Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy Wants A Half Mill in Attorney Feels + $20K in Child Support

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry, is trying to take her to the cleaners. The two, who have a 4-year-old daughter together, have been a very public and nasty custody war. And Gabriel has asked a judge for a half a million dollars in attorney’s fees, along with $20,000 a month in child support.

Why does one need $20k in child support? He alleges that he needs to the proper environment to care for their daughter. What does a judge think about this request? No word yet, because he (nor his lawyer) had filed the appropriate paperwork. The case will continue. But what do you think? Is there any reason why Halle should pay for his court fees? And what about child support? After all, Halle Berry is an Oscar-Award winning actress, who may be able to afford it, right? [TMZ]


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  • Chelsia

    Child support goes to whomever has custody right?

  • GAubryLEvangelista=GOLDDIGGERS

    Gabriel Aubry just like Linda Evangelista aren’t working as much anymore so they are using their respecting children as ca$h cows!

    Both Aubry and Evangelista want that $ because they are 2 spiteful,angry,bitter,envious lazy mooches,leeches gold diggers because they got used to live off Halle and Pinault (Evangelista’s babby daddy)and they got cut off

    Halle is THE one who takes care of Nahla because Nahla is with Halle,Halle pays for her food,puts a roof over her head,pays for her school,around the clock security after that madman broke into Halle’s house 3 days in a row,pays for Nahla’s piano lessons,pays for her clothes,pays for airfare and hotel fares when Halle has to fly overseas for work.Halle does it ALL and has NEVER asked Aubry for a penny!

    Aubry not only wants Halle to pay for his attorney fees but he has the audacity to demand that Halle pays for he and Nahla’s airfare so that He can take her to see his family in Canada and Aubry is worth $ 10.000.000 !

    I hope both judges not only refuses to grant them that insulting amount of $ but tells them to go find a JOB as well and to get the hell out of their courts!

    • gmfuhlman

      I so agree with you, because this is one of the main reason she left him. Because she was doing it all. He has never paid for anything, and now he feels that he deserve this. Farther more he has stop working and is counting on Halle to take care of him for the rest of her life. My feeling is that this has nothing to do with their daughter. He can’t get over that she has moved on and that she has cut him off completely. I would say that he needs to be a man and get a job to help take care of their daughter, and not expected a handout!!!

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