Tami Roman Gets Emotional On Wendy Williams, “My daughters were embarrassed of me..”

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On Monday morning, the day after the finale episode aired, Basketball Wives reality star Tami Roman visited the Wendy Williams Show. As some of you know, mid-season, Wendy Williams announced that because of the violence and negative portrayal of black women, she was no longer watching the show. And she’s not the only one.

Other celebs like Star Jones and Nicki Minaj have been quite vocal about the show’s negativity and a petition (that grew legs) received a ton of coverage as well. Today, Tami sat on Wendy’s couch (or chair for that matter) to speak on this season, what she’s learned, and even gets emotional when sharing her daughters reaction to a recent episode. Peep a few excerpts and watch the clip:

On her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson’s role in their two daughter’s lives:

“We’re not amicable…we don’t talk..he doesn’t really have a relationship with our daughter..”

On if she’s always as negative as she’s portrayed on the show:

Not all the time..I have my gully moments. I think that everybody does…everybody’s had a moment that they arent too proud of.

On her daughter’s reaction to her altercation with cast-mate, Kesha Nichols:

This particular incident taught me a valuable lesson…I wasn’t really being responsible…for the first time, I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their mom and they were embarrassed of me.

Watch the full interview below:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/7rakIlCpjIo[/youtube]

Post show, Tami tweeted:

So what do you think? Can we forgive Tami and move on? And will you still tune in if the show has less drama then this past season?