Is Jordin Sparks Giving Up Her Virginity Pledge For Her Boyfriend? : “People grow.”

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22-year-old singer Jordin Brianna Sparks visited to the Today Show, where she revealed some secrets about her sex life. After winning the sixth season of American Idol, at just 17 years old, she took on an innocent image. Back then, she wore a virgin promise ring everyday, vowing not to have sex before marriage. But, apprently, she’s having second thoughts now that she’s gotten older. During her Today Show interview she said,

“You know what, I switch it from day to day — I don’t wear it exactly everyday anymore, but I always have something there. When I was 13 my mom spoke to me about purity and waiting for marriage and different things like that. And, you know, at the time I was like, ‘Sure that’s great,’ but I can’t say what’s gonna happen a couple of months from now. People grow.”

And this comes just a few days after Jordin announced that she is now dating 22 year old singer/songwriter/actor/dancer Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known as Jason Derülo. Do you think he had any part in changing her mind? More importantly, since Jordin is role model for young girls, does she have more of responsibility for taking a “virginity stance”?


  • munroe

    these two??! hahahaha

  • Dubb-B(female type)

    If it’s been this long, why not wait until he puts a ring on it?

    • Lula Bell

      Jordan girl You have no idea what will happen in your relationship if you give your virginity to this guy before marriage. There will be consequences and he will not respect you in the long run. He will be riding high on pride for so long. This will cause him to not cherish you and adore you to the fullest and the love making will wane over time. If sex is meant for marriage somewhere in time when people had high morals, then there are reason why. And believe you me the reasons are darn good. Premarital sex ruins a great marriage and makes it a mediocre marriage. A girl feels so special and loved deeply by a man when she waits until the wedding day for sex. The guy feels so courageous because he did not shoplift or steal the virginity before the time appointed by God. You will end up wishing your man had some courage in the marriage. This means he faces what is difficult or hard head on and does not run. It is sin to have sex before marriage and that is why the conseqences are major. Jordan mom taught her right and now she has allowed this boy to ignite passions by touching and desire for sex occurs. This desire is not good and should be for wedding night only. A boy needs not touch a girl or see her body until then. This guy will learn to honor and respect you by waiting until marriage. This will be so hard to teach him if he gets to take virginity before the appointed time. I am a witness to all i am saying and realize now it is best to follow the highest moral excellence and

    • Lula bell

      yOU THINK you want a ring now. you will really want one after you become emotionally involved with sex. I am sure you are not even emotionally prepared for how your emotions will skyrocket with a desire for security and a proposal as you fall head over heels in love after the two join as one in sin.

  • Ruth

    Jordin just wait gal,i’ve stayd virgin after u

    • Lula Bell

      Amen! Keep your clothes on. You must learn what men are all about. Power competency and mastery. If you give them sex before marriage, they see it as a conquest and gloat in it. They will not be busy adoring you in the long run. He will be busy gloating in his conquest. You will not be able to tear him down from the pedestal. A man of honor, courage, valor, and respect for women is hard to find. A guy will not want to marry a girl he gets to have sex with him before marriage. He has not got a reason to do so. It is not hard or physics to understand this.

    • Lula Bell


  • Ron Burgundy

    Jordin….baby let me tap that ***** for you the first time. I promise I will be much better than that thuggy dude you are dating.

  • Turinawe Hillary

    let her keep her promise ..
    yes people grow but i think she will be the first celebrity gal to do it better ..as in to be virgin till maeriage
    Now that her and derulo are very serious of there marriage , let her promise the real
    nice time
    am Hillary Bigup site vistors..

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