[Updated] New Reality Show Called “Mistresses of Atlanta” Starring Maliah Michel

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Over the weekend, one of my “down-south” girlfriends told me that she had heard rumors of some “dancers” shooting either a show or a pilot around Atlanta. And while she’s usually on point w/ #EarHustlin, I couldn’t find out much more about it. Saturday afternoon, hear-say was validated via twitter chat, which grew legs thanks to Julia Beverly. Again, this is all ALLEGED, but the name of the pilot is called “Mistresses of Atlanta” and it features a few exotic dancers like Maliah Michele (she was rumored to be dating Drake and Sean Kingston at one point) and Rosée (never heard of her before, but one of my guy friends told me about her).

We caught the two cast members chatting about it via Twitter. Maliah has confirmed that they’ve shot three days thus far, a fight of some sort broke out and she’s friends w/ her castmates. She wrote:

Just finished shooting first scene :o) it’s a wrap…Shooting scene 2 now…Damn they fighting already… Not me I’m a lover…Waiting to do my interview about my life and how I like the other cast members…

#FOLLOW my fellow cast member @R_o_s_e_e_ yes this is an ass show I think that may have been a requirement lol

Meanwhile, her castmate, Rosée tweeted her excitement:

Shooting Day 2, it’s a wrap! I’m having soo much fun shooting this whole thing! Cast and crew are on point, especially @HenryRogerss who always ready to give me McDo lol

Pilot Cast Mate, Rose

No official word from anyone, but there are other cast-mates involved, one being a male and it’s just a pilot at this point. Stay tuned for more dets, but if this if the show were picked up, would you watch Atlanta’s new reality show, reportedly titled “Mistresses of Atlanta”?




Sarah Oliver

Updated: So we think that we’ve narrowed down the majority of the cast: Maliah Michele, Rosée, model Sarah Oliver, rapper M’Jae and a woman that goes by the name of Strings. Stay tuned for more details!

  • Cabot C

    Fa sho u right!!!

  • Chelsia

    Kill me

  • Mrs.Melanie Evers-Parker

    Heck 2Tha Naw

  • @BarbiesCuban

    “Mistresses of Atlanta” do these women not have any self respect…

  • MsSimba

    What the hell?

  • “Mistresses of Atlanta” really? anything for a come up. hey its better then the pole

  • MD

    I would watch for the curvaceous visuals alone…

  • Mdot

    this is coonery but arnt all the other love/wives baby moms reality shows? ill be in attendance! ;P

  • Rosea( shorty in all black) her body dont look right. seems off to me

  • Anja

    But how does the dude fit in ? I mean he is a mistress to who ??

    • ladida

      I think he’s just the ‘mistress wrangler’….lol SMH, though, at the title…really?…Really? Have some women gotten so lazy about themselves that THIS is the show they CHOSE to ‘make something happen’????…mmm….okay….*sips tea…and boils more water for future tea*…LOL have a great week, folks!

  • aaron

    memphitz and toya are a thristy and sad for this i guess the babymama spin of show they got on bet isnt enough sadness.smh

  • Tiffany

    Strings used to be the First Lady of Cash Money.