Gabrielle Union Responds To Alleged Woman Cheating With Dwyane Wade, ‘Take Your Meds, Crazy Loon!’

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So there’s an interesting story that’s been growing virtual legs about actress Gabrielle Union and her NBA baller boyfriend, Dwyane Wade. Allegedly, D.Wade has a side-boo, that he’s been intimate with on quite a few ocassions. The woman, who has contacted a few media outlets with this information, goes into detail about her relationship with the Miami Heat player, and also recounts what their home looks like.

She also snaps a photo of what she says is D.Wade’s home, to prove that she’s been to his place. Gabrielle caught wind of the story and thought enough of it, to respond. She took to twitter, addressing the woman’s allegations head on, referring to her as ‘crazy’ and ‘miserable’. She wrote:

Dear Batsh%t crazy loon, u seemed to have forgotten that u used the “valentine” pic on another blog last year when u claimed I was cheating. Take ur meds…Once again…just cuz loons are talkin, u aint got to listen especially when they can’t keep their lies straight…I’ve found that when dealing w/ ppl who want to see u miserable, the best “revenge” is living an amazing happy life. #Strut

Alrighty then. P.S. I’ve never heard the term ‘Batsh!t Crazy Loon’…but I sorta, kinda like it. And in other news, filming is well underway for the BET pilot movie, Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle, along with other actors like Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick and Lisa Vidal. Here’s a teaser.

  • Miss AG

    Me to Jas never heard it before but i understood ot….lol #strut….i love it. Serious note tho…misery loves company hmhmhm

  • Anonymous

    Gab is whack. Dwayne should sh*t on her just ike he did his ex-wife! #strutthat

    • Anonymous

      I mean really? Who says or even thinks stuff like this? ” He should shit on her like he did his ex wife”, no lol. Oh yea miserable people a.k.a HATERS. Is this person really the ex wife trying to be Anonymous? If so honey your not doing so well. guess its best to say, ” Dont quit your day job”, lol. Literally.

      • Quita

        And I wasnt trying to be anonymous, lol.

    • Lez

      Miserable people respond this way. It’s kind of comical. #stophating

  • Ctfu….Gab should of been like good thing you KNOW ME wouldn’t know you if I saw you-enjoy your stay?? You still “who again” catch me on the RED CARPET!! hope you watch my next movie. I’m still me and you still. Still you

  • alisa

    he cheated on her, or else the cgirl wouldnt of said anything, alot of people dont know, hes been messing with this woman for a while. gab, shouldnt be so blind.. its true hes cheating on her

  • Gabrielle Union Responds To Alleged Woman Cheating With Dwyane Wade, ‘Take Your Meds, Crazy Loon!’ :: theJasmineBRAND
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