Rapper Iggy Azalea Denies Wearing A Weave, “My hair is real….WTF is so bad about weaves?”

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Apparently, T.I.’s rapper Iggy Azalea, is totally over people claiming that she’s wearing a weave. She recently hopped on twitter to dispute that she has a sewn-in, weave or any other miscellaneous strand that doesn’t grow from her scalp. Peep her vent:

i will never understand why me owning a hair company equates to me having a sew in. MY HAIR IS REAL. but i also went to hair school.    into having great hair. natural or not and im into helping other women feel great about their own… why is that strange. i honestly dont know how you think i could have a sew in and snatch a ponytail back this close to my scalp. but you know me. fake hair. fake ass. ribs removed. lipo. teeth. toes. allllllll that. all fake everything. wtf is so bad about weaves anyhow. 85% of girls i know have them. i say, go for it. i guess the thing i find frustrating is that instead of saying: she has nice ______ i like it. ppl have to find a way to make it fake. why cant great just be great and leave it at that. ill never understand it, and i hate that im having a vent about it but it really erks me.

Meanwhile, am I the only one that didn’t know she owned a hair company?

  • L.A.

    Owns hair company and went to hair school? Ummm at least she’s more than one dimensional.

    • JUST LEAVE IGGY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikki

    hair might be real… but she did get thick overnight.. but im sure thats not a big deal either

    • She’s been thick…. somebody sounds jealous of her natural beauty.

  • Anonymous

    yea the pitcture of her hair above maybe her hair but that hair she getts that touches her butt isnot… clearly.

  • Anonymous

    yal just needa mind yal business even if she got fake hair or hips or butt she looks good and even if she puts extention i bet she still got hair than yal nappy headed ass…..shes good looking and just stop hating…atleast she aint overdo it like nicki minaj ….cuz all nicki wear is weave and its ight….nicki is a real barbie plastic every where and fake

  • Mel

    If she were black then I can understand the questioning of fake hair, but it is very normal for a white girl to have really long hair. Iggy’s hair is real, and so is her butt.

    • lolo

      if that is the case then we must assume her ass is fake considering she isn’t black. Aside from the ignorance, white girls wear weaves and not all black girls wear weaves. In essence you can not assume just based off of her skin color she absolutely can not be wearing a weave.

    • lolo

      sorry I just realized how late my comment is…but I stand firm with my point.

    • omg how racist is your comment? :L i’m white and wear a weave and am skinny aprt from my fat back lol and i also know a lot of black women who don’t wear weaves and DON’T have big asses. Everyone is different and stereotyping is ignorant and not cool.

    • Christine

      Most non-black female celebs have always worn wigs and weaves for the “Hollywood Hair”. They just get a pass. Black women can grow their hair, have you seen those natural hair women. It’s learning about the techniques to do so. It’s funny how y’all never question how all these non-black chicks were getting full lips and now big butts now.

  • Wtf h*es ? First things first she the realest c8
    Nothing, NOTHING, is fake about Iggy.
    Her hair is real, her ass is real, her face is real.
    Get a life.. for real. All you do is just find a way to insult others..
    Afterall, you all are just jealous people who wish to be like her.
    Tata b*tches.

    • Noxy

      No, she’s only a culture appropriating racist.

      From Australia, acting like a Southern Black woman- because that’s -totally- not being fake. At all.

  • alexandra

    let her wear wave that is her chose i dosnt matter if she thinks she is pretty wareing it let her

  • p.s. if iggy was ever gonna have plastic surgery, the first thing she would have got done woulda been her tits and nose. she aint had them done :) look at pics of her as a kid, she looks the same, with long platinum blonde hair (it’s clearly real, it’s all the same length ya’see) and her ass is real, the shape isn;t perfect. idk i just feel that because she’s so hot ya’ll think she’s fake and that’s sad. Let her be beautiful please <3

  • kmey

    It shouldn’t matter what she looks like! Adele said “I don’t make music for the eyes. I make music for the ears.” and we should apply that to all artists.

  • Christine

    I saw Iggy Azalea on MTV, and she was talking about how her manager “convinced” her to start wearing wigs. But that was only after she was caught in a picture of her wig peeling up in the front. Iggy is a liar. Fake hair, fake butt.

  • allie

    iggys not fake shes as real as can be so yall ugly haters stop hatin , bc im Italian and wear weave , and I got a hour glass shape just like her with a big ass , and im a blonde . so I take this to offense , bc if yall think shes fake , does that mean im fake bc I look just like her and im only 16 , so get a life wanna bes , just bc she looks great don’t mean you gotta put her down , so swerve

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Iggy Is beautiful