Ice Cube Confirms “Last Friday” Movie, Says Chris Tucker Will Be In Film

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For a while, there have been rumors about 42-year-old rapper/writer/producer, Ice Cube, putting his 1995 “Friday” movie series to rest with a final film. In an interview with MTV, Ice Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson) finally confirmed the rumor. He announced that he is currently finishing up the writing for the final movie, which is titled “Last Friday.” He also confessed that he had trouble getting Chris Tucker to be in the new movie (Tucker played Smokey in the previous films). Apparently Tucker has gotten all holy on us and feels that playing a pot-smoker is against his religion. But Ice Cube seems to have worked his magic and gotten Tucker to agree to act in this last installment of the series. Of the movie, Ice Cube said,

“I’m still writing [the screenplay]. I’m still in the process, I’m deep into it… [The title is] Last Friday. I want [Chris Tucker] to be in it. He’s given us every indication that he’s gonna be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know. That’s really how it goes. I’m almost finished with the script, so as soon as we can finish the script, fast motion on it.”

As if “Last Friday” isn’t enough, Ice also mentioned the biopic and the album that he’s working on. The biopic is to be about N.W.A, the Hip Hop rap group from Compton that was most popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Ice Cube was a part of the group, along with Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and a few other young rappers. Of this film, Ice Cube said,

“The script is getting tighter and tighter, and once the script is tight as sweaty butt cheeks, we’ll put it out, and we’ll start working on it.”

The album that Ice Cube is working on will be his first since 2010. The project is not yet officially titled, but  the rapper is leaning towards naming it “Everything’s Corrupt.”  he told MTV that we can expect,

“Hardcore, West Coast hip-hop”

from the album.

Ice Cube obviously has a lot going on. Which of his projects are we most excited about?


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  • The Last Firday film and the Album… Very excited bout those two! I mean, Cube is a vet and a beast on wax, I’m very interested on his approach to the industry now sense the sound has been different lately (especially with emo-rap Drake being #1 right now, which Ima fan of… production and song arrangement is actually really good)

    • Anonymous

      Do y’all really think Chris will be as funny as he was in the first one,? That was 15 years ago. I been watching his stand ups and even tho he is still funny, he is nowhere near what he use to be in the 90s. I hope in wrong

      • Anonymous

        This should be better than all the other ones!!

        • I think Tucker will be the MAIN star in the movie maybe big worm should be in it to lol NO better yet Megan Good since she was in the 1st even tho it was for a split second… Im so excited for them to start this movie but yet sad to know it will be the end to all FRIDAYS!!! If Cube does and in FACT get TUCKER to sign the contract the this last EPIC Movie It will be a major hit

          • mrs wright

            Yes he been acting to long he did good in the last rush hour

        • Okang Ellison

          Yes I agree, the Finally Reunion of Last Friday is going to be a smash hit. Cube you really should have big warm and megan good would be a nice addition to the cast.Chris tucker, Mike epps, deebo,Damon, you could even have red that got knocked the f#*ck out. Man everyone has been waiting on this filmfor at least 3 year’s now. This. Movie will top the ticket sales at the ticket box. Cube, this Movie is going to be #1 for a very very long time. Sorry for all you boot leggers, everyone will be knocking down the movie doors for this film. Smart move Oscar, smart move.

      • Anonymous

        Some people outgrow certain things in life. If its for the better then there is nothing left to say. We live learn and then we thank God for it all.

        • I just hope that its funny as hell !! I love cube and his work on stage and on the set last friday would be the shizznit brings back a lot of great memories !!

      • anonymous

        yes i think he will….i have watched all the rush hours and he still got it:)=)

      • Anonymous

        I dnt think he will b dat funny cause he got all holy.

      • Anonymous

        I think he will he’s a funny dude and i think he’ll bring the old Smokey out even though he religious i thnk he’ll do what they need him to do for the last movi and he know EVERYBODY AND THEIR momma will be paying to see that

      • Anonymous

        You never lose the art of being funny Chris Tucker will always be funny there are tons of old comedians who are still funny

      • Anonymous

        Mann I think he still got

        • sasdasadasdasasdads

          • you fuck me now

      • maurice

        Yea Chris Is definitely still funny an got it he’s just not into cussing anymore because of his religion beliefs. If he goes threw it an be in the movie slot of people will see that.

      • mrs wright

        Yes he will he is a actor is’ he or not

      • yes..and you know this mannnn!

      • Angel

        Well that was 15 years ago plus he’s christian now , he got to watch what he say !

      • demicofields

        i think he will be even funner

    • Anonymous

      I hope DaDa is still,now he’s very funny

    • drake is the best thanks for saying that

      • Anonymous

        Drake is stupid.

      • B.G.

        Sorry stupid but. Drakes nice… Eminem is insanely good…. 2pac is the greatest, then and now

      • Drake is fuckin a gay as fuck bitch that cant rap for shit and he could suck my 11in. dick

        ps that goes for wiz kalifa also aall that bitch talks about is getting high and smokig weed stupid faget as bitch

        • RallyFTW

          I agree, but I think you misspelled 11, along with the rest of your post.

        • yung

          fuck u

          • yung

            leave wiz alone

        • Anonymous

          Wait a minute…..you say drake and wiz can suck your dick and you call them gay? …what?

      • Anonymous

        Drake gay ass ain’t shit

      • Anonamis

        That nigga drake can’t rap and he can’t sing he sounds like a dying tranny horse

    • Anonymous

      They should have Damon and deebo fight.DaDa and Craig influence Smokey to burn one.uncle Elroy fuck the midgets girl.money Mike try to pimp out Debbie.Hector get day day high off angel dust.bezel try to rob pinkys.and joker and Roach come back

      • Stfu

      • Anonymous

        the guy who played roach is dead. he comitted suicide.

        • Anonymous


        • maxx


      • Anonymous

        That would be the shit dude

      • Anonymous

        Damn u should hook up wit ice cube u got 1hell of a script
        rite there lol …….don’t kill me but I 4got about all those
        case members smh ……this is goin 2b a good 1 I <3 mike & Chris

        • Ryan

          When is this movie commin out

      • toad

        k.d.aubert played donna not debbie in the last one hope she and money mike will be back

    • Anonymous

      the original was the best for sure

    • This is the most exciting news ever… Hopefully that Chris T. Will sign the contract making if AFFICALLY this will be great news to the world… Wait is Mike Eppis in it as well??? Heard Kevein Hart is too??? I need to find out more so please inform me about every thing and everyone who is going to be in the Last Friday movie…. please email me @ [email protected] can also find me on FB

    • Anonymous

      its gone be str8 but they say its funny

    • Anonymous

      i am excited about this to is mike epps gonna be in it to

  • Netta B

    Smokey, Craig, and ’em? YAY

    • Anonymous

      yea buddy

    • Anonymous

      Will smokie still smoke weed

      • Anonymous

        he’s gonna b all religious on us

        • Anonymous

          wen do it come out

    • OMG REALLY SMOKEY GRIG DADA????? What about the white boy and PINKY????? OMG pinky has got to make his apperence in this moive I love PINKY NUGGA lol People who feel the same FACEBOOK ME OR EMAIL [email protected]

      • Anonymous

        learn how to spell please. thanks :)

        • Anonymous

          Ass hole thats just rude you spell It then….

    • [email protected] PLEASE FB ME AND INFORM ME ABOUT THE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG PINKY????? DADA???? SOMKEY?????

  • Lisa c. Jackson
  • Lisa c. Jackson

    afro’s and cake-cutters, biggest-fights or a pee-chee folder

  • All I can say is that the movie theaters have no clue of what’s in store because the forth installment of Friday will have the theaters sold out three months before the movie even premieres. This is going to make comedy history. Ice Cube picked the perfect time to make the forth film and I know that it will be a movie that will be a classic comedy for generations to come. Ice Cube has done an extraordinary job with this series of films which we love so much. No words can describe how excited I am to know that the Friday Franchise is still alive and well. GOD has truly blessed Ice Cube with talent. He has the natural ability to act and keep his fans laughing out of our seats. This is going to be an EPIC film for all to see.

    • Anonymous

      Bout damn time

      • Anonymous

        Can’t wait

      • Anonymous


      • anonymous

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        • Anonymous

          Well you need to get yourself some damn help then if
          you are having these problems. Don’t be stupid and
          do some dumb shit like that man that shot, killed,
          and injured ppl..

      • True

    • Bubble Burster

      Sorry, but although I am anticipating this movie as well, your prediction will not come true. This movie will not sell out no three months in advance.

    • Billy Jack

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. What? Friday was an instant classic, but did you even watch “Next Firday” and what ever the hell the other one was called? Super wack. Last friday is gonna make my balls itch for sure.

      • vicdamone505

        Dude you are fucking trippin!!!! Next Friday was fucking classic!!!

        • Not here

          Its IS a Classic :D

      • you have a stupid name

    • stanley

      very well said.

  • darrell lundy

    waaaaaat yo day day craig an smokey in dis movie hell fuckin yes go chris tucker

  • Veronica


    • Anonymous

      Hell yea

    • Anonymous

      Hell yea all des othah hoez like itz gon b lame but imma be laughin my azz off

  • selina

    this movie is going to make sooooooo much money!!!! chris tucker is tooooo funny and this movie wouldnt be the same without him.

    • Nenee

      Shut The Fuck Upp

      • Anonymous


  • ice cube u are arole model to me mann i wanna see u in person

    • Anonymous

      Shut da fck up MELVIN

  • Lee

    This movie is gonna be AWESOME!!! Smoke-Dawg is Back. its gonna be good, “AND YOU KNOW THISSS MAANNNNN!!!!”

    • Tee



    It’s about time! I can’t wait, Ice Cube you’re. Truly blessed



  • yayalove

    I can’t wait aye make sure u give Kevin Heart a call!!!! And please Chris Tucker we miss u man!!! I can see it now day- day and smokee chilling all laughs!!!!

  • Brandi

    Can NOT wait for the Friday installment. Teenagers better park themselves at home; I’ve been waiting 17 years for this film *since the original “Friday” came out… This one I will def. watch in theater (I typically await DVD release) Yeauuuhhh

  • Robin Kay

    Chris Tucker really made these movies…so glad it’s ending with him. Oan: to the author of this blog…stop hating on the man’s right to be “holy” or try to honor his commitments to his God. #kudosCT

    • MzVenusFlyyTrap

      THANK YOU!!!!! What’s wrong w/ people?

  • jazz


  • Joshua Gonzalez

    I bet Ice Cube used the whole “I know you don’t smoke weed” line, to get Chris Tucker to reprise his role. Since when has Chris become so tame? Damn!

    • gwen

      And u know this mannnnnnn…………

      • tone


  • JBeck2

    This is.more than likely going to be the.best movie of 2012

  • rachel johns

    I think what it is goin to b is that day day go to craig hood

  • me

    DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM i got knocked the $#@$ out! smokey, where you been? you need a job! get back out der & just do what you do best! make the world laugh……..

  • rigedy

    This will definitely be a classic…….and cube should definitely holla at Kevin hart…

  • Anonymous

    What happened to “Friday after Next,” then “Last Friday?” WE WANT MORE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Going to be the best ever

  • Nisha

    Glad u found god but smokey was the best in firday chirs u made that movie it is

  • Chantay Chapman

    This movie is going to set it off. I never go to movies but you better bet I will be going to see this. There will not be a vacant seat in theatres when this comes out. I’ve always wished C.Tucker would reprise his role. All I can say is OMG! Hurry Hurry Hurry!

  • teegee782

    man i cant imagine smokey in south central not smoking weed.. the movie wont even be right.. just my opinion

    • Anonymous

      the movies is going to be packed

  • Anonymous

    Im lucky enough to actually live in the house it was filmed in. Guess who’s going to have the best seats in the house!

    • Anonymous

      Where u live fool?

    • sexymovaof5

      Stop lying whr ulive

    • Anonymous

      Does Miss Parker still across da street?lol

  • Khrissie

    I’m so happy to see that another Friday is coming out and Chris is back in the movie. This movie will be the bomb because of the characters in it. I cannot wait….. so happy

  • jasmine

    wow very intersting cant wait to see it i wonder when it coming out …i knew they gne make a new movies sooner or later i had the feeling of this . :) real tlk im super ready to see this movie

  • Craig, DayDay, & Smokey! I’ve gotta c this movie! I hope Pops, Uncle Elroy, DeBo, Mom, Damon, Money Mike, Ms. Pearly all return to the cast even Baby Joker, Baby Dee nem’ I’m a big fan of all the Friday’s got them dvr’d & brought trilogy from Amazon.com.

    • dre

      I am so glad cube decided to do this! Im also happy that chris is back too; so funny he made the movie. Now no disrespect to mike epps but stick to stand up.He wasnt that funny and was tryn too hard he looked so uncomfortable sorry Mike.

  • Imelda

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • witty
  • Me

    Hell yea

  • kayakjak

    I bet ya ice cube was …chris i know u dont smoke but im gonna get u high today

    • Anonymous

      How much you wanna bet this is the entire premise of the movie! ‘C’mon Smokey, just one last time for old times sake’

      • Anonymous

        Then he gonna be like “I Was Just Bullshittin’ and you know this MANNN!!” lol

  • man

    Smoke dawg cum bk we need you bro u n dayday gass you go kill it bk in Da hood pleas Chris CUM BKKK

  • jay5ta

    Hey yea, can’t wait either. pretty good news considering it my birthday today.

  • Sorry yall, but CHRIS TUCKER did not make the “FRIDAY ” movies MIKE EPPS did. However, love smokey but he only did ONE.Day Day did his this.g in the rest. Still glad to see Chris. Should be HILARIOUS. LOVE YALL

    • jason

      You stupid…

    • Anonymous

      Chris was only in the first one but in my opinion that was the funniest one. #in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Really hope Chris Tucker shows up on set. #smoke.dawg.baby

  • Top Shotta

    Dey should put Meagan Good on in again, since she’s all grown up now

    • Ex-Weed Smoker

      Which one was Megan Good In? Are should you say they need her sexy ass for the hype!

      • dre

        The 1st Friday by the ice cream truck she has a hat on

  • fernando

    Chris tucker and ice cube are good together

  • Ex-Weed Smoker

    This movie better be funny Chris Tucker is the actor who made tha movie funny! i watch the otha ones but it wasnt the same. Now lets get to the gritty streets like tha first one! You win some you lose some but you live to fight another day. Hands down they need to be the main focus of tha movie fuck Da Da. O yeah i might just fire one up for tha movie and just for the movie!

  • Yes..! Bout Time! Smokey Not Gonna Be The Same Though.. Smh..

  • harry bryant

    It’s good to have smokie, Craig, day-day, etc. Don’t forget about Pinky. SHUT UP N!&&@.LOL

  • Cynthia

    Man it’s about time smokey coming back to the big screan, I have every one of the movies that Ice Cube has ever written and I find them to be some real nigga shit. Thanks Ice Cube foe convencing him to come back nice to have you Smokey!

  • George solis

    Fuck yea cant wait to see this movie man u kno smokey has to b da pothead tat he is day day gonna b funny wit his ass in man cube u got down on all movies plus yo rap sick this gswest stay up

  • Justin Nunn

    Pinky, DaDa, Smokey, Craig, Willie Jones, and Money Mike in the same movie. This shit is gonna b good

  • Yeeee! I’m hella juiced, can’t wait!!

  • Edwin A.

    I can’t wait for the movie, I’m glad that smokey decided to be part it, it just wouldn’t be the same with out him.. Can’t wait till it comes out…..

  • Anonymous



  • they should give that modasucka blackson a role that would make it more epic lol

  • Jade

    I agree with you. I did not like the writer’s “holy” comment either. I glad he is making better choices. You can be funny without smoking weed and using a lot of profanity. I would like to see all of them close out this Friday series but I can understand that some compromising must be madeto make this work. Blessings to all!
    Proud of you Chris!

    • Josh

      Well lets not forget that in the beginning of “Next Friday”, Craig clearly stated that Smokey is going to a rehabilitation to help get off his smoking addiction. So they are basically following the role they set upon his character in the Friday series. But in essence i do get the whole concept of Smokey not smoking in the movie, probably, but he and the cast cannot help it. And i think that God and his fans obviously would not mind seeing that its stated to be the last movie so if Chris Tucker doing this for his fans is a huge sacrifice, and a well doing for his smokey fans!

  • Miracle

    chris tucker come on back the lord knows your heart and spirit remember the main word u r only acting!!!!! The fans want this more than u know!! Ice Cube , Chris Tucker, and Mike Epps it would be the best Friday ever so show some love Chris dont let us down!!!! Ur #1 Misssissippi Fan

  • Rooks

    So wait? No Pooh?





  • Spaceman

    Do it Chris! Get that money man. Weed is natural, and God has no problem with us using it. Ice? You already got to side covered! I can’t wait for this! Hurry and film it please!

  • Snapdiggy dawg its about time..Will smokey finally get sum pussy?



  • Jess

    I can’t wait for this movie. I will b seing it blaze as fuck

  • I can’t wait,Ice Cube,Chris Tucker,Mike Epps,Johnny whiterspoon all un one movie,im laughing now just thinking about this great cast together,i (know) your not gonna let us down..can’t wait..can i purchase my tickets now i need three(3)…

  • Sexy Stevie

    Man look Smokey is gonnna be getting outta rehab obviously (if you payed enough attention to “Friday”) he not gon’ be smoking. This movie is gonna be hilarious anyway you look at it. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT.

  • Bread

    I think that this will b 1 of y’all best work Chris, Mike N Mr Jackson can’t
    wait for it too come out n good luck from your fans……….






    GOING 2 B THE BEST MOVIE EVER FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coachg0

    Finally the original cast is back chris tucker is the best comedian funny as can be. Much luv to Cube for also doing the N.W.A movie I can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    this shizz bout to be the stuff i cant wait , even if smokey aint smokin’ the movie still gunna be hecka funny

  • robert

    Hell ya. Love it

  • Alley

    Will Praise the Lord for You Chris Tucker, I hope your religion consists of Jesus Christ Our savior! OAN…. Its entertainment God has given you a talent use it to the fullest, you only live once just make sure at the end of each set you ask for forgiveness.

    • Lajuana Robinson

      He doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness if he don’t do the movie.

    • Tasha

      no ur talents should b used towards the glory of God. u shldnt ask for forgiveness for the same thing over and over…read ur Bible.

  • I don’t believe this story at all. No confirmation from Cube because I just spoke with Mike Epps & he said fake story. Plus this article is wrong, Chris Tucker was not in “all” the movies like you say he is. He was in the first 1.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait 4 last Friday… Smokyz bkkk but plzzzzz don’t 4get DAyY DAYyY mannn….

  • i believe last Friday is going 2 be funny because they all in it Mike Epps ice cube in Chris tucker yes it is going down

  • rell

    a have that old dude that was your dad in this one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    These niggas going to be looking old


    When is the movie comeing out

  • tiara

    What yr and is the movie cmin out

    • Dont Hate

      supposed to be Xmas 2013

  • Fan

    Oh yes can not wait to see this!! Be blessed!

  • Lajuana Robinson

    Ice cube you should not talk about what Chris tucker in that form, he was brought up to believe in Holiness or Hell. If he doesn’t want to lower his standards to do your hell bound movie than he shouldn’t . Don’t fall for it Chris , do not sell out for a Muslium , be souled out for JESUS.

    • Anonymous

      Muslim* learn to spell and dont be hating on other peoples religion

  • Pimp

    Man, Chris Tucker didnt do the other Friday movies because he was asking for too much money not because he became a jesus freak. Now that Chris aint got no work he will take the money they giving him

  • Anonymous

    Smokey better play that roll like he never acted before! So exited can’t wait!!

  • Big dogg

    And you know this man!!!!! Money money money is why Chris is not in the other Friday movies he was a 20million dallor man for his movies he played in so do you think cube was going to pay him 20million to play in his movies man now you smoking something………And you know this man!!!!

  • Big dogg

    And day day was not that funny he was ok but not that funny smokey was funny as hell…… And you know this man!!!!

  • KUSh HeaD!!

    SmokeY The MovIe Wouldnt Be Right With out you So i hope u Have mE Rollen and have a good time why u playin ur part!!

  • twan

    bout tim wut ever tucker play its gne be funny

  • sayles yahoo

    Chris Tucker be doing his thing in everything they need to come out with another Rush hour

  • Rush hour was trash and he got that role from the role he played in Friday (minus the smoking) Mike Epps might be the better comic. Cannot not use newly found religion to as a reason for not taking a role. If that was the case 90% actors would not act they would preach! Chris tucker is the sucker he played Friday.

  • And Ice Cube is finished music wise and he ran Are we there yet? In the ground so he is reaching with remake of Original Friday with lame ass Chris Tucker!

  • 100Round

    Hopefully this shit is going to happen kuz mike epps denies it!

  • Brandon

    SMOKEY!! Should of been made this movie and maybe you would of been bigger then you are now!!Still love you and ya films you made you a funny man..

  • elizabeth

    When will the movie be out

  • E-lo-lo

    CANT WAIT <3 it

    • E-lo-lo

      Oops LOVE IT lol

  • MaDiva

    You guys are pathetic!! If Chris has changed his life for the better, why on God’s green earth would you talk bad about him. God gave you life just like he gave him life!! I must say that Im excited about the film. And I’m pretty sure that Cube being the man he is, will respect the man that Chris has become..and have an appropiate but funny role for him. The Rush Hour Series wasnt about smoking weed and he still played the hell out of his part. Let’s stop being negative people..God see’s all and hears all..I applaud Chris in his stand!! And those of you who are so worried about weed smoking..are you not concerned about your own soul? To each its own..but never judge someone else!! God is Love

  • Anonymous

    Smokey aint gonna smoke weed cause remember he went to rehab for that and he prob got better and craig convices him to smoke 1 for the old times

  • Anonymous

    LAST FRIDAY WIT Y’ALL GOOD TEAM WORK WILL B A KILLA must wrk together bring the fun back in hood movies but this will b on a billion dollar scale @100 thumbs up cube u deserve it but hide ya cocky ness a lil u scare ppl lol remind me of one of my cousin u Gucci bra a real go getta n talented artist in many feilds

  • Dont Hate

    “Smokey” can still be in the film and not really be smokey. He doesnt have to smoke weed to be funny. Just because he is changed now doesnt mean he shouldnt be in the movie. Doing this part could mean so much to the fans and could gain him a lot more respect than he already has. I personally think that Chris Tucker is an amazing comic, and without him, I do not think that the Last Friday will do that great. People want to see it simply because of the Return of Smokey, not because it is the Last Friday. To have Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, and Ice Cube all in the same movie is going to make this movie A classic. I was not too thrilled with Friday after Next, but I think that the Last Friday is going to be off the chain!

  • i hope chris and bring back the smokey out and give this last frieday a big fucken bang i know chris can do it i have lotz of faith in him:} ayy do yall think kevin heart need to be added

    • TroyBankrollGrimes

      Yes hell yeah put Kevin hart in tht bitch too

  • TroyBankrollGrimes

    We want tha old smokey not no local joker N’s
    Dae dae was funny after yu watch it a couple of times but all tha same funny matter of fact put me in tha movie nd ill make sure he tha same smokey lol SMOKIN ON KEISHA

  • Just Saying

    Chris Tucker didnt play smokey in Next Friday or Friday After Next, only the first one. FYI

  • A Black Dude

    This is going to be great. Chris Tucker is an extremely talented actor who I hope can bring back the seriousness to the series. I love Friday because it’s a successful balance of comedy and drama. I love Next Friday because although it wasn’t too serious (compared to it’s prequel), it’s touches on comedy were just right. Bravo Mike Epps. Friday After Next was too childish. I hated it. (And still do). Mike wasn’t the same Day-day. They were too focused on comedy. Hopefully Smokie can bring back the needed drama and revive the essential characters. Can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited, I can’t wait

    • Anonymous

      oooooohhhh, weeeeeeeeee

  • Tasha

    u can’t wait to see it. hopefully Day Day will b in it. I knoe Chris is still funny but I dnt think he should sacrifice who he is for a movie… stay true to God and yourself always!!!

    • Anonymous

      dey dey is gonna be in dat movie u alreday know

  • Friday Fan

    I can’t wait

  • jbro/jabrizzy brebre

    i already know dat dis movie write here is gonna be crazy as hell yall fell me homies as soon as da movie come out in theaters im watchin it u already know im gonna be dare and as soon as the movie come out in tthe DVD u best believe im gonna watch it im gonna be the first to watch dat movie rite dare bra cuz dey havin f****in icecube,smokey,deydey all dem niggaz is goona be in THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS!!! GO!!!

  • jbro/jabrizzy brebre

    all da movies dat icecube and smokey and deydey put in wuz crazy as hell i liked all of da movies especially friday,and friday after the next AND BEST OF ALL IS LAST FRIDAY BUDDY

  • Anonymous

    Is Mrs Parker going to be in it

  • Black moses

    Dis movie is gonna be awsome

  • Unknown

    I hope Chris tucket acts the same way like Friday and I hope every body that played friday going to be in their like debo that Ezell and the ice cube pops and the girls that asked for smokey car and he said hell no lol

  • Kaylee

    To be honest..Chris Tucker will forever be funny lol…for ever…!! But then cum to think about it he is older and of course looks differently..but hey! lets just see how it goes..im pretty sure it will be hilarious ^.^

  • crystal

    Bout time they made another…. the fridays r my fav movies…

  • Leno

    I think the best of the series was Friday. But
    I aint gonna lie, Friday after Next was the
    funniest of all, especially in the beginning
    when Craig was having a attitude with the
    cops. But Chris Tucker got to get back in
    shape and be the same smokey he was
    back in 95.

  • Zero


    I watched the first movie and I heard than in the two sequels Smokey (my favorite character) doesn’t appear. When I heard than Ice Cube will make “Last Friday”, and Chris Tucker will be back, well, I jizzed.

  • Yo Yo It’s Ya Boy Ice Cube. Chris Tucker Will Official Be in The Final installment of The ‘Friday’ Series. #LastFriday Coming Soon!!!


    Ice Cube
    The Official Cube Vision Team

    • bobskie

      whens this film gunna be out



    COMING OUT…LATE 2013!!!


  • Anonymous

    If Chris tucker really is trying to change his life and has kids and a family looking up to him, him being in this movie will be the wrong decision if Ice cube can’t change his role in the movie as smokey… the movie will last for a while but his life will last a life time

  • Anonymous

    Hell ya west side

  • Anonymous

    Man dis sht going ta be dope

  • Anonymous

    Shit finna be raw an uncut

  • sad truth

    mike epps confirms that its all a hokes

  • bobskie

    theyre both so funny cant wait for this film to be out

  • DaJohnna

    Well in the first Friday Smokey (Chris Tucker) went to rehab, so in Last Friday he could be a recovering weed addict who changed his life around, but still funny. He could be the friend that stick around but preaches to everybody to change their smoking habits !! That way everybody could still be in the movie and feel comfortable about their roles. It can’t be no Last Friday without the original casts of ALL the Fridays. Hope to see it soon!!

  • Anonymous

    Religion always fucks shit up

  • Ness

    how are there three people talking about Drake when it’s about Ice Cube, Chris and Last Friday? Where did the name “Drake” appear in the article? He is my favorite artist but com’on guys.

  • Anonymous

    To excited, Watching Friday right now an know every word. “Wussup Big Worm ? ” haha let me get back to my movie. #ILoveIt.

  • mickyfinn

    its a must to classic actors back in the bis got to be worth a watch plsssssss sort your heads out

  • Tee card

    Yes I can’t wait this will be a great movie

  • blackberry

    I really do think this will be a real good movie an we need to just wait an see.

  • Jasmine

    so when is this movie coming out?? like soon or what??

  • Anonymous

    When do the movie comee out ??

  • Anonymous

    man that shit gonna be funny as hell can’t wait to see

  • Its gonna be hella funny. I can't wait to see the movie. Thats ok if he can't smoke though… Maybe he can do something like wear  <a href="http://www.buygrillz.com">gold grillz</a> and have a catchy phrase like "put your money where your mouth is, fool!"

  • Its gonna be hella funny. I can't wait to see the movie!

  • james

    man when do it come out im ready for it im going to be hight as hell looking at that was up.

  • Bombay

    LOL why do niggas keep sayin put kevin hart in the movie? Dont niggas know mike epps and kevin hart got beef. Niggas are stupid LOL

  • I love friday! all the movies are great but the first one will always be my favorite cuz the rest of the movies seemed commericialized but still good(: .. i really hope chris tucker  "smokey" comes through because he is a comic genius!(: … "we was talking about our problems right and you know how we do it, we started getting hiiiigh, nigga we got fucked up!" (favorite line)

  • leora

    I love chris tucker sense i was a little girl i loved all them ghetto movies from the 90s all i gotta say is that friday my number one chris tucker, ice cube, mike epps, katt wiliams, deebo, you beter still got it all watch all yall movies you better still got it :) <3

  • Paula

    OMG OMG Smoky smoke either does or doesn't OMG bring him back on Chris Tuck you are the bomb .. I have loved you since this movie and haven't stopped. Me and my man have watched your movies over 10 times each of them all the rush hours all the Money talk with Charle Sheen even your second serious movie. Chris can not go wrong I love you and need must know when you will be out ??? I want to hear your voice .. don't even care whom is in this movie or not all we need is SMOKEY in the same movie as long as we have you Smokey I will be pissing … but it would be to have John Witherspoon oh his good too .. wouldn't it be great if Chris Tucker and Eddy Murphy made a movie DAM good .. I wish I was a producer / writer I would be good at matching the funniest people. Chris Tucker is better than Chris Rock Chris Rock tries to copy Tucker not as funny Tucker is the orignal DAMM I want you Christ Tucker at my next party .. its called the RED DRAGON on a boat and you can be my L Capitan any day..

  • Anonymous

    When Does It Come Out ?

  • kingg isacc

    it better be funny

  • Anonymous

    hell yah another friday this is going to be off the chain but wen is it going to be released

  • Can’t wait to see it. CHRIS TUCKER you should take the chance

  • ButtaButta

    I prefer Day-Day. He’s funnier.

  • LaVerne Plucky Washington

    I knew it….it was just a matter of time and I just knew Ice Cube and the rest of the guys would finally get together and make another friday movie. I mean for real, for real. This proves that you never get so high on your horse to where you forget where you come from. Meaning the fans are what made you famous off the first friday movies. And the fans look forward to seeing such great actor’s like, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Debo and the other actors to come back with a great ending to the friday movies. And by the way it will be a sell out the first week it hits the movies.

  • sherrell

    When does the new movie come oht

  • Elise

    I’ve beed praying that Ice Cube do another, “FRIDAY,” movie. I kept telling him. I’m an aspiring Screenwriter, although in the Horror, Action/Thriller genre. I’ll do a comedy someday when it’s delievered to me.

  • Elise

    Neat, Ice Cube and I share the same birthday, maybe I have a chance at this.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine he told Chris “I know you’ve gone all holy on me, I know dis. But you ain’t got no job…. And you ain’t go shit to do!”

  • ColemanAVL

    This Last Movie should be great. Ice Cube, I hope you write Tucker from the street to the Pulpit as a Preacher Man of God. I spoke with Chris on day and this would be a great ending to a start of something new. Be Blessed

  • ColemanAVL

    There is nothing to a person desire to be closer to God with all going on in this world we need more to change. Be Blessed

  • hope Mrs Paarker gon show her little ass in this too lol

  • Thomas Lewis

    You all should name it Last Friday.

  • truely waiting

  • Rose

    I feel like some things are meant to be a Classic. lets say this movie isnt good…people are gonna talk shit on it and all the other fridays , whehn your at the best of your career…..Stop. ull be remembered as a Legend.

  • I am a 40 year old man from gaffney south carolina. I have always been an Ice Cube fan and the projects he has put out in the past has been outstanding. I have no reason to think any differently about the album or movie.

  • dont never neva neva neva comment around my mamas house again never….lol

  • Tevin2344

    I’m really mad because I was looking foward to seeing The Last Friday That Would Blew up like an explosion every scene would of been Funny as hell Ice cube is a great Director and Producer And I also want to see more parts to All About The Benjermins

  • sounds interesting and i have to agree wiz khalifa, lil wayne, drake, nicki minaj, jay z, kanye, they all suck

  • IM really hoping everything goes well on the set and I hope Chris still has faith on playing in on the roll if I was offered to star in the movie I would well can’t wait good luck PS I admire you guys



  • janeice powell

    I really want this Last Friday to come out i have all the fridays i use to have them on vhs now I have them on dvd. When they get scratched up and dont play I go by more. So please please p p please come out wit last one. So I can add it to my collection.

  • Anonymous

    Is there going to be a last friday or not I was very upset on christmas day and it was not in thearters I was have been looking forward to this movie since 2012 and it would be very missed up and upsetting to a lot of people if it dont come out

  • bakersfeild

    people need to relax and let Hollywood do hollywood

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