Karrueche Puts Her Best Party Face Forward, Chris Brown Not Included

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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Rumor has it that the best way to get over a celebrity boyfriend, is to enjoy life & post the pix to Instagram for his lurking pleasure. Such is the case of Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche. Although rumors continue to swirl that C-Breezy is dating both Rihanna and Karrueche, Karrueche puts her best party face forward for the world to see. Over the weekend, she snapped a few candids of her partying with friends.


  • Ms. AG

    Trying waaaaaaaaay too hard!! That 1st pic tho (lip zipped!!!!)

    • Dubb-B(female type)

      Sooo having a good time and enjoying yourself is trying to hard? She’s supposed to just mope around?

      • Ms. AG

        Putting on her “Best Party Face” as TJB said. So yes she trying too hard faking it….#life

        • Dubb-B(female type)

          It’s a title. You’re reading way too much into it. She’s a pretty girl. No need to mope around. You sound like a hater

  • F.O.H.

    There is NOTHING wrong with putting your best party face forward! And there ain’t a chick or child on this PLANET that after loving a man for over two years that doesn’t have to “try hard” to get over it. Kudos to her enjoying herself, partying it up with her friends and getting her life! She’s still being mentioned and featured on blogs, still hosting parties and still counting coins.

  • Honey

    I Feel like she just real salty and the only way she no how to keep chris off her mind is to party but it is what it is chris brown livin his life let her live hers.