Numbers-Don’t-Lie: Piss Poor Ratings Reported for ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog


As we always say, god or bad, numbers don't lie. According to reports, folks have stopped tuning into Basketball Wives LA. In fact, last year the show averaged 2 million viewers per episode. But last week's episode, only reached a little above 1 million viewers. So what's different this year? For starters, the show has one new cast member, video vixen Brooke Bailey with Adi 'Bambi' Benson making a few guest appearances. Imani Showalter has not returned this season. So the big question is–why aren't folks tuning in like last season? Perhaps it's the time slot, story lines or maybe too many other competing reality shows. Only time will tell if the ratings will get better, or the network will be forced to bring a new cast in. P.S. Why do you think the show's ratings have slipped? 

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