[WATCH] Somebody Pissed Kevin Hart Off + Duane Martin Calls Robin Thicke A Bobby Brown Wannabe

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Somebody pissed comedic actor Kevin Hart off and he’s taken to Twitter, Kanye West style, to discuss it. Who? I’m kinda clueless because he refers to the person as a ‘hater’, which kinda falls into an array of potential folk. Anywho, here’s what he had to say?

Let da HATERS Hate….The definition of a Hater is a person that has 2 much time on their hands bcuz they aren’t doing sh*t with their life!┬áHate is really ENVY to a certain degree lol….that’s why I give all of my HATERS HUGS… “Oh you mad cuz I’m stylin on YOU” #MakingHistory.┬áSo my final statement to all of my HATERS is keep doing what you do bcuz I’m coming to continue to RUN LAPS AROUND YOU IN LIFE! #RealSh*t

Alrighty then! And by now, you may or may not have heard rumors that Robin Thicke has decided to exit stage left and not return for season two of BET’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’.

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Initially, we heard that what triggered his departure, was some on set tension with Kevin Hart, but apparently, that isn’t true. In an interview w/ Hip Hollywood, both he and co-star Duane Martin comment on the ‘situation’. While Kevin blames scheduling, Duane sorta-kinda clowns Paula Patton’s baby-daddy, referring to him as the Bobby Brown of the group. Watch the clip.

Were those just jokes or light-weight jabs? Eh.

5 Comments to “[WATCH] Somebody Pissed Kevin Hart Off + Duane Martin Calls Robin Thicke A Bobby Brown Wannabe”

  1. Gabriella says:

    I’m sorry but Duane doesn’t have any room to clown Robin Thicke. At least he does have a career to fall back on. What does he have to do but hang out with Will Smith *blank stare*

  2. DIVA says:

    @ Gabriella…so true…lol!! Hahaha

  3. Lovleylegs says:

    LOL! LOL!! I think Duane was just being funny and not trying to throw jabs. That’s the whole point of the show – they make fun of each other. I hope Robin comes back because he was pretty funny too.

  4. Nina says:

    Duane Martin, for real??!?!?! The only time his name is even relevant anymore is when he’s with Will Smith. He has been and never will be more than a ‘B’ actor, and that’s being nice. Silly Duane…go get back to Will

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