Woman Says Bishop TD Jakes Helped Hide Deion Sanders’ Money for Prenup + Introduced Him to New Girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds

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As if this divorce couldn’t get any messier; the church folk are now involved. And yes, we’re referring to the nasty, public divorce and custody battle between ex NFL’er Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar. Last week, we shared a cryptic tweet from Pilar, that she wrote to popular pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes, after losing custody of her two sons. She tweeted:

“Bishop” TD. Jakes n “Pastor” Omar Jahwar, I Know Exactly What U did. FYI.. Nothing Notonething Gets By God-Whether U BeLieve It Or Not!”

Initially, we had no idea as to what she was referring to, but now a story has hit that may bring a bit of clarity. According to Rumor Fix, a woman named Nikke Sanni, who use to date gospel singer Fred Hammond, has come forward spilling all sorts of alleged tea.

nikke-fred hampton girlfriend-claims deion sanders hid money-td jakes-the jasmine brand

Nikke Sanne & Gospel Singer Fred Hampton

The site reports:

Nikke Sanni is accusing NFL legend Deion Sanders of plotting to hide his millions from his estranged wife Pilar Sanders, but Deion’s attorney says the allegations won’t affect their prenup. Nikke, who used to date gospel singer Fred Hammond, tells RumorFix exclusively that she was present at a meeting in February 2011 when Fred, pastor T.D. Jakes and Deion talked about Deion’s plan to divorce Pilar and “he needed to hide his money.” Nikke contends Deion admitted “There was something wrong with the prenup agreement. So he needed to hide the money just in case.” The retail store owner says she’s been living with this secret for two years and she is coming forward now, because “I feel like Pilar is being given an unfair shake in the media.” Nikke says, “I had a front row seat before the divorce was even filed.” Nikke alleges Pastor Jakes told Deion how to shuffle his money. Emails to Pastor Jakes’ Ministry have not been returned. However, Deion’s attorney Rick Robertson tells RumorFix, “Even if these allegations are true, It would have no impact on the case. The arbitration judge already confirmed the prenup as valid.” Nikke will be called to testify when the nasty divorce trial begins in two months. She also alleges that Jakes, who officiated the marriage between Deion and Pilar, introduced Deion to his current girlfriend Tracey Edmonds and helped cover it up while Deion and Pilar were still married.

No word from TD Jakes’ camp. What do WE think? Honestly, we’re going with the assumption that there are more layers to both sides. We do know that Tracey Edmonds, Deion’s girlfriend, works closely with Jakes on the film side (they both produced the movie, ‘Jumping the Broom’), but who knows. We don’t like to pick sides ’round these parts, we’ll leave that to you. Stay tuned! [Cherry On Top]

  • Miss AG

    Church folks mingled??? Had no idea this could get any more messy….seems there’s potential to even become messier. SHM

    • DIVA

      Agree^ church folks…SMH! How could this get any messer…WOW…just too much!

  • DIVA

    I knew something was wrong with this whole Deion & Pilar divorce. I feel that Pilar got a bad reputation with this divorce as well. I think Deion should pay her because she was there when he was making the money so why can’t she have some. She laid up and had the kids so she should be able to continue the life she and them where living together. I hate it when men dont want the woman to work and they have they careers and the woman is suppose to stay at home with the kids. I did not like the whole way Deion acted during this divorce anyway. I pray that justice will be served for Pilar and she will come out the winner because Deion is the one that cheated. God Bless Pilar