Karrueche Finally Breaks Her Silence On Chris Brown, ‘Things Could Be Much Worse’

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There’s no need for a history lesson, here. For the most part, we were all introduced to Karrueche Tran as Chris Brown’s petite model girlfriend back in 2012. Since their relationship began, it’s a been a TON of media buzz and speculation about their relationship–good and bad. Fast-forward to present day and CB has since ended his relationship with Karreuche for Rihanna, and Tran has created a name for herself in the fashion and entertainment industries.  Her new clothing line, “The Kill,” will be released this year, consisting of urban-wear for men and women. Karrueche recently did an interview with Vibe to discuss “The Kill” as well as her personal life. Peep the excerpts below.

On how her New Years kiss with Teyanna Taylor happened:

“Well, we counted down and I turned to her, said “Happy New Year” and gave her a kiss!”

On having a tight-knit group of friends:

“I keep it very small. I don’t really go around and tell my friends my business. I’m very personal. When I hang out with Christina [Milian], we don’t get into too much. We just kinda forget about all those negative things or whatever’s going on and just relax and have a good time. I really, really don’t tell my business when it comes to a lot, even though my business is public. The things I personally go through within myself, I tend to keep to myself. It just creates more of a drama.”

On how “The Kill” got started:

“Chris [Brown] wanted to do a female line for his men’s line [“Black Pyramid”]. So he asked me to take over and “The Kill” was gonna be a women’s only line but it’s actually unisex.”

On if she’s happy with her love life currently:

“I mean at the time, but right now of course not. It’s a lot going on but it could be a lot worse. And that’s how I look at life. I take it for what it is. I move forward, grow from it and at this point, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not gonna sit and dwell and become consumed in that negativity because I could very much be that person, especially when things are so public and so thrown in my face. But like I said, things can be much worse. So I’m good.”

On what she’d say if she ever sat down with Chris Brown and Rihanna:

“For everybody, emotionally, that would just be way too much. I’m a very mature person so if the time ever did come where we would need to sit down and talk, I’d do it. I’m a mature person. I can work it out but that would be a lot. (Pause) Yeah, it would be a lot.”

On if her and Chris Brown’s love life affects their business:

“At the end of the day, he will always be a friend. We’ll always care about each other. We won’t allow that to interfere. Our business is business.”

For the full interview click here.


Patrice M.

  • Dubb-B(female type)

    And this is why I like her. She’s such a down to earth person and so together. No grudge held and she’s moving forward. Won’t lie, it hurts, but it could be a lot worse. Go ‘head Karruenche

  • SadTruth

    I don’t get it. Hasn’t she ever been in a relationship? In Hollywood people break-up all the time and move on. This chick has a blog, an ask.com, and a bunch of Twitter followers. Noone knows what happen between the two, BUT I will say this if he wanted to be there that’s where he would be. There is no need fer her and Rihanna to go back and forths-let it go and move on. She has a clothing line to run-I think he has done more then he needs to-he owes her nothing. They do not need to have a set down she was not married to him-she served her purpose not its time to let go and move on. OH AND TAKE HER FANS WITH HER. AND THIS IS A LESSON TO ALL CELEBS-LEAVE THE GROUPIES ALONE THE DO NOT LIKE TO LEAVE-THEY WILL HAVE START BLOGS AND STALK YOU.

    • Dubb-B(female type)

      She said she was moving forward. Your comment serves no purpose and makes no sense.

      • SadTruth

        Just like you gave your opinion….I gave mine. I never said she wasn’t moving ON.

        • Dubb-B(female type)

          You said “move on,” as in she’s not moving on. You sound stupid.

        • amonroexo

          I’m sorry but I agree with Dubb-B. Your comment, as your entitled to make, is irrevelant. You’re aggressviely stating what she’s openly admitted to doing…moving on. Think you should fully re-read/re-watch what she says.

      • Anonymous

        Yes she has moved on. As for the sit down, that was the question that was ask so she answered it. She is not running behind his sorry but. Sad truth check your message before you send it. It doesn’t make sense!

    • Tesa

      I could not have said it better “She served her purpose (until the restraining order was lifted), now move on already” She lucky Chris was raised by a sweet women b/c he could have done her like some of his hood homies. Atleast she getting a clothing line out the deal.

  • WHAT

    Well good for her! Yes it is hard to have a relationship end but it is even worse to have it done so publicly. There is a lesson to be learned from all of this mess and I’m glad she is moving on with her life. It’s hard to replace someone you love so much with someone your just using to pass time. Karrueche is not a celebrity and she doesn’t come close to Rihanna status, so I think she should have known something was going on. I’m sure his mother played a big role in the split ain’t no way his momma was going to allow her son to continue to support this young lady when he had a girl who is a A-list celebrity.