A Healthier Natalie Cole Hits LAX, Luke James Hits Wendy Williams + Kim Kardashian Leaves Glam Alone for Maternity Workout

Written by tjbwriteratlanta in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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Natalie Cole_thejasminebrand

Is it me, or is singer Natalie Cole looking healthier these days? The singer was caught by photogs, as she caught a flight at LAX.

natalie cole 2_thejasminebrand 

luke james_thejasminebrand

Soulful singer Luke James performed on ‘The Wendy Williams’ show this week and was spotted leaving the studio, giving a friendly peace sign to onlookers.

randy jackson_thejasminebrand

American Idol host Randy Jackson was seen arriving at LAX.

randy jackson2_thejasminebrand


kim k 2_thejasminebrand

Kim Kardashian is serious about her maternity workout, leaving the glam at home while doing her daily exercise regimen.

kim k_thejasminebrand

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  • Anonymous

    Wow Kim really needs to take a vacation to a really sunny place and tan that face!!!

  • DIVA

    Yes WOW I did not know that she was that pale. It is amazing what make up can do. She need a serious tan…bless her heart.

    • you’ll have the hawk-eye! I didn’t even notice her complexion.

      • mslady126

        You missed the line ? Apparently she consistently wears her makeup half down her neck..!

  • The Mrs

    Makeup is AMAZING!!!

  • vapariga

    Wow… well, she is pregnant and this is the REAL Kim, no glam. Didn’t know she was that pale! Very average looking chick without all the get up and the booty looks disproportioned (not natural looking at all). Aside from my little observations, I do wish them a healthy baby & all the best!

  • Razzi

    Kim looks extremely average without makeup!! I guess its hard not being able to tan while she’s preggers!

    Natalie Cole looks great. She’ll be here in Columbus on 4/25 to perform

  • vapariga

    This is a “healthier” Natalie? Haven’t seen pics of her in a minute but I don’t recall her being this thin the last time I did. Hope that she is doing ok, battling a couple of ailments + still performing…. #Prayers that all is well.

  • “Ke Ke” Scott

    Natalie Cole “is” looking healthier, happy for her. She puts on a good concert too..

    Kim K… well she is surely preggo! Glad she is doing her “Maternity” workouts.. I just hope she isn’t pushing herself too much.. there’s a baby in there :)

  • Miss AG

    The natural Kim comments…whooooa

    Ms. Cole sure is looking better.

  • Anonymous

    shes so cute

  • hosea

    great for Ms. Natalie, i have been a long time fan, and we all wish her well, and pray for her continued growth.