[WATCH] Love & Hip Hop NY, Full Episode 3 x Season 3

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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The saga continued on episode 3 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop (NY). Watch the full episode below. 

  • sandy

    I cant stand “Erica Mena ” why is she on there?? She’s gplaying herself out and IM SO TIRED OF WATCHING HER YELL ALL THE TIME… putting her on was a bad DECISION… and who knows who she is….?? yuk so trashy

  • sandy


  • Kimmy

    they alllllll wack if ya ask me lol

  • kathrine

    this is warming up but raqi..yes not relevant she looks stressed, and hurt and erica is a mad hatter her figure looks good only when naked, she is trying to be a bad gal yet she is a scripted B****! other then that is growing on me ..nothing like Atlanta tho:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6W8RjuY1WU

  • ms m

    This is nothing like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.I just dont like it. Fast forward to next season

  • kandi

    Erica is a younger version of evelyn.They are both so unlikable. It’s painful watching this woman make a fool out of herself.

  • nicole

    This show sucks a big [email protected]&%. Erica Mena is so stupid she makes this show look horrible. The show has no dialogue and makes no sense. I refuse to even put my tv on the station when its on because i refuse to give it my ratings. You have Rich Dollarz on here like hes a pimp this season, when last season he was crying like a baby to Olivia. This show comes off desperate and hopeless and stupid. Putting Erica Mena on was the biggest mistake ever, she is a loud mouth twig with a wig and she is a embaressment to herself, her child and her entire family. She is a joke and so is this show. This show is grasping for air because no one is interested. Sorry Mona, big mistake with this one.

  • kim

    I couldnt wait for this show to air. Very dissapointed. Its bad I mean really bad.