Nicki Minaj Defends Kesha Nichols, Says She’s Saddened by ‘Basketball Wives’

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Nicki Minaj is a fan of VH1’s popular Basketball Wives show, but she isn’t a fan of bullying. And according to Nicki, Monday night’s episode, that involved an altercation with Kesha Nichols and Tami Roman, was what she considers ‘bullying.’ How do we know? After the episode, she tweeted:

And then, she RT’ed, Kesha’s blog post about bullying.

Here’s an excerpt of Kesha’s post about bullying:

It has been difficult for me to decide what to include in this blog entry.  As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in Episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand.  I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better.

Read the full blog post here. P.S. Are you surprised that Nicki took a stance on this? And should other celebrities weigh-in on this or is it simply not that serious?

  • kelly

    The way that Tammi treated her was really sad. It was degrading. I hated the fact that Kesha said that black girls treat her like that when in fact the black girls were the ones treating her with decency. Evelyn dissed her one week and Suzie is the one who started the whole thing. But she is the “poor biracial girl” that all the black girls pick with. Tammy smacked a dark skinned girl in the face and called her “black ass” but she did not blame it on black girls. She sure did pull out that poor tragic mulatto card. The girl picking on you was light skinned with green eyes.

    I will say, however, that the way that she was treated was really sad. I just felt sad for the her. Tammy has serious problems. I am actually angry at the way Tammy degraded her. She is a 40 year old woman.

    • T.Monique

      @Kelly.. for you to refer to kesha as the “poor Biracial girl” accusing black women for her issues. Well let me tell you something, I too am biracial and it’s hard! You rarely fit in anywhere unless you look more of one race or find other biracial friends. Your never “black” enought for your black friends and in my case never “latin” enough for your latin side. Then you have the black friends saying you arent black because of your grade of hair or light skin, but since i dont speak spanish well im not latin enough either, cause i was born im America and dont speak spanish. I am colombian and black and i get tired of people asking me “what are you?” Everyone goes through different adversity’s and discrminations, but it kind of sucks worse when it comes from people of your own race, or races in our cricumstances. I feel kesha on her frustration and Tami offended Kesha by making the comment that she did, further more it plucked a nerve and Tami needs to own up to it.

      • Anonymous

        I am also biracial. I never had a problem fitting in. My black friends do not treat me diffrent from anybody elese. I do not know what state or city you are from. But in my town is alot of us is mixed race. We are get along fine. Every black person is mixed with something. So we are all biracial.

      • nichle

        @ T.Monique…..Are you saying that only biracial people are light-skinned. that’s not accurate. there are plenty of light-skinned blacks, so how can we be jealous because your light-skinned. that just doesn’t make since. I think that jealousy is a human thing…not a race thing. There are alot of blacks who are jealous of blacks…women jealous of women and men jealous of men. Let’s not make jealousy a character flaw limited to one group.

        • KreeSA

          @nichle you need to read correctly. Stop putting words into peoples mounths, read and then comment. Instead of making an fool of yourself.

    • L. Carter

      Just for the record: When Kesha referred to “black girls” mistreating her, she wasn’t referring directly to the BBW cast. She meant in general, in the past. She said she’d always been “too black for the white girls, and too white for the black girls”. Nonetheless, this isn’t a race thing. Yes it started the conflict, but it was about more than that. ADULT BULLYING was really the issue, and what was displayed by Tami Roman.

      I’ve officially boycotted this show, this was the last straw for me. I’m tired of seeing women of color being degraded for the sake of ratings!!! Shaunie O’Neal should be ashamed of herself. Not only did she personally witness the altercation and not do anything about it, she’s the executive producer of this show and let this madness ensue this entire season!

      • MeMe

        I agree with you Roman.. you literally took the words right out of my mouth. Tammy pissed me off, but so did Shaunie. Shaunie is “pimping” those stupid girls. Its all about the benjamins and it dont matter to her at what cost!!! Very very sad….

        • Angela

          Shaunie is pimping the hell out of those women. She says nothing, does nothing, but just sits and lets everything happens. Also, I’ve noticed if she thinks it’s a little too quiet, she will start some mess on purpose. Susie is the other instigator, always throws the rock and hides her hand with her scary ass self. Truly, are those women really that desperate or hard up? And some of them have the nerve to call themselves mothers, damn shame and so very pathetic, just plain SAD.

    • Anonymous

      First of all learn how to spell Tami’s…….. if you feel the need to dog a person get the spelling correct!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Shut the F up! We all know what she meant. Stick to the point. Ya know, the subject.

  • Briana
  • MARC


  • MARC

    @Briana thanks I signed it!

  • kris

    @Briana me 2!

  • Cam1

    I am not surprised by Nicki’s advocacy on this issue. All it takes is one to change.

  • candy

    I am saddened by the display of ignorance, hood-ness and disgrace of it all. I cant even imagine going through/putting up with the foolishness i’ve seen from this show. I dont think that there’s anything that tami can say to look better in the eyes of the public after the torment that she put that young lady (kesha) through. I was in tears over this and upset that an over grown woman could treat another human being as she did on last night’s show. To see kesha looking battered and wounded tore my heart up. I refuse to support bullying and tami has done that every season since she’s been on there. However, i will be finishing out this season to see what unfolds, but after this season i cant do it anymore.

  • Merrick

    So disturbing that Tami never takes responsibility for the “black\white-Lisa\Kesha” comment which started this. She needs to accept responsibilty for how it came off to Kesha which is more important than justifying her intentions when she said it. Then the height of ignoracne on Tami’s part to act as if Kesha committed some gross foul act by seeking help from authorities to get her consficated items back from a truculent brute who had been antagonizing and terrorizing her verbally for hours while the others did next to nothing to help protect Kesha’s basic rights from being violated when all of it was going down. Lastly I think the real cowards are Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie bc they all just sat there didn’t even try to take the purse from Tami. Double dose of coward for Suzie for trying to convice Kesha to get her belongings back and let Tami refer to her as Bitch but not Evelyn and Shaunie when Tami was yelling at Kesha at the Table. Shaunie is supposed to be the the Boss of the show so I thought. She could’ve pulled rank and stood up to Tami’s behavior. Then Evelyn’s crocadile tears to Kesha as she cosigns with Tami’s logic. One beast and 3 2faced liars jeez. Last season I’m watching this!

    • T.Monique

      Yeesssss! Took the words right out of my head! I totally agree 100%

    • Bianca

      Yes, I agree, too! Tami referred to Suzi as ‘THAT motherfucker’ while she was sitting right there – shade! But, to be honest, after a couple of days of reading the avalanche of anger at Tami, I am starting to feel a little sorry for her. It has to be hard when the ENTIRE COUNTRY is calling you out on your shit. Yes, what Tami did was some sick, sadistic bullshit, but there were three grown women and an entire production team present. Someone should have put a stop to that shit. It went on and on and on… I love Shaunie, but doesn’t she sign the damn checks? I don’t think Tami should blame it on the editing. And Suzi shit the fuck up!!!

    • Anonymous

      You said it all. I was bullied as a kid and when I saw Kesha sitting there looking and feeling defeated, I saw myself as a kid. It is so sad that these are now grown women bullying other grown women. Now that I am grown, I am

  • T.Monique

    This entire show has been so sad. Evelyn loss me as a fan and definitely Tami! I am so disgusted at Tami’s behavior it’s rediculous. Suzie needs to check her mouth or else none of this would have went down and further more Tami needs to check herself! What Kesha said was in no way offensive and wouldnt have been said had Tami not made her smart, rude remark about Kesha not looking black. @Kelly.. for you to refer to kesha as the “poor Biracial girl” accusing black women for her issues. Well let me tell you something, I too am biracial and it’s hard! You rarely fit in anywhere unless you look more of one race or find other biracial friends. Your never “black” enought for your black friends and in my case never “latin” enough for your latin side. Then you have the black friends saying you arent black because of your grade of hair or light skin, but since i dont speak spanish well im not latin enough either, cause i was born im America and dont speak spanish. I am colomonian and black and i get tired of people asking me “what are you?” Everyone goes through different adversity’s and discrminations, but it kind of sucks worse when it comes from people of your own race, or races in our cricumstances. I feel kesha on her frustration and Tami offended Kesha by making the comment that she did, further more it plucked a nerve and Tami needs to own up to it.

  • Mrs.Melanie Evers-Parker

    They Need 2Fire Tammy,,1st Meeka,,Now Keyshia EeerrrrrrNew Woman She Attacks Them,What Made Me Thru With Bulletta Tammy Is When She Said Somewhere I Read,It Was TMZ That If She Wasn’t On The Show,,,,MILLIONS Of People Would Miss Her,,Lol,,She Really Full Of Herself,,I’ll Say This She’s 2Grown 2Act Like She Do,,If She On There Next Season,,,I Won’t B Watching,Shit I Turned The Channel Last Night,,,Wrong Is Wrong,Remember When She 1st Came On The BBW Show???My Girl Is Evelyn,,What IRespect About Her She’s Been The Same Since Day1,She Got Her Own Show,,Shaunie Cool 2,Keyshia,That’s It!Done

  • Meski

    I have never in my life seen tv this disgusting immature and degrading towards women. That poor girl was getting bullied. Completely unexceptable.

  • An OLD fan of Tami

    I was so very upset and saddened after watch that episode. I can’t believe how screwed up that whole thing was. Tami definitely lost a true fan (me) and I can’t understand how Shaunie could sit there and allow that to continue. Suzie has absolutely no backbone and shoves her head up every ass just to fit in. She’s messy, scary and classless!

  • An OLD fan of Tami

    @Mrs.Evers-Parker, they also need to fire that fake messy ass Suzie. #HottMess.Com

  • Nisha

    It doesn’t matter if Kesha was mixed or not. She is “woman” & presented herself as a lady! Tami on the other hand behaved like an untamed wilder beast & she really needs to be put in a cage for her disgusting behavior!

  • Sherie

    Tammy is so disgusting. She is dangerous and a gigantic bully. She acts so ghetto, it is hard to watch her. Very embarassing. If she had done that to me, I would have called the police, not just inquired about it. She would have been in jail in a foreign country. She thinks it is okay to bully someone, keep their property from them, go through their phone and not pay a price. Disgusting. She needs to get off that show. She is gross and classless.

  • Sandra Lyles

    I am with you Briana. I signed for this show to be taken off the air. Someone has to intervene and speak up about show that degrade us as women that do not acknowledge sisterhood. Not one of those women put Tami in her place. Shaunie, Evelyn, or Suzie. Really Seriously. VH1 should have intervened. Shame on the cast and the network.

  • I went thru school with Kesha and she has always been a wonderful person. True to herself, her dreams and anything and anyone with whom she crosses paths. I have always admired Kesha for being such a strong biracial woman. As with any situation she will, without a doubt, deal with it tastefully and with her head held high. Love ya Kesha and keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      Someone said they feel sorry for Tami. Well Tami has done this way to many times and if she cared about what people say. She would have changed her tune long time ago. I am not mixed but of lighter skin. And you best believe I caught it from the darker skin girls and the white side. I had long hair and as they would say I was HIGH YELLOW:). Keisha I think she should have told them replay the tape for Tami and for Tami to stop beleiving everthing she here. Suzy is such a witch back stabbing female. Well hell they all are. I just wish Keisha leave the show and start her on spin off with Jen.

      • cassie

        Ok, I want to go to the part that fueled this attack. After Tami’s first verbal attack on Kesha “Bitch,bitch and more Bitch” naturally you are going to want to talk to someone. At that time it was Royce and Suzie. I don’t consider that has talking behind ones back. That’s Tami trying to be more relevant than she is. Royce bought it up to Tami about her behavior towards Kesha and Tami wasn’t pleased with her for telling her she was wrong. I’m sure Tami got more tidbits from Suzie who always take it out of context when she tattle tales. So Royce was the one who ignited Tami.But you can bet Suzie’s two cents was in there. Her telling Kesha not to call the police, just apologize to Tami, all of them really were pretty much telling her to kiss Tami’s butt as they do to keep the beast calm. Did anyone notice Shaunie in the back ground sitting at the table laughing while Tami was being so abusive? Had Kenya Bell been there,she probably would have fallen over the railing laughing. It was so sad that these are grown women witnessing and allowing the bullying. It would have been taken better had they or one of them stood up to Tami when she first turned that chair around and said,”No! You are going to far and being petty. But they were all in Kesha’s ear, apologize to her.Yet Tami is busy bullying and breaking laws with the eye of the camera on her. The world has seen and heard her, then she lies saying she didn’t steal the purse. it was left there and and there was no else but her to get it. She didn’t allow Kesha to get her purse, Eve,Shaun and Suzie all sat there and watched Tami take the purse,then go through it and her phone, Evelyn even looked through her phone.Invasion of privacy,the lie about the key so they could put dead fish in Kenya’s room.Wonder how much money the hotel will have to spend to clean that smell out?
        I’m going to sign this petition. All those grown women and not one was using basic common sense nor one ounce of human kindness. This show does not merit another season.

      • A spin off with Jen, Kesha and Royce, the show would have class and show women doing something positive.

        • Sensation

          That would be a pleasure these women are truly ladies and displays such.

  • Tea

    I was sad to see what I saw Monday night! Keisha you were the strong one, Tammy was the weak one. Hold your head up high, don’t break down to her level. Tammy behavior was  so horrible and poor example of black woman communicating.

  • Michelle

    This really isn’t an issue of black, white or any other nationality of color. Right is right and wrong is wrong…regardless! Tami was completely wrong in every aspect! It brought me to tears (as it did many others) to see that one human being could thrash into another the way Tami did Kesha, not to mention making her beg for her own property that Tami nor Evelyn had a right to have nor go through! This bullying needs to stop. If supposedly grown a$$ adults are doing this on national television then what does that say to our youth? Kesha is a very strong intelligent young lady that handled it the way she should have…walk away, remove yourself from the negativity and bring the bully to an even wider public display for awareness that, that behavior is unacceptable! Good job Kesha! There are many in this world that are not as strong as you and commit suicide behind bullying. I pray for your continued strength and beauty and I pray for those that are still being bullied…Turn to God for strength to make the right decision to do something about it in a positive way. Peace!

  • Proud of you Kesha

    Not only did they go into Kesha’s purse and removed her iPhone, Tami proceeded and took Kesha’s black wallet out of Kesha’s purse, opened the wallet and proceeded to looked through the black wallet. Tami needs to be charged with theft period. Tami is one of those big mouth women who picks on people she thinks she can control. On a side note Royce and Suzie are not responsible for Tami’s actions do not start the blame game. Tami took it upon herself to belittle Kesha, remember Tami

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line is Tami needs help, she is a bully and all the other girls who witnessed this in their presence are just as weak because none of them had the courage to take action and defend Kesha. Tami trash anyway, she got an abortion on national tv when she was on the real world..

  • Anonymous

    Here you all go again. Going full in on the same subject that many of you in blogs stated the week when Jen was smacked ” I will never watch this show again”, but all of you drama heads tuned in to see the mess and now want to talk all this shit. If you do not like the show do not watch it. Do you think these women care about comments made about them, No! They are still making money. What about all of these other shows that portray “black women” in a negative light RHOA, Bad Girls Club etc. why aren’t they getting as much attention as BW? Yall talk about haters, but I see more haters with these comments than anything. I guarantee none of you will make these same comments to Tami, Evelyn, nor Shaunies face so like Tami said STFU. BTW your petition went nowhere, BW is set for another season HATERS!!!!!

  • MeMe

    Dear Tami,

    You are indeed a poor excuse for a “woman”.. oops, did I say “woman”.. I meant CHILD.. Bullying is never OK. Not sure who taught you that, or if you too were once bullyed. However, you really should take a good hard look in the mirror and figure out where your morals are sweety. Thats if you have any!!! Yes, Im attacking… just as you attacked Keesha. This may be wrong, but you need a dose of you own medicine boo!!!!

  • Jenni

    Be glad your family wasn’t on the island cousin Kesha… the sharks might have had a feast!!! We got your back and trust me, you are well loved!!! You keep being a true lady as we know you are, we are proud of you for being who you are… take care and hold your head high!!!

  • Samantha

    It took someone bigger than Tami to acknowledge her as a bully. She
    has always done this but everyone has stooped to her level of insecurity and argued back. The only thing to do in this situation is to walk away. It’s not worth it to degrade yourself I am so happy to have seen a with selfrespect woman in front of Tami so everyone could actually see how stupid and ignorant u look when u act as if u r demanding respect when in truth real respect is earned. So for the women that lower yourself to ignorance this is how u look an act causing uncalled for distress on others when the issues lies within. For the other women where do you get off to even allow the words I understand where tami is coming from come out ur mouth. Everyone has a right to their opinion and speech it is never ok to jump on someone so irratically for that. Control yourself and show self respect and dignity. Congrats to Kesha for displaying that.

  • miss robinson

    I’m so sick of Tami trying 2 be the shot caller ,but she know who to mess with.

    • pretty d

      Yessss I agree

  • Sharon

    I was so disgusted with Basketball Wives that I wanted to barf. Tami is a BULLY! She should not be on tv, she should be locked away in jail for her bullying out-of-control behavior. I will never view BBW again, I cannot support Black women acting like Girlrillas! I think Shaunie acts very prim and proper, but she is the worst. She opened the door to Keisha’s room and let the bully, Tami in. Shaunie, Evelyn and that awful Susie just disgust me. I think that show should be taken off the air. We do not want to teach our childeren this type of behavior. It is NOT acceptable to bully ANYONE. Taking Keisha’s purse was stealing!!! Keisha didn’t GIVE Tami her purse, Tami took it without permission and voiced her intent to NOT return it; that is stealing! The audacity to tell another human being that they must come to her and ASK for their belongings! Digusting beast! Honestly,the POLICE should have been called and that FEMALE should been locked in jail. That program is trash tv and I will no longer support it by viewing it. I wish Keisha the best in the world and was glad to see she was smart enough to leave all those poisonous FEMALES to themselves, vacationing in Tahita.

  • Denise T.

    I am sick of all the name calling and everytime Tammy opens her mouth she is saying the B word. Shaunie you are a coward, Evelyn and Tammy both are bullies. Suzy you are the cause of this and a lot more. This is my last season watching the mess.

    • Embarrassed

      KARMA is the real B–ch! Miss Tami will see it real soon…and so will Evelyn, Suzi and Shaunie. The Law of the universe will prevail. It’s unfortunate that they have placed themselves in this position for a few dollars. Publicity isn’t always beneficial. Tami & Evelyn are bafoons who get a kick out of hurting other people. Nevertheless, pay-back time approaches; and money has no power when it’s time to “pay up!”

  • Miss Tee

    Tammi is a Bully and do is Evelyn. Point Blank!

  • Miss Tee

    Oh yea, Shaunie is a coward and Suzie runs her mouth too much. They must pay her to keep the drama going.

  • Ohhhh. Thanks to the bitches on BBW’s making it even more harder for a woman of color not to be judged when looking for a job. Biracial or not it’s hard in the real world to survive for a woman of color without being judged. These woman display they’re ignorance every Monday night & I don’t blame ppl for thinking all black woman act this way. Smh . We don’t all have the luxury of fucking successful men to make our mark in the real world.. The majority of us real woman start from the bottom up. So shows like this make no sense for real people.

  • Kathleen Gomez

    I am very light skinned with blue eyes. The mexicans have a name for me its called weda and the anglos called me a beaner. I was told to change me name to Conchita Gomez by the anglos and the mexican community told me to change my name to Kathleen O’Malley. I grew up on the Mexican border and I understand the pain that Kesha felt when Tami said your dont look black enough. I have never, ever taken the time to write or respond to a reality show but what I saw that Monday made old memories come back and my stomach turned. I am disappointed by the lack of leadership by Shaunie and quite frankly Susie is the root of many of these issues. When Tami took Kesha purse and became the bully it reminded me of the schoolyard bully who took a schoolbag, school money, lunch and dangled it in front of you with other bullies taunting that they would beat you. Tami no respect for you and your behavior. Physical violence nor verbal abuse would be what a woman of character would ever use.

  • Sabine

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what Tami says. Tami is the person who said that Kesha was too sensitive and needed to understand not everyone is going to say things that way she likes it — this is right after she went on a half hour tirade because she didn’t like something that Kesha said.

    Tami is the person who said that she was safeguarding Kesha’s purse because she left it and no one was there to pick it up for her. This is when there were actually a handful of people sitting and watching Tami verbally abusing Kesha and doing nothing about it.

    Tami is the person who said that Kesha acted like a child and if she wanted her purse she should come and ask for her purse. This is the same person who said that Kesha almost got her arrested by lying on her and saying she stole her purse.

    Did you or did you not take Kesha’s purse Tami? That’s stealing. And no one is more childish than you.

    Tami will say whatever she has to say to never take responsibility for her abusive behavior; that’s what bullies do. They are insecure and operate by an I will get you first mentality; they think the world is out to get them; disrespect them, abuse them.

    Tami’s speech that the only reason she didn’t hit Kesha is because she looked so pitiful and weak, she was talking to herself; that’s how Tami feels about herself, and everything else is a BIG FAT FRONT.

    Notice, she said NOTHING to Kenya when she was physically shaking from trying to hold herself back from hitting Evelyne, because she KNEW that Kenya would give her a run for her money.

    Tami is a bully and all bullies are really cowards inside. But so is Evelyn and Shaunie, we’ve seen all of them in action; they attack who they perceive as weak.

    Actually Jennifer and Kesha have shown this season that they are ten times stronger than Shaunie and Evelyne and Tami.

    Strong people can walk away.

    Suzie is the worst of the lot, the wannabe hanger on who will do anything to get approval from her clique.

  • pretty d

    Fuck all them old immature ass bitches that shit is sad and which one of them are wives again? ?????????????

  • Maria

    Just finished watching the reunion part 2. So sick with this shit. Shawnie is a two face tht laughed and encourage the fighting and now wants to be seen as classy and caring. Evelyn is another bully and Jenn should not go back to being friends with her. Violence is low class and not lady like.

  • Margo

    I absolutely adore Kesha as a person. And I don’t even have to know her to say that. She has true dignity and her message speaks loud and clear. It takes a strong person to stand up for what is right, in this case anti-bullying, and she pretty much has to stand alone against her co-stars. Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzi are a disgrace to all women in thier own way.I think most of you have already done a terrific job of calling them out. Sorry Shaunie it is a little too late to try to make a claim that you are upset by the violence that is portrayed on this show. You are a wolf in sheeps clothing, just trying to cover your ass to keep the cash flow coming your way. Kesha please do yourself and all your fans a favor and leave these baboons behind. You deserve bigger and better things than this sad ass show.

  • Imani29

    I can agree that there’s alot of drama on the show and that Tami could
    have handled the situation different but I thing Kesha is being a big baby and milking this shit. I realize that maybe most ppl or the ppl on this blog may not have grown up and lived for most of their life in an envionment where ppl speak their mind and will call someone out on
    their bullshit, but Kesha could have stood up and defended herself and not run away. Its part of life and the world isn’t always so nice. Stop being a pussy and grow some balls Kesha.

    • CELINE

      Hey Imani, Kesha has dignity and is not the type of woman that wants to fight. Tami is an out of control bully and alcoholic and cannot be reasoned with. Bullying is never acceptable no matter where you grow up or come from. Tami picked on Kesha because she perceived her to be weak…. I bet had it been another hood rat like herself, she never would have gone there…she is a coward, a bully and an alcoholic that needs to get sober to de-fog her brain and take an honest look at herself

  • Bre

    How can anyone expect younger kids to treat others with respect and resolve conflights withought bullying or any type of misstreating, when SOME adults on popular television shows cant do it. Kids that watch these shows see the things that are going on and think: since they are doing it, then its okay for me to do it too. Bullying is an extreme problem. But until it stops on tv, it wont even be thought about stopping in schools.

  • Honey

    @Angela. Shaunie just paid for her Brazilian Butt injections, ofcourse she doesn’t have time to referee, she’s got more important matters to attend to. Smh

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