Kordell Stewart Releases Divorce Statement: ‘It Was A Very Difficult Decision’

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Less than 24 hours and things are heating up with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha. While Porsha has remained mum, after news hit that her former NFL’er hubby, had filed for divorce papers, Kordell has not. In an interview with Hip Hollywood, he confirmed the news and called it a

‘very difficult decision’.

The short statement reads:

This is a personal and private matter for Kordell and his family. This was a very difficult decision for Kordell. I hope everyone understands. Kordell’s ongoing concern has been and remains his son’s best interest.


kordell statement-porsha stewart-rhoa-the jasmine brand

Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports as to whether or not the couple had a prenup. Stay tuned!

32 Comments to “Kordell Stewart Releases Divorce Statement: ‘It Was A Very Difficult Decision’”

  1. The Mrs says:

    His SON!!! ummm where did that come from

  2. Mrs.Vee says:

    This guy is a jerk .a controling asshole that marriage was one sided anyway on that show he was acting more like her dad than her husband

  3. Anonymous says:

    very controlin and ugly at that

    • Oracle5 says:

      The facial appearance has nothing to do with how a person goodness is: As far as, his photo grade is a minus “F”, His net worth grade is a “AAA” Plus. He is a Good individual.

  4. m&m says:

    2 episodes back she made a statement about them wanting 2 different things, despite her always having his back. I thought, uh ohhhh this will be aired and he is going to have a problem with that statement. Although he was too controlling for my taste- she appears to be a pampered princess who needed clear directives. She knew that about him before they married, I think reality TV, and the other “independent” women got in her head and it ruined her marriage. Her marriage may not have been perfect, but it seemed to be perfect for them (with problems as everyone has). When I saw in the finale she was seeing a therapist, i knew he was too old-school for that. I hope she didn’t sign a prenup (which i’m sure she did and probably would have expired in 6 months, hence the rush). Maybe now she can find another wealthy man who will help her find her own identity.

    • Yo Gabba says:

      “Although he was too controlling for my taste- she appears to be a pampered princess who needed clear directives. She knew that about him before they married, I think reality TV, and the other “independent” women got in her head and it ruined her marriage.”


  5. Miss AG says:

    All these comments telling is that is she will better off. She will now have room to grow and be who she wants to be. Gonna be a steep up hill journey but she not the first and wont be the last. #ItCanBeDone #BeStrong

  6. YUUUP says:

    Despite how Kordell may have been portrayed on RHOA lets keep in mind it did not begin overnight. Some may not agree with his actions;however, quiet as kept when you can pay the cost to be the boss…it’s your world . Whether you readers accept it or not it’s a true statement.

    • DIVA says:

      Wow…”pay the cost to be the boss”. Since he has money he is suppose to treat people however he want to. What a statement “pay the cost to the boss”. I wouldn’t sell my soul for money and let nobody control me because they making more money than me.

    • DIVA says:

      Wow “pay the cost to be the boss” what a statement. So she was suppose to sell her soul for a dollar and let him boss her around…negative. I think that is a crazy statement. When you marry you are equal. One person does not have control over you because they make more money than you. That is crazy she is allowed to have her on thoughts. What a statement “pay the cost to be the boss” SMH.

      • Oracle5 says:

        “Pay the cost to be the BOSS” is a line from a song that James Brown performed. People be for real.

        • DIVA says:

          I don’t care if it is a line out of a song. It should not have been used in this topic because it sounds to controlling. He got the money so he can do or say whatever he want and she suppose to take it…negative. Get yo life….

          • Oracle5 says:

            It seems as if you are angry with wealthy people. Get a handle on your anger; LOVE conquers ALL THINGS.

          • DIVA says:

            @Oracle5 – that is the problem I am wealthy. That is why I do not think you should treat someone different because they do not have what I have. My husband makes very good money and we are rich. He doesn’t treat me bad because I make less than him that is all that I was trying to say. Love does conquer all that is why I have been married to my husband for 23yrs and we live a very good life…may I express a very good life.

        • sparkle says:

          i think what she was trying to say is that usually in these types of relationships, married to an athelete, politician, superstar, the person holding the money, usually also holds the power, . . its unfortunate but the nature of these connections very often, and usually the person is well aware of this before they get married to said person, hence
          pre – nups..

  7. jinx says:

    If she is unable to conceive, this man will move on. Having children seems to be very important to him …I do hope they manage to work things out. Marriages in our community are doomed and anly 35% of black women ever marry. Things have got to change if we are going to make it this next generation!

    • Shay says:

      If she could not conceive? Are you serious- Do you realize how many baby daddy’s left women over the years with kids! Whether she had babies or not, this controlling dude was a piece of work. He didnt appear to really want them in my opinion because he said if she were pregnant “He would be fine”. She needs to count her blessings- take his ugly but to the bank- and spread her wings! Blessing in disguise.

      • Oracle5 says:

        Kordell is not ugly! He is a good person. Porsha and Kordell are at the point of RECONCILATION. “IT AIN’t OVER UNTIL GOD SAY SO”

  8. Mister E says:

    Boyee Bye Kordell now will yu come out of the closet. Rumors have plagued you for years. Fess up and ruining women lives!

  9. Yakini says:

    What are these irreconcilable differences he speaks of????

    Obviously the cameras don’t capture EVERYTHING… but from the limited amount we did see of their relationship, it appears that she was in love with him, and worshipped the ground he walked on. Not to mention, she’s beautiful and with a big azz to boot. AND she wanted to have his babies. *smh*

    To not even warn your spouse, and go on and file papers in secret, only to let it leak via social media…. just seems cruel. “Irreconcilable differences” or whatever, what did she do to deserve such treatment? Cheat with his best friend? Kill his dog?

    Dang Kordell…..

    • Oracle5 says:

      The only ” irretrievably broken ” part is that he can’t collectively remain in the status position of controlling Porsha or to be in CONTROL.

  10. Detroit says:

    Welp, Guess she gotta get a job now lol. #redbottomsnatcher

  11. TKeen says:

    Goodness gracious. Where do these cows making all this commentary find the time to live their own lives? SHEEEEEEESHHH

    Controlling? REALLY? Ungrateful lot – the kind that get you saddled with a 40K/ month bill for being nothing more than … yea – we’ll leave that aspect of them there!

    Even a cursory glance at the comments strongly suggest their idea of a relationship is to bring NOTHING

    • Mighty Aphrodite says:

      Stop trying to use big words you don’t understand. “Ungrateful lot”, to whom are you speaking? Certainly not to the women here. Cows? Looking the mirror PIG. You’re not better than Kordell, thanks for letting us all know.

  12. mevans says:

    I think Porsha acts very immature,and I bet she is eating those words she gave Kenya. If she was more like her she would have a man. Goes to show you little girl being like you got your ass dumped too.

    • Mighty Aphrodite says:

      She’s better off for it. She will be just fine without him trying to hold her down. Kordell is a nightmare for any unsuspecting woman.

  13. Oracle5 says:

    WOW! I can hardly believe that Porsha was once an EVANGELIST! The adversary really did change her mind. Listen to her SERMON! The church is located in Lithonia Ga.

  14. Oracle5 says:

    Porsha, take your whipping or licking and keep on ticking. Wow! you once were an EVANGELIST and the adversary changed your MIND from being an EVANGELIST just like that! I did hear that you were a video dancer, that was back then and over, so, with your covered up act of hypocrisy, just take your whipping and keep on ticking. You will make it through.

  15. tim freeman says:

    she can’t cook. she ain’t good in bed. She wants a nanny and really ain’t that smart. she talkin bout cookin ham hocks….child please

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