Nanny Hits Kim Porter With Lawsuit, Claims She Abused Drugs In Front Of Diddy’s Twin Daughters

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nanny sues kim porter-claims drug abuse in front of twins-the jasmine brand
There are some pretty disturbing accusations that have been released about Kim Porter, the mother of Diddy’s twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James. TMZ reports that a former nanny (named Dawn Drago) has serious claims about the former model. Here’s the quick and dirty–Dawn worked for Kim from 2011 to 2012. She allegs that Kim was a HEAVY weed smoker, chain smoking non-stop in her home.
nanny-sues kim porter-twins-the jasmine brand

She also claims that Kim used cocaine as well.

diddy twins-with kim porter 2013-the jasmine brand

What makes these claims pretty bad, is that the nanny is saying that Kim participated in above said drugs, while her daughters were in the home.  In fact, Dawn says that at one point, while driving the kids to school, she peeped that the girls were covered

“in a white powdery substance.”  

How did THAT happen? Miss Nanny says that apparently the girls had gotten into

“a bag containing the powder, along with clear capsules, filled with another powdery substance in a bag in the back seat.”

Dawn claims she confronted Kim about it and Kim said it was ‘medicine’. Dawn was later fired last year, claiming Kim was verbally and violently abusive. Long story short, the nanny has filed a case, seeking an unspecified damages. No comment yet from Kim or Diddy’s camp.

kim porter-sued by babysitter-accussed of drugs-the jasmine brand

  • DIVA

    These celebrities better stop hiring these nannies that they can’t trust. When it is all said and done it’s about the money. Now this nanny has started some lies (could be true but everybody is proven innocent until a court has proven them guilty) because she was fired. Well why didn’t you say anything about her doing drugs before you where fired if you where so worried about the kids. You not worried about the kids it’s all about the money. Since you where fired you want to bring all this out you should have said something before you got fired if you want me to believe you. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.

    • Lovelylegs

      I agree! Why not contact social services BEFORE being fired!?!

      • DIVA

        Exactly contact CPS before you get fired. Also, I would hope that if Kim is doing drugs she would not have them in the backseat where the kids sit for them to get into it…that just sounds dumb to me. This headline should have been “Bitter Nanny gets fired and now wants to say Kim Porter is using drugs to try and get Money out of her”…hahahahaha

        • ida


      • John W Thomas

        I know Kim’s family background from Columbus, Ga.and can honestly say the girl was brought up beter than that!Why do you think 2 decent guys chose her to mother their children.Think twice before you try to trash Sarah’s baby because you will have a whole community discredit you.Kim take care of your children baby!!! Columbus GA got your back!!!!

    • Miss AG

      My thoughts exactly…Kim should sue her for slander

  • m&m

    why is Diddy in a tux and his daughters are not appearing at the same standard? #stuckonthepic

    • Resa

      Those girls look adorable and always do.

      • Lovelylegs

        Yes they look adorable as always.

        • DIVA

          The girls are adorable! Kim is cute as well.

  • “Ke Ke” Scott

    The girls was covered in a “white powdery substance”, I’m pretty sure like most Mothers do, they go baby powder crazy.. lol, smh..

    Celebrities are going to need to throw contracts on these Nannys.. :/

    • DIVA

      True Ke Ke it sounds like Baby Powder to me…hahahaha. I would hope that if Kim is doing drugs she wouldn’t leave them in the back set where the kids sit for them to get into it. That just sounds dumb to me. I am sure if she has any drugs they are put away…I’m just saying. I don’t believe this nanny…sorry. She just sounds like she is bitter for being fired.

  • Anonymous

    good luck kim take care of your littlte girl i don’belivehat nanny

  • John W Thomas

    Kim is a better lady than that and P wouldn’t be the father of her children if she didn’t have morals.If he ever gets married it will be Kim!He just want to get everything out of his system first!!!

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