Finally, Usher Answers :: Does He REALLY Want Chilli Back? + Details on New Album and His Hot Dog Game

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It’s been more than eight years since 33-year-old R&B singer, Usher Terry Raymond, and his ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old, Rozonda “Chilli” Ocelean Thomas, of TLC, broke up. The two began dating in 2001 and ended their relationship in 2003. This was a major disappointment to many of us, since the couple was a favorite among celebrity pairings. Since then, both parties have moved, on though…or so it seems. Usher was remarried in 2007, to Tameka Foster. And Chilli got her own dating reality show, titled “What Chilli Wants.”

But both were unsuccessful. Usher and Tameka divorced in 2009, and Chilli never did find that man she wanted, through her dating show. Fast forward to the present day, and Usher hit the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. And while there, he talked about the chances for a rekindling of flames between he and Chilli, as well as his upcoming album, and his parenting duties. Peep a few excerpts.

On Parenting:

“Thank God I have a grand-mama, and an aunt, and a nanny, and a team, because it’s a lot. It’s the thing that makes life worth living and worth working hard… I ride them to school in a minivan.”

On what he can cook for his kids:

“I cook a mean hot dog. And I’m really good with re-cooking [pre-made meals].”

On his upcoming album:

“I’m not finished with it yet. I just put out one record, “Climax.” But working on it has been incredible. I’m just working on some different things, and trying some different styles of music; just touching on different genres, but still keeping the soul in it. “Climax” is just a small indication of what you’ve got to look forward to.”

On getting back with Chilli:

“I don’t know. I don’t think that we would get back together. It’s been a long time… It didn’t really work out. She’s a sweet girl, though. I was talking to her not too long ago… Realistically we all have something that we feel like we should have done better or different. But I don’t really live with regret. I’m living in the moment. You gotta live through your mistakes. If you don’t appreciate something at one time, then hopefully it’ll come back around… It’s all in the aesthetic. There’s certain little nuances in a relationship that you might not get in others.”

What he looks for in a relationship:

“I think it’s really good to have good communication. Because I move around and travel a lot. My lifestyle is much different than it has ever been before. I have children now. I’m not going to sit and argue and debate about certain things, and you shouldn’t either. However, if you’re able to hear each other quickly, then we can keep it moving. Any relationship that way is good.”

On social networking with his fans:

“It’s good to be able to have direct contact with your consumer. After having 40 million followers on facebook, if you have an idea or something that you want to give them, you can give it directly to them. This modern age of technology allows us to be able to get to them quickly and hear from them. I love being able to hear what my fans are saying about me and what I’m doing on twitter.”

Check out the footage.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq2Ap2uBnTI&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

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  • Anonymous

    Usher are you back with Rozonda Thomas? I know people make mistakes. You are the perfect couple.

    I believe that you have both learnt from your past mistakes. I pray that you both get back together if you haven’t and hopefully get married.

    I am also a fan of your music and TLC.

    I wish you all the best for the future.


  • David O. Ayinde

    On Getting Back With Rozonda Thomas

    Usher Raymond Thomas will you get back with Rozonda? I know people make mistakes, but I think you are both a great couple. I pray that you both get back with each other and one day get married.

    I am a fan of your music and TLC.

    I wish you the best for the future.

    David O Ayinde


  • Usher and Chilli

    I agree they both are beautiful people and they look sooooo good together. I pray they get back together. This is the right time for them. Chilli is so beautiful. Please start over. Usher go get your wife because Chilli is the one.

  • Ash

    They did make a cute couple. It’d be nice to see them together again. She seems like a really sweet person.

  • jazmyn

    i think its remarkable what usher and chilli once had together and i believe that its meant to be… maybe this is why neither of them can really find that true love within someone else..chilli and usher raymond is where its at! GET BACK TOGETHER !!! -tomeka foster was never the one…something about her, i saw right through her

  • deamber

    They should get back together chilli and usher they were meant to be

  • Usher and Chilli

    I pray 2013 brings usher and Chilli back together again. Much much love for the both of them.

  • kaystarz

    I still strongly believe that Usher and Chilli were meant to be,they are soul-mates and must get back together. Until then they will never find true love or what they are looking for in other partners.Usher, be a man and go get your woman because you are what chilli wants :)

  • mlcooper

    I think that they was good together and I agree that they can not find anybody else because it suppose to be them together. I would love to see Usher and Chilli back together asap.

  • tweety

    usher need to let burn with that man lookass grace she fake ass hell she only wants his money man up usher go get chilli your wife you still love her pls. don’t let this ugly ass lady bring you down old ass she been marry two time why you with her chilli never been marry all your fans and friends want back with chilli grace ugly ass plz. you make bad for usher grace is a gold digger young man you don’t need grand mother ok go get your wife chilli man up call make things right grace is not the one stop been stupid an see grace for fake man looking ass money that’s all she want your not happy chilli made you happy go get your wife in 2013 I love you 1 fan boo

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  • Jane

    No one is perfect but you screwed up and lost a great girl……sad. Was it really worth it? Obviously not, look where it went!

  • Refilwe

    Please get back together. Yoll r made for each other! things aint workin out in yo love lives cos it’s with the wrong ppl. Get back together and it’ll last till death do you apart!!

  • christine


    May god bless both . I hope both do get back together

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  • janina

    I wish y’all will get back together I’m from dallas tx