Amber Rose Tells Critics To Shut The Eff Up About Baby Sabastian’s Weed Socks

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amber rose-defends son-sabastians weed socks-the jasmine brand

An innocent photo of Sabastian (affectionately called ‘Baby Bash’) has a few folk (and maybe even parents) in an uproar. Over the weekend, Amber Rose (his famous mama) posted a photo of Wiz Khalifa (his famous daddy)  holding their two month old son. What’s the big deal you ask? Well, he was rockin’ a fancy pair of socks with marijuana leaves on them and Amber shared the photo on Instagram, writing:

Like father like son #HUFsocks :-)

And apparently, the new parents caught some criticism. This week, Wendy Williams weighed in on Baby Bash’s weed socks.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.22.16 PM

During her ‘Hot Topics’ segment, she commented:

So here’s my thought–my thought is Sabastian is only less than two months old. And I get it that Wiz loves to smoke his weed, I get that it marijuana is soon to legalized everywhere, but I just feel it’s gone too far by posting this picture. And I’m no cornball; I’m a cool lady–especially at home. There are some things that are suppose to be at home things…That’s close door conversation; it’s not to be Instagram’ed. Oh you crazy kids.

And I don’t know if Wendy’s comments were icing on the cake, but Muva Rose Bud seemed a bit peeved about folks telling her what to do w/ her very own child. She tweeted:

amber rose-defends sons weed socks-the jasmine brand

Ouch. Does she have a point–should folk mind their business, when it comes to other peoples’ child? Or were Wendy Williams’ comments out of line?

  • The Mrs

    I think the time for minding our business is over with.Because that same kid turns out to be a nut case and comes to school and kills other kids all because someone minds their business and didnt say that kid had a problem. Weed on the socks is not cute if it was a crack that wouldnt be cute either.both are drugs. Wendy or anyone else can have their opinion thats why we have freedom of speech like it or not.

  • DIVA

    I don’t agree with the socks…sorry. I think the are inappropriate. My opinion they should not have took a pic of them and posted it if they did not want anybody to comment on them. When she posted that pic she knew everybody and I do mean everybody was going to have a opinion about the socks. She got the attention she wanted. We just keep making these people relevant because look it has made it to National TV now it will be on every blog in the world. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Well said DIVA!

    • mslady126

      Boom! Co-sign

  • vapariga

    Yes…totally agreeing with The Mrs and DIVA! Perfectly said.

  • Chanele9boots

    Well now we know Wendy Williams smokes weed (at home). With her “cool” ass. HA!

  • Brianna

    Granted Sabastian is Amber and Wiz’s son, however you put that picture out there for the world to see. You cannot ask for someone to mind their business when you put it out there. The socks are inappropriate and that is not to be denied. Amber you are free to do what you want to do with your child, but if you want opinions to stay at a minimum do not post it on instagram.

  • Miss AG

    Hear mama Rose roar….

    The caption she did not help either

  • Hypocrissy

    This became everyone’s business when Amber posted it on a public forum. Don’t make things public and then complain when the public has an opinion…

  • Hypocrissy

    Also…what ill-mannered company makes weed socks for babies?!

  • Arazzeilla

    I have a question, if the socks had a pepsi, x-box or doritos logo would anyone be upset ? Childhood obesity and diabetes is at an all time high. I agree that it may not have been the top choice of socks for most mothers to put on their little ones. I think that most people are forgetting that they are just friggen socks !! If they get him a hooker and a crack pipe for his first birthday then I think that a call to child protective services should be made. Until then lets just let them enjoy being a new mommy and daddy. I really don’t think that the socks are going to be any more influential than if they had been from a pro football team. JUST LET IT GO !! Btw~ Congrats on the little guy !! He could not have been any sweeter if he was made of gummy bears !!! ;~)

    • Anonymous

      Just socks dumbasses.the baby doesnt even know what they are

  • Anonymous

    Parents have put their children in worse clothing or no clothing. It’s just a pair of socks, they’re not asking the kid to smoke. Furthermore, he doesn’t even know what weed is.

  • haa

    How bout you all shut the.FUCK up iis bet all of you talkin shit are a bunch of white people typical its just socks!!! Not like the baby’s smoking a fat and blunt you guys are a bunch of morons that need a life keep doing watching do best amber done listen to all these dumb fucks while people i tell you .. love Roxiee (: middle finger up whoever dissagrees

    • smdh

      You sound ignorant, racist and uneducated….shut up. these are two people our youth look up to. If our kids cannot wear something like this to school, because its inappropriate, well then you do the math (if you can) bet you wish you knew what race I belong to…..as if it relates to this post, at all. Furthermore thank you kindly for making an ass of your self and the rest of non-white people out there for being so stereotypical. ugh I cant get over you post!

      • Pacifist

        Well the youths are picking the wrong rolemodels, or they need the parents to decide for them what’s good they should learn, what’s bad they should avoid. It’s not up to a celebrity to change his or her ways/personality/whatever for someone else’s sake just because someone else made the choice to pick them as rolemodels.

        • Pacifist

          Celebrities are paid for the job they have. They are not paid for social responsibility. They dont need to have that responsibility. They make their own choices, you make yours. Kids nowadays need to learn fast to make their own responsible decisions or be put on a leash. Celebrities are not responsible for your kids’ future. It’s the media and non celebrities that make them a celebrities, not themselves. They dont need to change themselves for anyone.

  • haa

    Ps . Weeds the best BITCHES!!! (:

    • queenie

      For one thats her child and so what if she put that picture up there yall so concern about her baby wearing weed socks when yall hoe of a child is probably doing twerk videos or having sex on camera….at the end of the day its her child not yalls and wendy ugly ass need to worry bout what wiv she gunna wear next fuck talk bout your fuck up bitch wendy has no life….people who criticize others for a living has no life.

  • Anonymous

    how is Wendy Williams gunna have Amber on her show(not recently). And then pop mad lip about HER(Amber’s) child? Wendy your phony. smh #TeamWiz #TeamAmber #TeamBabyBash #Taylorgang

  • Anonymous

    The socks are cute

  • shay

    i feel like what we wear expresses who we are

  • r.gurley

    What is the big deal.. there SOCKS..who is anyone to judge other people..it’s not your child he’s there son and they can put the hell they want on him…#getalife

  • Pacifist

    As a star doesn’t mean you have people looking up at you as a role-model you have to change how you behave to be that role-model. Hey its the parents and kids fault if they chose someone bad as role-models, its not the stars themselves having to go to great lengths to change themselves just for your kids sake.

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