Rapper Iggy Azalea Denies Wearing A Weave, “My hair is real….WTF is so bad about weaves?”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Apparently, T.I.’s rapper Iggy Azalea, is totally over people claiming that she’s wearing a weave. She recently hopped on twitter to dispute that she has a sewn-in, weave or any other miscellaneous strand that doesn’t grow from her scalp. Peep her vent:

i will never understand why me owning a hair company equates to me having a sew in. MY HAIR IS REAL. but i also went to hair school.    into having great hair. natural or not and im into helping other women feel great about their own… why is that strange. i honestly dont know how you think i could have a sew in and snatch a ponytail back this close to my scalp. but you know me. fake hair. fake ass. ribs removed. lipo. teeth. toes. allllllll that. all fake everything. wtf is so bad about weaves anyhow. 85% of girls i know have them. i say, go for it. i guess the thing i find frustrating is that instead of saying: she has nice ______ i like it. ppl have to find a way to make it fake. why cant great just be great and leave it at that. ill never understand it, and i hate that im having a vent about it but it really erks me.

Meanwhile, am I the only one that didn’t know she owned a hair company?