[WATCH] Actress Bresha Webb Spoofs Reality TV With ‘Keeping It 1Hunna’

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Don’t judge me, but my latest online addiction happens to be spoofs–of any sort. Weird? I know, but it’s my only escape from reality TV that sometimes causes me to lose a few brain cells.

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During a recent interview, I discovered that TV One actress, Bresha Webb, has a YouTube channel dedicated at spoofing and clowning reality TV. Check out her recent episode, ‘Keeping It 1Hunna’, with actor Jameel Saleem. Check it out.

  • Girl, you just turned me on to something! This is hilarious …and don’t think I didn’t catch her say “Mona likes that.”…I’m rollin’

    • Anonymous

      This is hilarious, i’ve been watching from the beginning. Tatyana Ali plays mona

  • This site used to be Mobile friendly –What happened?

  • Miss AG

    OMG she had me rolling. I’m subscribing her channels. She clapping like she in church but she cussing #dead