The Real Reason Nicki Minaj’s ‘American Idol’ Deal May Flop

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Speculation about Nicki Minaj taking her talents to the American Idol judges table continues. This week, we learned that Nicki was being considered, but was receiving some alleged shade from Mariah Carey, who thought that she’d  be the only woman on the show. In fact, Mariah suggested the show snag Lenny Kravitz. Meanwhile, we hear that Nicki’s trying to negotiate a deal HOWEVER, she’s run into a snag. Creative Artist Agency (CAA) who use to represent her (they also rep Ryan Seacrest and other judge finalists, etc.) and Nicki do not have a great working relationship, as she fired CAA 9 months ago. Apparently, this is making Nicki’s American Idol even more complicated. An insider told Page Six:

“If she hadn’t fired them last year, this deal would have been a lot easier.”

Another source shares,

“There is some heated debate…There are some producers who really want her. Others have been trying to block it.”

No word or hint from Nicki’s camp yet.

  • Anonymous

    Mariah is just a hater. She needs to realize she is not as relevant as she use to be, stop hatin and trying to be a Diva. Be greatful for the job, and stop blocking other people shine!

  • Anonymous

    nicki will bring american idol up a whole lot of views because right now they SUCK! so i advise them to bring her in and let mariah go

  • kay p

    hmmm…Mariah pulled her Diva card right out her back pocket, but she probably could have waited because Nicki played her diva card too early by firing them…
    I would have liked to see who won out. I tell you this though – Mariah was already a guest mentor, she is more mainstream meaning, older and younger middle america are into her. Nicki hasn’t gotten all the way there yet. American Idol’s audience is not Nicki’s – unless they thought she would bring in more viewers.

  • ShadiiLady

    Lol Mariah needs to have a seat. She’s def an R&B legend but she’s being childish. Now Nicki on the other hand. I’m not a fan of her. But I don’t particularly dislike her either. I just feel like she’s too gimmicky for American Idol. I wouldn’t be able to take her criticism seriously. i’m sure she’s going to be in “character” with the little voice and all…because when is she ever NOT lol. idk… maybe I could see her on America’s Got Talent or something but i’m not sure I want to see her on American Idol.