NeNe Leakes Says She Will Stand By & Support Porsha Stewart Through Divorce

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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes confirms reports that in fact Kordell and Porsha Stewart have split. In fact, she wants all of us to know, that she will stand by and support Porsha. She wrote on twitter:

I am a good judge of character! I will stand by and support my little sister.

Still no word from Porsha, but it definitely explains their ‘Girls Night Out’ dinner, the night before news hit.

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Stay tuned to see how other cast mates respond.


  • vapariga

    Good NeNe…I’m sure that you will give her the backbone & advice that she needs! She seems somewhat sheltered and aloof at times…but also as a young woman straight out the gate, who just wanted to please her husband. Maybe a bit too much though. You can’t lose your self in any man. Glad to see you’ve got her back.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a beautiful sweet woman and as you can see per the show a loyal companion so i’m sure she will do just fine.

  • DIVA

    Yes, he did seem controlling. I am glad that NeNe is taking up with her because she will need a strong woman to help her through this. She acted very young and sheltered. I pray everything will comethrough in her favor because a lot of times when these women marry these men with money they walk away with nothing after the man has used them for they benefit. Good for Porsha because I read blogs that he was gay anyway so let him be with his man.

  • Anonymous

    Gd she’s pretty and sweet and some other guy will be happy to have her AND LOVE HER AND ALLOW HER to be herself….azhole

  • Porsha need to be with her mother and other women in her family. I am sure Nene is a good friend; however, enough of the outsiders in your ear. Take a long look in the mirror and be with self.

    • DIVA

      Get yo life^she need to be with NeNe a strong women because Porsha seem a little weak and her family might be weak also to stand by and let her take stuff off a man.

  • lexxygurl

    Porsche is going to emerge a brand new woman. I hope she takes the time to find herself before she get into another relationship.