Whitney Houston’s Camp Denies Her Brokeness, “Totally false and ridiculous.”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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We reported a few days ago that Whitney Houston may be having some financial difficulties.  Today, Houston‘s publicist responded to the rumors disputing allegations that she is in fact, broke. She explained:

“Totally false and ridiculous. She just made a movie with Jordin Sparks – ‘Sparkle.  In case you didn’t know, People get paid to make movies. [Houston’s] not broke.”

While it’s true that Houston is currently doing a movie with Jordin Sparks and while it’s also true that she has a role in the sequel of “Waiting to Exhale”, before now, we haven’t seen any lucrative Whitney Houston projects in years.

The anonymous source who first leaked that Houston is broke said,

“music industry heavy hitters are supporting her….she he might be homeless if not for people saving her”

What do you think about the rumors? Do they make sense or do you think Whitney is just fine financially?




  • Joe

    Are you crazy? her cd I Look to You was released in 2009 Aug and it sold 2.5mil copies worldwide

    Her Nothing But Love tour ended June 2010 and it grossed $34mil per Pollstar

    Many music stars put out music and can’t scan 500k gold or only scan 500k , have no tour or just tour USA and yet nobody is saying they are broke.

    Whitney is the new Michael Jackson. People love to hate with no facts. Case in point this article.

    I just listed 2 major projects she did, add to that her new movie Sparkle where she is starring and producing and the soundtrack and Exhale 2 in the wings.

    80% of music stars don’t have half of what she’s doing now or a quarter.

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