2 Chainz Explains Kanye’s Silence + Having Cool Parents: “I was allowed to stay in the trap and sell narcotics.”

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Yesterday, 35-year-old rapper, 2Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) stopped by Hot 97 with Angie Martinez to promote his upcoming album, “Based on a T.R.U Story,” which will hit stores on August 14th. While at the station, he talked about possibly signing to G.O.O.D Music with Kanye West; how he deals with criticism like the diss tweet that Tyler the Creator released about him; as well as what his childhood was like. He even mentions why Kanye would not speak when he appeared with him on 106 & Park. Peep the quotes.

On why Kanye wouldn’t speak at 106 and Park:

“I’ve been communicating with ‘Ye for a little over a year now.  ‘Ye, he came to BET, and by him being in the back while I was getting dressed and getting ready, the guys from BET started coming back there.  It soon became all about him.  Everything they wanted me to do, they started asking him and his whole goal was to come up and [support].”

On if he’s signing to G.O.O.D. Music:

“It’s some things we’re working out, basically.  It’s pretty cool.”

On Tyler the Creator’s diss against his “Beez In The Trap” verse:

“The Tyler, the Creator dude… He has an opinion.  He doesn’t like the verse.  I didn’t say nothing.  I retweeted his verse and I told him maybe [Nicki] should have asked him to do it so he could of rode his bike in the video.  People are gonna say slick stuff on Twitter, but I can’t trip.  It’s Twitter.”

On how he deals with criticism:

“People take shots all the time and I start laughing. Because they don’t understand why someone would rock with me. But I bust my ass, nobody gave me nothing. So that’s my attitude when people try to question why [other big artists want to work with me]. Its just a personality trait that I have. When I get around people I’m comfortable being myself and they appreciate that.”

On his upbringing:

“My dad was locked up when I was growing up. So he gave this rule, from prison, that I could curse, but I couldn’t curse at my mama. So at 12, all my friends would come to my house like, ‘you cussin in front of yo mama?’ And I’m like ‘Man, [bleep, bleep, bleep].’ I was allowed to stay in the trap, sell narcotics, because I was helping my mom pay the bills… None of my friends’ daddy was there, all of us were raised by single women… Coming from where I’m from, being an athlete and selling drugs were super normal. I came from a lot, I’m happy to be where I am, I’m planning on going further places.”


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