[Video] BET’s ‘The Game’ Returns, Watch Episodes 1 & 2

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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the-game-season-6-episode 1 and episode 2-the jasmine brand

BET’s ‘The Game’ is back for a sixth season, switching it up a bit. With Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall gracefully bowing out, this season will feature new faces Lauren London and Jay Ellis. Check episodes 1 and 2 below, and chime in with your predictions on the new season.

  • Gabriella

    I didn’t like the first episode. The acting was lackluster except for Pooch and Wendy. The plot was stupid But I will say Pooch acted his ass off the last episode. He trying to get a new show well played Derwin lol.


      I liked his acting, he did the dang thing and I feel he was really feeling it.

  • Anonymous

    I must have been watching a different show, because i thought his acting was terrible especially that fight..horrible facial expressions, just screamed overacting..

    • Shannon

      Agreed!!!…Those facial expressions were the worst. One minute I thought he was laughing, the next crying, the next mad….make up your mind. Episode was just ok…did not like the plot for the introduction of the new characters.

  • Anonymous

    Pooch couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag..Talking about “check the move” I didn’t know if he was gonna rap or fight..Lol