RHOA’s Kordell Stewart Says Marriage Irretrievably Broken, Porsha Remains Mum On Twitter

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Earlier today, AJC and TMZ reported shocking reality TV break-up news. Allegedly, after a little over two years of marriage, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kordell Stewart has filed for divorce from his wife, Porsha. If you’ve watched this season, then you know that Porsha and Kordell, like most couples, have a few relationship issues.

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And off camera, since the show wrapped filming, there’ve been rumbles that Porsha will not be returning for a second season. Here’s what we know thus far: Reportedly, Kordell filed this week (March 22nd) in Fulton County. Court documents share:

“Petitioner, after marrying respondent, a cast member on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” on May 21, 2011, is seeking divorce as the marriage is irretrievably broken.”

Unlike the other RHOA hubbys, Kordell did not show up for the reunion taping, but said it was due to scheduling conflicts:

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 11.37.19 AM

We’ve heard rumblings that Kordell does not want Porsha to return to reality TV. He hasn’t hinted about relationship issues on twitter, outside of an inspirational:

Live and let live. Enjoy life to the fullest and know GODS plan is bigger than anything someone can say or do. By the way..GODS my homie.

Porsha’s social media status seems to be happy and upbeat. On the day that divorce rumors hit, she wrote:

Morning Dolls Today is the 1st Day of the rest of your Life! Make It GREAT! #PS?U

And just last night, Porsha and NeNe were hanging out, both in good spirits.

nene leakes will support-porsha stewart through divorce-the jasmine brand

Only time will tell what’s up with these two love-birds. P.S. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the two did not sign a pre-nup. But what do YOU think? And did you’ll see this coming? 


  • Yo Gabba

    Definitely did not see this coming at all. Either the fact that she wants a career over being a mother, she’s taking to long to get pregnant or he really doesn’t want her to be on the show with those women are my speculations for divorce. The way the season is playing out man…..whew!

    • happy

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  • vapariga

    Well, well, well….I also did not see this coming! Interesting but not too shocking. Who knows what really goes on behind the scenes. What they showed us was Kordell acting like he was raising a child or molding her to be what he wanted her to be & do what he says do. I guess it will all be revealed soon. No prenup…good for you Porsha!

    • DIVA

      He did act like he was her father. I hope Porsha walk away with something if it isnt a Prenup but he did say he did not want to give her spousal support and that she was a able body that is already working.

  • The Mrs

    I thought things were a little strange how he kept pushing off having kids with her, like he wasnt sure if it was going to last. And she looked unhappy

  • Anonymous

    He’s too controlling , I dont know who wants that money or not

  • Miss AG

    These days people get on tv to find out their relationship is broken. Hmhmhm

  • I truly hope in the long this action is withdrawn. People spend to much time running instead of trying to work things out. That is why relationships and marriages do not survive. Stop giving up. When you get with someone you really need to communicate the “old fashion way…talk”. Stop living in glass houses and through social media.

    • michael

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  • He’s one of dem chulren…..

  • Mattie G

    I hate how kordell did her for some reason i saw it comming because he thinks so much of his self, and what man wouldn’t want to make his wife happy by blessing her with a child . I think on the eposoide that they took to vega NeeNee even seen it comming she told her right! I love Prosha and I hope that she’s ok :(

  • Isela

    I think he was controlling and he thought this beautiful young woman would not realize that. She is young and beautiful and she will be alright.

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