Is Jordin Sparks Giving Up Her Virginity Pledge For Her Boyfriend? : “People grow.”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

22-year-old singer Jordin Brianna Sparks visited to the Today Show, where she revealed some secrets about her sex life. After winning the sixth season of American Idol, at just 17 years old, she took on an innocent image. Back then, she wore a virgin promise ring everyday, vowing not to have sex before marriage. But, apprently, she’s having second thoughts now that she’s gotten older. During her Today Show interview she said,

“You know what, I switch it from day to day — I don’t wear it exactly everyday anymore, but I always have something there. When I was 13 my mom spoke to me about purity and waiting for marriage and different things like that. And, you know, at the time I was like, ‘Sure that’s great,’ but I can’t say what’s gonna happen a couple of months from now. People grow.”

And this comes just a few days after Jordin announced that she is now dating 22 year old singer/songwriter/actor/dancer Jason Joel Desrouleaux, better known as Jason Derülo. Do you think he had any part in changing her mind? More importantly, since Jordin is role model for young girls, does she have more of responsibility for taking a “virginity stance”?