Jim Jones Arrested Twice In Three Days, Apologizes to Son for ‘Acting Like A Beast’

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Rapper Jim Jones, 35, can’t seem to catch a break with the law these days. Just this weekend, while in Connecticut, the Harlem native was maced due to an altercation with a man in a casino. And yesterday, only 2 days later, Jones was arrested again for driving with a suspended┬álicense. The rapper has since been released.


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However, Jones’ rep has come forward claiming that he, in fact, does not have a suspended license in New York and Jones adds that there must have been a glitch in the police computer system. Also, Jones claims he wasn’t even driving the car at first, until the cops came up and told him to move the car while his driver went to a store to pick up some items. Shortly after he got in the driver’s seat, he was arrested as the cops were told he had a suspended license and took him in. But the rep does add that the police were “very cool and respectable” and that the charges will, “all be thrown out.” Jimmy also tweeted a public apology to his son for his behavior for the weekend altercation that he was involved in. He tweeted:
And here’s a photo of Jim Jones and his son, Pudy:
Better luck next week!

  • Chelsia

    Am I the only loser who didnt know he had a son? O-O

    • No boo, I didn’t know either. And now I’m even more upset with Chrissie for wanting this man.

  • Najeema.. ur a mess. Leave the man and his fam alone. lol…

  • Dubb-B(female type)

    Sooo…Him and Chrissy have been together for how long? And how old is this little boy? Hmmm…Suspect…

    • Jacque

      Highly! Guess she is ‘accepting and blind’.

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