Judge Orders Pilar Sanders Not To Beat Children With Belt

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Pilar Sanders’ image seems to be getting worse, rapidly. This week, we learned that after the altercation that she had with her estranged husband, Deion, a judge ordered her to leave their shared mansion.

What’s more, is that Deion was granted temporary custody of their two children. And if that’s not enough, a judge gave Pilar specific instructions on how she can physically discipline their children. Rumor Fix reports:

Deion’s attorney, Rick Robertson, tells RumorFix exclusively that the Mod Squad star, who is not allowed to go within the fences surrounding Deion’s residence, was also ordered not to use “corporal punishment” on her children other than the use of her hand on their buttocks. Robertson tells us, “This is important because there was all sorts of evidence of use of a belt and disagreements about how the children should or should not be punished.”

The judge is due to look at remaining custody issues at a hearing on May 15.

  • Cam1

    This is getting uglier and uglier.

  • Netta B

    This is what I have a problem with:

    Corporal punishment is not against the law – child abuse is against the law. In lieu of Deon Sanders doing any and everything to make Pilar look awful, I’m not convinced that Pilar is getting a fair shake. (And all of this from a person who personally does not believe in spankings.) I find it hard to believe that Pilar was beating their children excessively. Give me a freakin break. This exacerbated by the fact that Deon has made quite the spectacle of their most recent altercation makes me cringe. I feel like Pilar is not getting the credit she is due for being a stay at home mom and it reinforces that society fails to recognize homemakers. Sad!

  • Mrs.Melanie Evers-Parker

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