[New Music] Beyonce Unleashes Profanity & Texas Trillness In ‘Bow Down/I Been On’

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Beyonce stole St. Patrick Day and interrupted your March Madness fix, by unleashing a new track Sunday afternoon, ‘Bow Down/I Been On’. From the very top, Beyonce comes in swinging with profanity, singing:

“I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world, don’t forget it, respect that, bow down b*tches. I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife, don’t get it twisted, don’t get it twisted. It’s my sh*t. Bow Down b*tches.”

Produced by Hit Boy, the 31-year-old mother also channels her inner ‘Texas Trill’, chopping and screwing some ad lip. Check out the song below and chime in on whether or not the track lives up to it’s hype.


10 Comments to “[New Music] Beyonce Unleashes Profanity & Texas Trillness In ‘Bow Down/I Been On’”

  1. Dubb-B (female type) says:

    I HATE it. I never thought I’d say that about Bey, but I’m not a fan of this at all. One thing I loved about her was the fact that she was so humble and when she did get a little cocky she still kept it cute and classy. This is straight hood-nigga-ish

  2. Annonymous says:

    So disappointed. Felt like I was being cursed out. I can’t believe I bought tickets to her concert. Darn. Now she’s going to curse me out in person and the fact that I’m paying for it really irritates me. I expected so much more from her. Oh well I guess life is but a dream but this song is a nightmare.

  3. LadyDontPlay says:

    Beyonce is trippen like a MF!! How you gone sing like dat then for another 2 min, you talking chopped n screw. Major fail. I hope her other sh*t don’t sound like this…. You know what, she needa stay in her lane and leave this ratchet sh*t to Rihanna. It’s too late fa this

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love it. Wurk it MRS.Carter.

  5. what happened to real music says:

    I need her to just sit down and keep popping out babies…its a wrap for her. Kelly killing her and Bey needs to let her have her shine and stop trying to be back in the spot light. My daughter doesn’t even mention BeyoncĂ© anymore…HISTORY

  6. Fatimah says:

    Say what you want but name another artist that has done what BEY has! NO1 #bowdown She did this song Im sure to shut up the many haters! Every1 wont like it and it dont matter she cant please everyone,

  7. Anonymous says:

    the song is cool. What is throwing everyone off is the use of the B word, and other profaned words. the chopped and screwed part is too long and annoying after a while lol

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