Tami Roman Gets Emotional On Wendy Williams, “My daughters were embarrassed of me..”

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On Monday morning, the day after the finale episode aired, Basketball Wives reality star Tami Roman visited the Wendy Williams Show. As some of you know, mid-season, Wendy Williams announced that because of the violence and negative portrayal of black women, she was no longer watching the show. And she’s not the only one.

Other celebs like Star Jones and Nicki Minaj have been quite vocal about the show’s negativity and a petition (that grew legs) received a ton of coverage as well. Today, Tami sat on Wendy’s couch (or chair for that matter) to speak on this season, what she’s learned, and even gets emotional when sharing her daughters reaction to a recent episode. Peep a few excerpts and watch the clip:

On her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson’s role in their two daughter’s lives:

“We’re not amicable…we don’t talk..he doesn’t really have a relationship with our daughter..”

On if she’s always as negative as she’s portrayed on the show:

Not all the time..I have my gully moments. I think that everybody does…everybody’s had a moment that they arent too proud of.

On her daughter’s reaction to her altercation with cast-mate, Kesha Nichols:

This particular incident taught me a valuable lesson…I wasn’t really being responsible…for the first time, I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom and they were embarrassed of me.

Watch the full interview below:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/7rakIlCpjIo[/youtube]

Post show, Tami tweeted:

So what do you think? Can we forgive Tami and move on? And will you still tune in if the show has less drama then this past season?

  • Leatrice

    I’m so sorry Tami that you are feeling so sad. I hate what had happen. I can amagine how you feel too. But Tami this too will pass. Who hasn’t done something they regret. Their stuff just ain’t been aired. Tami we are all human. You did what you had to do becuz that’s how you felt at that moment. But I do not like at all how you talked to keshia but one thing we know is that you are a good person. I saw it on the show. I so understand how you feel. My wish for you is that this all pass and that you can really hold your head up high. I personally don’t want to see you change how you speak out about how things bother you but what things you speak out can change. Because you are a strong black woman. no one can take that from you, after all you been through, you are here. you made it. you are here for a reason. a very important reason. I still have mad respect for you. So many of us does. This show didn’t take that away from us. Because there is something very special about you that we see when we see you. Know one can take that away you know. But I feel for keshia too. My heart is heavy because your heart is heavy. Just think of it this way tami. The viewers love you very much. If keshia was a butt hoe to you, we would be telling her off. Because we are one big happy family…lol Just know this we are all apart of you guys lives. When we put you down, we put you down as sisters and not as some foe on the streets. We all love all of you, eve, keshia, royce, jennifer… a lot of us viewers have been talked to like a dog like keshia. we can identify with somenone who plays upon our fear of people. my fear of people came from me being violate as well. when it happened to me, i didnn’t have a voice. that incident took away my voice. from that moment until now, it’s a struggle to speak out against aggression. it’s a struggle but it doesn’t stop me from speaking. but i hate the struggle. so you see why we don’t like it when you do our sister like that. because we are all keshia at one point in our lives. if you look back on your life, you will see where you have been keshia. Sometimes we hate in other what we see in ourselves. But when i started loving what people have tried to get me to hate, my confidence came back and it don’t bother me if someone is as weak as I am. now i try to help them. Keshia runs from trouble. that is wisdom. When their is a fool lounging an attack, a wise person would run. keshia did right. don’t try to get her to hate in her what is really good. don’t try to get keshia to be stronger where she doesn’t need strength in. don’t try to get her to be something she is not. what works for her works for her. you can’t change her because you too have different paths in life. keshia running or being quiet just might work better for where she is going in life and the same for you warrior. alone the way, we run into keshia who helps balance us warriors but then the keshia runs into warrior that helps gives them the backbone they will need for life a we walk in destiny. so yes, i’m so sorry tami that you feel so sad but i want you to know that the show wouldn’t be the same without you, eve, or anyone one else becuz we love you all. many of us don’t lay this to your charge. who am i to judge. I’m not god. I love you for who you are and i appreciate the journey you are on and i still respect you because you let us into your life and for that i say thank you. who has that amount of courage. if anyone knew my life, i couldn’t hold my head up. So thank you, yoour life is helping someone right now. your appology is helping someone. someone is change by what you said on the show. it’s not all bad. just that the bad is highlighted. but there is some good in this. so know this tami, you are in my prayers. i don’t want you to be sad becuz it makes us that love you said but remember this, this too will pass and I or we don’t hate you as much as you think. we just didn’t like how your aggression made one of our sister keshia feel. but you are our sister too and we love you just as hard. so see it that way. we are all one big happy family looking out for tami as well as keshia and jenn…and even Evelyn becuz we love her too. okay…much luv…Leatrice…lol