K.Michelle Admits She & NBA Baller JR Smith Broke-Up, But Asks For Forgiveness

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Reality star K.Michelle recently had a candid conversation during an interview with Hot 97′s morning show crew. In addition to confirming that season two for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta had already begun filming, the newly signed Warner Brothers artist also spook frankly about her romantic relationship with 27-year-old NBA Baller, JR Harris.

As a backstory, rumor has it that the two began dating early September, but according to K., the two are no longer together and are ‘on the outs’. What happened? At the 9:30 mark, K. honestly explains that she’s a lot to handle and her not-so-pleasant attitude and being an angry black woman may’ve been the cause. She evens goes as far as singing a song to him. Check the full interview below.

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3 Comments to “K.Michelle Admits She & NBA Baller JR Smith Broke-Up, But Asks For Forgiveness”

  1. kay p says:

    …..and knowing is half the battle. I am all for open honesty. If she can admit her faults no one can use them against you.
    I’ll pray for her….every woman deserves a good time at love.

    • bobbie says:

      I agree…..knowing and admitting is half the battle. As long as she has learned the lesson that was there for her she is making progress. Good for you K. Michelle!!!!!

  2. Marisa says:

    No problem with a person admitting being less than perfect but, K. Michelle is wasting her breath on some lame baller, who is notorious with the groupies. That is a person who is clearly not going to be what she needs in a man. I wouldn’t fool with a athlete if my life depended on it, as the majority seem to be allergic to fidelity. Move on K this dude aint worth it

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