[Video] The OMG Girlz Talk New Album, Celebrity Crushes & Defining Their Own Style

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Fun fact. We are a HUGE fan of the OMG Girlz and recently we caught up with them at a photoshoot for Kontrol Girl. Dressed in their traditional vibrant colors we chatted with Beauty (real name Bahja Rodriguez), Babydoll (real name Breaunna Womack) and Star (real name Zonnique Pullins) about all things music (their new album is expected early next year), celebrity crushes (Chris Brown, Big Sean, Carmelo Anthony and some other interesting selections LOL), their fashion sense and rainbow inspired hair (they have plans to launch their own lines) and what's currently on their iPod. Check the full interview below. 

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/vjdxHOa4jRc[/youtube]

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(Credit: Keeyah

  • Angela

    I love these girls !!!

  • chole

    omg!! im soo exited for the album!!! and keep doing your thing and ignor the haters!!!!!!!!! 

  • anala

    Just another case of children with established parents playing dress up….side note: the one in the middle looks like Keyshia Cole! I wonder if they got the same daddy! Frankie's been around the block…never know..

    • gurl you crazy thats very funny she does look like kieysha a little uhmm lol :)

  • these girls are soooo talented i luv their song called ( where them boys at) beaty is the only talented one im just sayin cuz niq niq can dance but not sang as well as beuty and the fat one needs to work on her rapping becuz its bullshit and damn by the way beuty is the coolest and most uniqe and prettiest

  • i love this girls because there style and beaty can sing reallly good and star aka niq niq your parents are rich you need some vocal lessons and but you know you sang really good and baby doll personlilty stands out the most look like a nice plump grap you can fat ass

    • why are pepole saying babydoll is fat she use to be and star can sing and do you see mindless beahaver saying she fat and rayray from mindless beahaver I had a lot of dreams of you I am going to tell you one you was my brother and that nite you came to vizsit and the next day you took me on tour with you and I saw you perform with roc prolgy prinston and I got to get on stage with you and you said this is my sister she is 8 years old and she can sing and she is going to sing with us and do the dance and afther the oncert we got on the tour bus and I was on to and we all feel a sleep than we woke up and put on pajamas and we played and the mornig we whent to I hop to eat bruckfest and we whet to alanta to sind ather grats and we performed that night and we when to mid city and I ask can I be in the grop and roc prinstan prolgy and you ray ray said yes and we had to get me sihned and fans asked oused the new member our sister and roc prolgy and ray ray said se asked to be and the peapole wh said we can make a mindless beahaver when I wasint in it said yes I can be in the grop and all of you said yes yes and that night I performed and the other night I did and mom said why is aaliy come home and yall said we forgot to tell you she is in the grop and mom said okay well iwill see you when you guys com out on the stage and afther that we droed mom of to the hotail and she said to me good job making the grop and the next day we had to go to 106 and park and we show the preavew of all around the world and bow wow sais I see you have a new member of the grop and you guys said that is our sister but she is realy my sister ray ray said

  • nene

    i think all the girls are talented and zonnique is very good at what she does they all made it on their own and baby doll just cause she thick dont mean nothin she be movin at the same paste as the other girls so stop sittin aroun judging people and let us see you come out widd a song and then talk i just wana say hi to all the girls im a huge fan of the harris family watch all the shows

  • Claytiana

    Well I can’t wait for their album as well, and before you try and judge someone make sure you spell they names correct, BEAUTY, STAR AND BABYDOLL are all talented, and I bet regaurdless of who you think could sing or dance they famous and you’re NOT, they are making videos and your going to still watch them so hush and watch their creative juices flow #BOW! -ps: I love “LoverBoy”

  • i love the omg girlz

  • Anonymous

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