Drake Calls Rihanna A Ho, Chimes In On Chris Brown & Meek Mill’s Twitter Beef

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Drake has decided to chime in on the Meek Mill and Chris Brown subliminal twitter beef about Rihanna. As we shared yesterday, this entire thing started when rumors swirled that Chris Brown took Meek Mill off one of his songs (for his upcoming album).

We hear that he removed Meek Mill off the song, after rumors swirled that Rihanna and Meek Mill were either dating or had been intimate. Click here for the backstory. Fast forward a few hours and Drake, who was just literally spotted in the club with Rihanna on Sunday in Miami, decided to chime in. Early Tuesday morning, Drizzy tweeted:

Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too. Lol…We get gyal eeeeaasy.

And Chris Brown responded:

Lol!!!! This would be a dope ass movie!!! Time to be a grown up! Getting off the path happens.. A Positive outlook shapes my future.

Rihanna also shot back, tweeting:

Cupid stay away from my ho’s!!!! It’s not your fault homie! U got caught.

Hopefully, all of these subliminal tweets will calm down, but in the meantime, who’s the biggest Queen in all of this drama–Rihanna, Drake, Chris Brown or Meek Mill?

  • Yosh

    Ooooor this could be promo for both Chris and Meek’s albums dropping this summer

  • The biggest Queen is definitely Chris Brown…doesn’t he have a girlfriend?? :-/

  • Netta B

    @Yosh – right! Its damn near ingenious all the free press they’re getting off of this. Besides, I’m sure they’ve all had a bit of Ri Ri. She’s hot!

  • BlaykeMenchacah

    Rhi needs to stop humpin the whole industry….how is that cute? Then it’s the hottest dude, the stage hand, a random fan, a producer…not hot.

  • Neka_B

    There is such a double standard, it’s 2012 right?! Ri Ri can hump on whomever she pleases she grown! If it was either one of those guys and 3 girls arguing there would be no problem. They should stop gettin caught up and catchin feelings. #itsnotevenherbirthday lol

    • Joe

      Sounds like you’re a hoe…LMAO

  • M.Dot

    Rihanna is one of the worlds most influential people. Sloring up the industry is surely influential. young women are seeing this. she is becoming unbecoming every second, even if this for publicity, very unbecoming

  • MsDute

    who rihanna aint been with? if she been ran through … leave that hoe alone! Fuck the money cuz it aint worth shit!

  • Rhi Rhi and Chris Brown Still are into each other no doubt about that… Regardless they makin music and videos with him or her lookalikes. #obvious806

  • chris brown dont deserve rihanna if anyone deserves her i think that drake does after everything he does for her he is the cutest loving one and hasnt done anything wrong to her.
    as with chris brown how many chances does he need?
    really it doesnt matter what drake called her deep down he likes her alot and he must of been angry because himm and rihanna did have a thing and she did do out with some other boy.
    as much as i like her this is advice i would rather stay with drake <3

  • McSwagger

    she not even all that,.. pretty granted n talented but come on people ive seen better looking girls on my way to the corner store. i think its more of the fact she popular right now. Like high school the popular kids always have a following of morons who attach themselves for the ride. Just happens that the popular kid has a pussy and breast and the morons in this case (drake,CB, MEek Mill) all think with their dicks and raw emotions.

  • McSwagger

    and Meek Mill great rapper but eww. He looks like a bald Wale mixed with Kanye West Broken swollen jawbone. with bad facial hair( i thought he had dirt on his face) guess thats what happens when you get the spot light and you try and change your image. Went to the barber and see hmm you think i have enough facial hair for a beard.. lmao “im with MMG now” Beards up!

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?

  • Id put it n rihannas butt and let her give me brains from that back take a video of it then send it too all 3 of them clowns………. xp

  • bored

    either rihanna’s a big hoe or she just flirts with em to f*ck around with their feelings

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  • pooh

    lmao to it ALL! Rihanna hoe but she grown.. let her do her thang.. They all fools