Allen Iverson Says He Doesn’t Want to End Up Like Tameka Raymond

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Apparently, it’s a small world, in celebrity custody and divorce battles. As you know, retired NBA Baller, Allen Iverson and his estranged wife Tawanna are going through a public divorce. And according to TMZ, AI’s latest concern surrounds the judge’s potential (un)fairness in court. In short, he wants a new judge in his divorce case.

Why? AI’s camp claims the current judge unethically does legal favors for campaign contributors, and he’s concerned the end result of the case will be similar to Tameka Raymond and Usher’s custody battle. Last month, he filed a motion for the judge to recuse herself last month, claiming she has accepted campaign donations from his estranged wife’s attorney . AI’s team also suggest that the judge has a track record of making biased decisions for contributors. So what’s the correlation between AI’s case and Usher/Tameka’s case? The lawyer who represented Usher in his child custody battle with Tameka Raymond is also repping Iverson’s estranged wife.  What’s more is that in AI’s motion, he outright claims the judge’s decision to strip Tameka of primary custody was biased, and he doesn’t want the same treatment. According to reports, the judge shut down Allen’s motion, claiming he failed to provide enough evidence to back his allegations.


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    I totally agree with Al Iv. on this one. This judge seems shady, and I hope Blogs start putting the judge on BLAST. Family court is a bitc*, and the judge has the power to change your whole life. Hopefully, they will decide not to risk it and decide on the children outside of court.

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