Child Molestation Allegations & Sexuality Insults Fly Between K.Michelle & Rasheeda’s Husband

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The Atlanta cast is trying to take the reality shine away from it’s VH1, New York colleagues. The cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started off this sunny morning, with some twitter drama. The soulful and boisterous K.Michelle is back at it again, twitter arguing with Rasheeda’s husband, Kirk. Insiders tell us that things between these three went awry, during this season while they were filming. Rumor has it that K.Michelle and Rasheeda got into a fight at Rasheeda’s home (K.Michelle threw wax on her) and the drama between them just keeps getting worse. Fast forward to this morning and Kirk and K.Michelle are going for the jugular. K.Michelle writes: 

Listen @FROST117 nobody want ur wife’s ole wrinkled p*ssy. I guess u lookin 4a storyline huh? I have a great storyline for u. Hmmmm … Hey @FROST117 how bout u touching ur own daughter. And one is that random child running around yall house that u don’t let VH1 talk about …. Oh @FROST117 I want no parts of u and Rasheeda’s lesbian relationship. You are a grown man walking around with 4earrings in ur ear….Don’t try me Rainbow bright. @FROST117 You wanted sum attention this 2day u got. Now call Vh1 so u can use this twitter fight as a storyline…I’m sick of y’all @FROST117 also talk about how u were married when u started fucking rasheeda. Deal with ur own skeltons little Richard….Hey And here’s a little advice @FROST117 You can’t be a manager around here managing DUST. Kiss my BIG *ss. God Bless…Awww @FROST117 first u say I’m gay now u say I’m a hoe. We both know u fucked more Men then me!..Im going to the beach Kirk @FROST117 to write, let me know if u wanna borrow my extra bikini and come discuss this. Smooches…Men don’t argue over twitter with a woman.

Kirk responded:

u would know you’ve had so many relationships w/girls in ATL u gotta move.I’m wait 4 u 2 be real let it b known u like women…how bout u & ur lesbo girlfriend fightin over a 19 yr old girl who in the hospital in ICU all sliced up y’all cut her 4 real huh. storyline??? the word is you need help BAD so here u go! By the way have you been dropped from ur label yet? I don’t kiss concrete,caulk injected fake *sses u really look in the mirror & think dats ur body. u r 1 of the most insecure chicks I’ve ever met.Dust, U got so many miles on u f*cked Mase off myspace & been p*ssed on by RKelly…lets be clear tramp! Ain’t a gay bone in my body..but if i was gay i would proudly admit it. U f*ck w/ Sabrina tell the world.

They make my head hurt.

  • Anonymous

    wow … but K. michelle seem to mad and argues with a little bit of everyone..

  • Lez

    I can’t believe these are adults.

    • i know :(. It’s kinda not funny anymore.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not funny never has been. They are a sad bunch. I am embrassed for them.

  • Gabriella

    The funny thing is until now nobody hasn’t even mentioned Rasheeda or him until this twitter beef. Why you beefing with K. Michelle how about doing your job as a “MANAGER” and get Rasheeda relevant again because being on Love & Hip Hop ain’t working.

  • M.Dot

    I am over K.Michelle!!! ClassLess great artist. Does she think this is helping her career every 5 minutes twitter rants I cant deal

  • Miss AG

    When u fighting with everybody and their man…..then u the obvious problem

  • Wow, Jasmine they are making my head hurt too. I am so confused, I don’t even know where to begin…

  • Sarobi

    I am sorry KMichele is flat out wrong. If you feel this man is a child molestor well then contact the authorities not put the shit on twitter. All of them should be ashamed of themselves. However, accusations like these are cause for a true show up to your house beat down.

  • Anonymous

    K Michelle is a grown woman who should be shamed of herself. You need some psychological help. You are a grown ass woman with child of your own. You act like a scorned woman. Be careful what comes out your mouth. Words have.a consequence similar to the boomerang effect. The results of your slanderous mouth will come back to a hundred fold.
    Leave. Folks. Alone. Everybody does know that you have a Lee press on ass. Along with everything elsewhere :

  • peesch

    First off when u are arguing with someone when are u supposed to be nice…rasheeda is the fucked up one she was a fake friend to k michelle and then talk shit now her husband is in a womens dispute and yall mad at kmichelle smh just sad if ur my friend comfort me when I am in need dont tell me to my face that im a liar because ur friend is married to my ex next why would toya husband hurt her or show that side when he will have lil wayne and alot of other people to answer 2 bottom line k michelle is defending herself everyone on that show wants to hide the truth and she is telling it oh one last thing why wouldnt kirk address the molestation not her being a hoe j/s