splendor;

    it is attained by a righteous life.

    32Better a patient man than a warrior,

    a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.

    33The lot is cast into the lap,

    but its every decision is from the Lord.

    Chew on that meat and don’t choke!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    @Duney Burke, somewhere, somehow you became intimidated by me where it was never my intention to offend you.

    But since you have taken all that I have said as a personal attack against you, be advised
    that I don’t give into Psychological Leveling Manipulation.

    As for me choking on anything, also be advised “I DON”T CHOKE”! Never have Never Will. I’m Good.

    If I were mean spirited, I would let you know that if you were at your optimum best
    and I were fast asleep, it is clear that I could out think, maneuver, and perform you.

    Don’t hate me because I’ve got it! This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.

    My post, except this one, was not to attack or engage in a cyber fight with you at all.

    Hasta la vista,
    Au revoir
    Buona sera

    • Darwin

      vegas valley this nut Duney Bourke is actually a woman name Tracey Sonshine. You didn’t do anything to cause her to attack you like this. She hates any woman that she thinks is a threat to her concerning Bishop Jones. He doesn’t want her or any of those nuts. I watched the telecast tonight on the Word Network with him & Bishop Bloomer. He is not in a relationship with anyone. God will direct him to his wife in time so all these women need to go on with their lives. He said only 1 woman can be his wife and I’m saying it’s not anyone on these blogs. The devil has done everything to try to destroy this mighty man of God but it didn’t work. He stomped the devil under his feet. He is still God’s anointed and ppl better not touch him.

      • Vegas Valley Mary

        Thanks Darwin.

      • Me

        God is in control and He will do what He has to do to clean up HIS church! Amen! :)

  • Duney Bourke

    God’s gonna take you out Vegas Valley Mary Knowles, Suge Knight Style – hee hee hee!!!!!!!!!!! And nothing will stop it, in Jesus Name! Amen! You’s done enough damage to the Body of Christ and yo time is up!!!!!!!! Bye Bye Birdie CROW! HEE HEE YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! Ha ha! God gave you MORE than enough chances to repent! TIME IS UP!

  • Darwin

    Leave this man of God alone. Go on with your lives ye women that have been speaking badly of him, especially YOU Anonoymos telling all your lies. You need help baby girl, serious help. Any of these preachers out here listening to her lies you MIGHT be next. You better get away from her quick as you can or you will be on all these blogs. You reap what you sow. You preachers and you know who you are ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Go somewhere and repent and shut your mouth. Leave the man of God alone. It’s a shame. Shame shame shame on you. Some of you I know who you are and Bishop does too. Sad sad sad.

  • Baby Love

    I am discovering that there are so many people who have been “churched” who are playing this “religious game”. Religious meaning: Believing in their OWN minds that they are in relationship with God spiritually but in reality they are NOT. They go around masquerading their own fixed ideas, using the Word of God to rule over others. They hide behind the Word of God
    (quoting scriptures) pretending that they are
    “more righteous” than others but in reality they are “self righteous” and are NOT living the WORD themselve. And their actions and deeds are evil. They do NOT reflect the Fruit of the Spirit ( the gifts of love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, longsuffering, patiences, goodness, faithfulness, and self contol.) Always pointing the finger at others, as though they are sinless and putting other people down yet can’t see the evil beam in their own eyes. We need to start “fruit inspecting” to see what kind of Tree people are bearing around US.

    People who are religous need to STOP “playing church” because people are dropping like flies! We just lost another great ICON singer, Whitney Houston (RIP) and there will be others too. Whitney grew up in the church and my prayer is that she is resting in peace with GOD now, because she was going through HELL on this earth. MY point is people need to KNOW that they are in right standing with God (saved)for themselve before they leave this world.
    There are two parts to being save that most people do not know. Part 1—God loves us and we accept His Love towards US. Part 2 is when we reflect God’s love BACK to HIM and out towards others. Jesus was NOT religious but had a relationship with His Father and others. HIS ACTIONS SPOKE goodness and not evil towards others.

    If those who “relgious” are NOT reflecting “the fruit of the spirit” they need to question wheter or NOT they are saved because it should be some evidence or proof. And if the fruit on the trees are rotten (evil)Beware, do not eat of it. Igore those trees because it’s fruits are NO GOOD. What do YOU do—with rotten fruit?

    WE ALL error at times because we are human but we also should REPENT for are ugly ways and be mindful NOT to judge anybody negatively, or think WE have the power to send anybody to hell. God is LOVE, not Evil. Christ did not come into the world to condem anyone for their negative actions or send anybody to hell but to show them a better way to live our lives towards having an Abundant Life.

  • Saddened

    I blame the death on these Hollywood people on the Bishops and Pastors in LA who are more concerned with having their names on the “A LIST” than ministering to these lost and hurting souls! Had they been shown the Love of God in a REAL CHURCH (not these false churches) then the Holy Spirit and the Unction would have led them to the true and living God and not into drink, drugs, and other things. It is time that these Pastors and Bishops straighten up and STOP SINNING>>>>>>For their sins not only trickle down to their congregations, but out to the world. And God already told them “THE TEACHERS WILL BE JUDGED MUCH MORE SEVERELY”! Should anyone reading this have any doubts about what I am saying just read in the Book of Acts about Anaias and Saphira and see what happened to them. God ain’t playin games no mo with anyone – anointed or not! It is really just as plain and simple as that! You can go on hating the messenger, but this messenger doesn’t really care WHAT you think about me. I am working out my own salvation and you need to work out yours too!

    • Chastity

      Amen for this post Saddened. I am saddened as well. It’s time out, time out. We are commissioned to win the lost but instead most of these BISHOPS & Pastors are sleeping with the LOST & saved. Filthy lucre, loving the world & all it’s mess. Loving the spotlight, hanging with the STARS. Judgement will start in the house of the Lord. The really sad thing is SIN has so hardened their hearts they don’t even see what they are doing is wrong. The handwriting is on the wall.


    What I don’t understand is these single preacher’s dating around just like the world. Going from woman to woman, if it don’t fit dump it & try another. What kind of mess is that. They are suppose to be protecting the sisters NOT dating all they want to then dumping them. I saw the interview with Bishop Jones & Bishop Bloomer. It was very good until Bishop Jones said the reason he can’t choose a wife is because his parameter is so wide, so many beautiful women he can’t choose. That’s when he lost me. He is not suppose to be dating all these women. What happened to godly men of God that prayed, seeked God’s will to show them their wife. I am sorry, but he has hurt the emotions of so many women and he will pay. You reap whst you sow. I don’t care of they are silly women he knows better. He is suppose to be leading & guiding them, shielding them from the wolves. The sad thing is HE is a wolf preying on these women. God is not pleased. He is not pleased. These preachers need to STOP that. It’s not becoming a preacher and sure not becoming a BISHOP. He need to retire NOW because what good is he doing. If he don’t stop I feel so sorry for him because he will be dealth with by God.

    • Junior

      Thank you SHOCKED. This needs to be said. I too enjoyed the interview with Bishop Jones and Bishop Bloomer until Jones said his parameter is so wide he can’t choose a wife. Too many beautiful women. Then he said his wife is out there somewhere, she’s out there. If she’s out there then he need to get her and stop all that mess. I would not want to be in his shoes for nothing. I feel for him. It’s not going to be pretty if he don’t repent and turn from that. Lead & guide the sheep that have been entrusted to you Bishop Jones or retire and give it to someone who will. It’s so sad to see a OLD PLAYER, that still think he got it going on. You have had your day, now do the right thing. Stop all that dating around. It looks bad and is not pleasing to God. You can justify it all you want but the end results is not going to be pretty I’m tell you Bishop Jones. Stop while you can and do the right thing while you can.

  • Saddened

    Wow, you amplified on what I said, but the amazing thing too is that they have NO FEAR of the LORD (which is the beginning of wisdom) and they want to kill the messengers to shut them up, just as the JEWS tried to kill Jesus, the VERY ONE WHO CAME TO SAVE THEM!!!!! And you are right, they are blinded by the devil so that they don’t get convicted and see their sins! It will take a HURRICANE OF THE HOLY GHOST to wake these people up before it’s too late!!!!!!!! And once they are in hell, there is NO turning back – just read about the rich man who’s slave was eating with the dogs at the gate and he ended up in Heaven and the rich man in hell and when he asked the slave to get him out of his torment the word was “TOO LATE TOO LATE it’s TOO LATE TO GO HOME” You missed the last train and it’s too late to go home……..(Song by Andrae Crouch) There are SO MANY examples of what happens when these leaders continue in their sin – Nebuchadnezzar, Job and his friends, Anaias and Saphira, Judas, Pontias Pilate eaten by worms when he didn’t acknowledge the anointing of God, and on and on……….These people have Bibles – but they don’t read or understand them and the devil has blocked them from hearing from the Holy Spirit because they haven’t repented from their sins, so they have to rely on other anointed people to get their sermon material from and don’t realize that the devil can use others too through deception and deliver bad words so that many get hurt. And yes, GOD IS going to judge all this! You bet He will!!! And still……………they ain’t scared! Tell me, HOW do you pray for someone like this??? I just pray that their eyes get opened and they see the truth before it’s too late……………………..I don’t know what else to do, they haven’t listened to anything else……….

    • Junior

      @Saddened I love this post. How do you pray for them. I pray they haven’t been turned over to a reprobate mind. Paul said don’t let me be a cast a way. Winning souls but lose yours. They don not fear God at all. They are gifted but gifts without repentance. They don’t see it. What is going on. Are they really saved? Help me out here. Are they saved? Real Christians have issues I know but you don’t continue in sin so that grace may abound. You get up and turn from that sin. Doing the same thing over and over and over and over. What is wrong with them. I don’t know what to say. I am shocked.

  • Saddened

    Thanks Junior! Me too! Years ago it was rumored that a Bishop went to a certain place to drink, so I went there myself to see if it was true. I interviewed a waiter there to find out, yes, it was true and that he was a regular there as well. After having dinner and a glass of wine, which I don’t object to, I asked the waiter about his faith in Jesus and did the Bishop ever witness to him. He said no, so I told him about the plan of Salvation through Jesus and he wasn’t ready to do a salvation prayer yet, but at least God used me to plant a seed. Then I found out that his wife was a practicing Fortune Teller and they were going to have a baby. I prayed for him and with him that they would find Jesus and gave him a written track that I had in my purse. I know that God blessed that night because I had much peace when it was over. But the thing that really disturbed me is that the Bishop NEVER witnessed to this man or prayed for him and his wife who was a Fortune Teller and never gave them a track. He did say that Bishop invited him to church, so that’s good, but these people need something tangible to hold on to because most of the time they are working anyway and can’t make it into a church. And lastly, if the Bishop is in sin, so there is no anointing then nothing will take hold anyway. I was under a heavy anointing and I do believe that seed took hold. I ended up going there another time and the Holy Spirit was so strong that I went up to another table and prophesied to a man and it was so accurate that he paid for my tab and we were all crying. You KNOW that was God! God will use you at a bar, club, restaurant, anywhere IF you are walking in HIS anointing and not in sin!!!!!!!!!!!! So all who come on here, I think our only course of action now is to BOMBARD HEAVEN and pray for these MEN OF GOD to COME OUT OF THEIR SINS and submit to GOD’S WAYS ONCE AND FOR ALL AND FOREVER IN JESUS NAME! AMEN! I don’t know any other course to take! Let’s pray for a JESUS TAKEOVER in their lives, in Jesus Name……Amen and Amen Infinity times!!!!! Hallelujah! VICTORY TO GOD’S PEOPLE IS COMING!!!

  • Saddened

    And just a note to expose satan’s strategies, and I know that God will protect me for revealing this…….but satan’s goal is to kill as many men as he can to remove the covering from the women, especially here in the US. So that’s why all these Vets coming home from Iraq are committing suicide, and men blowing up their kids, and men abusing little children in school and on and on. Satan is taking advantage of the doors that are opening when these men do not take hold of Jesus and they fall into a reprobate mind. So we need to be praying for ALL THE MEN OF THE UNITED STATES that they get on board with God and Jesus, and get out of porn and lusts of the flesh and realize that Heaven and Hell are very real and that the devil wants them into hell, but JESUS wants them into Heaven! Let’s pray for a major JESUSTAKEOVER REVIVAL in the United States in the YEAR 2012 so that we can turn this country around and escape from perishing……..Let’s pray our men get strong in JESUS and turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves and pray in Jesus Precious and Holy Name I pray. AMEN AND AMEN INFINITY TIMES!!!!!

    • Prayer

      I pray that the Pastors of the churches will see God and humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways. That would be so nice!

  • Prayer

    I pray that Bishop sees God.

  • Jazzy Raye
  • Lady J

    Is there a double-standard when it comes to dating for male preachers and leaders?

    This is what Marvin Sapp said in an interview re: dating. He never stated that the woman he wants to marry has to be a Christian.

    She needs to be ‘unbelievably, stunningly gorgeous’

    She must have her own thing going on

    She doesn’t need to be a First Lady; just a wife

    She needs to be able to sign a pre-nup (Ha!)


    He won’t say it, but he really wants a hoe that don’t mind going to church. LMAO

  • Glenda Peach

    What did he mean (feedback please) by saying he doesn’t want a first lady?

  • BJ

    How about this. Which eligible male notable preacher do you think would win if they entered this contest call Who Could Wait To Have Sex Until After the I do?

  • angela

    romans 7 is all i have to said

  • Newscaster

    This website has sold out for MONEY………..wants ads based on gossip……………BAD move dear……..GOD HAS GOT YOUR GAME AND WILL CLOSE IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!! YO YO YO!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!

    • Giveme a Break

      What do yall think of Le’Andria Johnson (ministering) in her condition (Pregnant) and unmarried?

  • Funny G

    Get the hell outta here? Are you for real?

  • p.t. nyoike

    There are two school of thought here. One is to question the purpose of the gospel. Let me ellaborate; is lisa trully worthy to ba considered a 1st lady?, yes, coz, when we accept Jesus in our life, past is errased and we are given a new page so write what we want(deeds) if lisa has accepted Christ, she can become what she want, if her goal is to become 1st lady, pls. let her, its her life. When we comment negatively on this issue, we are standing against somebody’s goal and dream, she has faced many hadles in life, pls don’t place another one on her way.
    That sayed, the orther school of thought is. Can Bishop Jones Marry Lisa.
    That, i will say No, Poul said mature Christian can eat meat which is sacrificed to idols, coz they know what defiles a person is not what goes in to your body then out, but what comes out of your body(heart) for out of your heart comes evil things. But for the sake of the imature Christian, a mature Christian ought to abstain from meat, though he/she can eat, so as not to stamble an imature christian. Jones can marry lisa, but for the sake of those he has preached the gospel, he need to abstain and go the conventional way. marring lisa, will unpreach(undo) what he has loboured for, for many years. there is a way that seems right, but might lead somewhere else.
    Conventional good ladies in Jones church will say in there heart, what is the importance of keeping my self pure, when my teacher(jone) thinks “bad” girls are the best.

  • Funny G

    Yo Pt nyoike where da hell you been. that discussion been over a long time ago no body even talkin bout them no more ha ha ha ha. The show has been shut down okay. We on to somtin else now

  • Vegas Valley Mary

    @Funny G – LeAndria Johnson BET Sunday Best Admitted that she is pregnant again. http://rootmagazineonline.com/featured-content/leandria-johnson-reveals-to-philly-crowd-that-she-is-pregnant

  • Funny G

    @Vegas I heard boo I heard. LMBBAO

    The comment section of this site got a few choice words for LA ha ha ha ha

    April 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm
    How does the Lord choose your mate? Is part of the criteria to knock-you-up (consensually of course) and not marry you? 29 and TWO marriages? That mug-a-fugger ain’t marrying her, not with THAT kind of baggage, and if he does, bet she’s got number four waiting in the tour bus with baby 5 in the oven. Doing her motherly duties my aunt Tillie!

  • Loretta Jones

    Waz up with First Lady Loretta Jones these days? Still pimpin the pulpit??????????????SMH!!!

  • Ruth

    I break and bind all spells and curses and soul ties and things not in God’s will off of Noel from Ruth in Jesus Name. Amen!!! It is finished no more evil from this source in Jesus Name – Amen!!!

  • Bishop

    Want to earn a buck? Just show up at Bishop Noel Jones next event in the skankiest outfit you have. Married or not, he may fornicate with you and get you preggo so you can then sue him and use the churches money to keep quiet! Step in line if you are desparate for money – and fame!!!

  • N/A


  • Trudy James

    So sad that he loves money more than people’s salvation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money is the root of ALL kinds of evil! God was trying to protect him from that!!! But he choose NOT to listen and obey!~ His bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiya, thanks for an extremely insightful weblog, I don’t generally attach posts but appreciated your weblog and so thought I would say thanks alot : ) – – Rebecca

  • j

    Wake up people! this is all speculation and gossip. first of all why are we even on here judging.second I dont even know how i got here. i guess following after the headline with bishop’s name in it, looking and praying that his comment of it not being true was in the spill. Same thing happened to pastor marvin sapp when people were gossiping that he was dating one of the basketball wives. Have we not learned our lesson from that. Don’t we know that gossip is based on hear say, not what came from the horses mouth.If there are no facts then its not true and that makes it a lie. We Christians are not perfect but trust there are just some things we dont do and the word of God says the Love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself.

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