[WATCH] Nelly Talks Women, Love & Marriage: ‘Nobody’s Going to Rush Me Into Anything’

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As of late, rapper Nelly’s (Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr.) name has been buzzing because of his break-up with singer turned actress Ashanti. And while neither of the two have addressed what went wrong in their relationship, VLAD TV did get the 38-year-old St. Louis native to open up about love, marriage and relationships. And because y’all (*raises hand*) love to speculate, check out the clip and see if he’s hinting at what may’ve caused his recent break-up. Peep a few excepts.

On if he ever sees himself getting married:

Yeah I think so. But the thing about marriage is nobody is going to force me into anything. Nobody is going to rush me into anything. I take marriage very seriously. I only know two ways of marriage. My parent’s marriage did not last at all and my grandparent’s marriage lasted for 60 years. So I’m either gonna go all the way to 60 or I’m not gonna do it. You see what I’m saying? You’re gonna know when its right. I feel like marriage is something that you just know is right. And it’s just no questions. In order for me to feel like this, I  have to have no questions. If I got any questions, I know me; I’m going to play on that. And eventually that may weigh in on that situation–but do I see myself getting married? Hell yeah. I just think that marriage is something that you should do when you’re ready to do it.

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On if he’s ever been close to marriage:

Well I don’t think you’ve been close ’till you been engaged.

On what he’s looking for in a relationship, that he hasn’t found yet:

The thing is, it’s hard when you’re in this business. People, lets say you’ve known someone for 7 years. But you’ve known them for 7 years in this business. Now, lets take a couple that’s an everyday average couple and they’ve know each other for 7 years. The regular couple is a little different because they’ve actually been together almost every day for 7 years. Now this couple may have known each other for 7 years but they probably only been together five days out a month….You don’t learn as much about a person as you would like to until you actually get a chance to stop and be with that person. I think people see the relationships that industry folks have and they see the time. But they’re not doing the math on that time. If you do the math on that time you see that it equals out to something totally different than if people were there everyday and doing something.

On if he’s going to stay away from having relationships with other celebrities:

No, that’s just ’cause me to shy away from what public perception about what they feel about my relationship. You know what I’m saying, you know I’m like ‘F*ck you–You gonna tell me what I should be doing in my relationship? I’m not at home everyday like you. I’m gone. I haven’t seen her in like two weeks.’ It’s different and people don’t understand how different it really is. It’s hard in that way. You see so many celebrities who get married and they’re done in a year or they’re done in 2 years or they’re done in 3 years and you know why? Because once they finally get together and they’re with each other everyday they start realizing. “Holy Sh*t! I didn’t know you did that every night. I didn’t know you did this everyday. I didn’t know you ate this food every morning. I just thought you ate that when I’m around.’ Now its just like the sh*t that you thought was cute becomes annoying.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Tazzy

    I totally agree with him. I’ve been married for almost 14 yrs to a man I knew for 4 yrs prior. Celebs know each other for a few days a yr and fall head over heels and divorce soon after. However, I also feel you should be straight up with them and tell her where u are emotionally in terms of the relationship. And we ladies should hear what he’s saying and not create out own interpretation. Cuz he’ll say I’m not ready for marriage…n we ladies may here…not now, but I’m almost!

  • kay p

    welp…..I have a ‘friend’ not taking it to the relationship status because he has made it clear he doesn’t want to get married to anyone. And I do….soooooo what would we be doing?

    • Yo

      Nah, more like what YOU should be doing. Keep it movin girlfriend. It’s clear it’s not in his future, but it’s in yours. Go find a man that has it in their future! Cut the dead weight!

    • Tazzy

      Run, Boo. The writing is on the wall.

  • Anonymous

    @ kay p….run girl run!!!

  • Tazzy

    U never want to force a man into something. U will always have that power struggle. Trust, there is someone who wants u just the way u are. U have to open yourself to him. When u compromise yourself, u will lose who u are n resent him.

  • Maybe I need to start asking y’all for relationship advice, sheesh LOL

  • Miss AG

    He has every rite to his stance, I respect that.

    She also have every rite to her stance too. They on different levels so she moved on. #LiveLoveLearnLaugh

  • vilante Corlone

    Well! ya’ll hit it right but the fact still remain’s that if you have to full in love make it clear to her where the relationship will take ya both too “marriage”. I love to be married cause in africa its shows how responsible you are and its keeps you head straight.