[WATCH] Kelly Rowland Says She’s ‘Too Grown’ To Respond to Keyshia Cole

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This week, Kelly Rowland took her talents to Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ chatting with the crew about Keyshia Cole’s criticism (is it me, or aren’t we over this whole K.C. thing?), if she feels a bit insecure about not having children (while her BFF’s Lala Anthony and Bey have pushed one child out already) and her or*l sex is hella important in a relationship.

Peep a few excerpts:

Referring to her single, Kisses Down Low, on how important it is for a man to be able to do ‘THAT’:

I think it’s important that you know what you’re doing. The main thing is know what you’re doing. Please. [You can] give them a hand, you help them out. It’s like a child, you have to teach a child. You know what I mean? You have to make sure you teach them what’s going on.

On if the tattoo on her ring finger, refers to her relationship status:

I’m not married. I’m not engaged. That’s me and my best friend.

On Jamie Foxx flirting with her on a recent red carpet:

I was so embarassed when that happened. We’re doing a movie together, it’s a really cool project that he asked me to be on. Jamie’s my friend. That’s weird. Jamie’s my boy.

On if the fact that her close friends (like Lala and Beyonce) have children and she doesn’t:

That actually was a thought. I like the way my life is.

On if she has an official respons to Keyshia Cole’s comments about Michelle Williams’ Super Bowl performance and Beyonce’s song, ‘Bow Down’:

You know what, do you have to hit somebody or give somebody words? Silence is the best power. Just keep talkin’. I don’t think that it’s important to respond back. We too grown for that stuff.

If Destiny’s Child will be releasing any new music:

That’s actually a surprise. We haven’t talked about an album, we haven’t talked about a tour.

Her remarks about Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’:

When you undersand as a woman, you can accept the record. People gon’ talk–who cares? You’re an artist, you’re allowed to try out new things. I think that she’s blessed to have freedom.

On how her relationship is, as an auntie, to Blue Ivy:

I don’t talk about my niece. That’s just for me and my niece.

Watch the full interview below.

  • DIVA

    I am with Kelly can we STOP TALKING ABOUT THE KEYSHIA thing!! Uuuuggghhhh I am tired of hearing about it. Keyshia gave her opinion on the song and many people have they opinion about the song. If she didn’t like oooo well that is her opinion…she will not be the only one that will say they don’t like the song. Let’s move on past this. ENOUGH!!! Next SUBJECT! :)

  • kay p

    …ummmm is it me or does Charlamagne need something else to talk about now? He is def the ONLY one still running this in the ground.

  • Miss AG

    Keeeeeeelly! ;)
    We knoe Kellz…you not allowed to talk about Ivy.